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Revealed: Tyson Foods dumps millions of pounds of toxic pollutants into US rivers and lakes
  • “According to research by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), the contaminants were dispersed in 87bn gallons of wastewater – which also contains blood, bacteria and animal feces – and released directly into streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands relied on for drinking water, fishing and recreation. The UCS analysis, shared exclusively with the Guardian, is based on the most recent publicly available water pollution data Tyson is required to report under current regulations.”

    I wonder how many serious health complications or deaths are at their feet? The CEOs and people in charge of waste management of these facilities need to be in prison.

    Who am I kidding though, it’s just gonna be a fine as a cost of doing business and an empty apology.

  • [WIP] DIY Synth - 10hp left?
  • Oh for sure you can use transistors. Slightly Nasty makes a full fledged VCO from transistors. So a great micro controller would be either the teensy line or even a RP2040 (I think that’s the designation it’s a raspberry pi based microcontroller.). Look up the Europi they have some great code examples you could look at.

  • [WIP] DIY Synth - 10hp left?
  • With 24 hp, you could fit a couple of LFOs and have space left for an attenuator. Look up attenuators, I’m sure Bergman’s site has one. It helps a lot for taming your modulations and you can fit like atleast two in four hp. A good LFO module size would be atleast 8 hp with two separate LFOs behind the panel. Some people can cram more in less space but ergonomics suffer. I think it’s plausible with to use a CD40106 (inverting Schmitt trigger oscillator) and a TL074 (output buffer ensuring 0-5v strength) with all the supporting circuits/jacks but definitely don’t take my word for it

  • [WIP] DIY Synth - 10hp left?
  • If it’s fast enough it’s good for FM, but it can also wiggle that Pulse Width Modulation input. Can also help with lasers/sirens in the v/oct input. Can also wiggle a filter cut off. LFO’s are awesome <3. But if I had to choose in your set up, the filter will make the biggest difference to your overall sound. Your ADSR envelope will do the heavy lifting, especially with that really useful inverted output

  • When it comes to US politics, why do the majority of people like to stay in their echo chambers? (serious)
  • I’ll tell you why I’m pretty liberal with my block button and cool with my echo chamber. There are people out there who want me dead for liking my same sex. My trans friends are being legislated against / threatened with violence not because of science or health, but because of feelings and religion. I have family that emigrated legally being exposed to horrific racism and the threat of violence.

    Do you support human rights? Or do you support death to the “other” ? Makes my choices easy. Not to mention I prefer actual truth to my information sources, not tabloid fluff designed to keep me enraged.

  • ps6 expected to be released around 2026
  • Umm, correct me if this seems like a bad take…but is there a need for a new console generation considering the overlap of the xbone/ps4 with this gen? Only the Nintendo Switch is in dire need of a hardware upgrade, especially with handheld gaming computers like Steam Deck offering much needed competition.

  • Samsung will soon release new affordable Galaxy Watch FE smartwatches. What we know about them •
  • So Pine 64 has a PineTime watch that is pretty nifty if people want sans spying techwear. Very basic and very alpha/beta mode…but it gets better every so often! More people use it or know about it, the more development it gets!

  • least paranoid arch user
  • Karl Marx isn’t really random, he is the godfather of communism. Now I am not a full blown communist by any means but Karl Marx was a really smart dude who correctly saw and anticipated the negative effects of capitalism. It’s ok to disagree, I respect that completely but I’d ask we keep it civil.

  • Effect Pedals With Synths

    Figured I'd start a discussion on favorite effects on synths. It's a ton of fun to run SQ-80 through the Hologram Microcosm using its granular function. The built in reverb really smears the grain clouds creating a dope ambience.

    How are y'all using your effects? Good combo's?

    Linux 101 stuff. Questions are encouraged, noobs are welcome! SuperSynthia
    EndeavorOS for audio production and gaming?

    Hello everyone! Right now I use Apple mainly but I do have experience with Ubuntu Studio. I’m migrating back and forth but I feel the hard switch is coming. I’ve just found that Ubuntu Studio throws problems left and right with audio production, but I have great luck with gaming.

    So I kinda want to start over and Endeavor seems cool. Would I be able to use Endeavor/Arch for both making music AND gaming?

    For what it’s worth, I use live recording and plugins for my music.

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