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bUt BoTh SiDeS dA sAmE
  • You've inhaled your own facts too frequently if you think everyone critical of Biden and the democrats want a Trump presidency.

    It's Biden's to lose and he keeps making choices to ensure it happens. Stop expecting blind support because only Trump gets it.

  • U.S. put a hold on an ammunition shipment to Israel
  • Oh there is no other option, but that wasn't my point. Republicans extremism allows the Democrats to continue to fail the American people in a ratchet effect. It's a slow slide into Fascism instead of a fast one. Isreal has been killing the Palestinian people and forcing them to seek asylum since the country's inception. Weapons to Isreal are weapons to kill the native population, it's what colonizers do.

    Allowing lip service to pacify the publics awareness only plays into their favor. That is my point. Don't make excuses for them.

  • [General Discussion]
  • Locally most in store events have been free play here in the Seattle area, mostly because of limited product most stores are just trying to be welcoming to new players and trying to build the community. This last week however I was able to play in a Premier constructed event and my first draft on the 4th.

    For Premier I brought Vader Vigilance as it's the strongest deck I have the cards for.

    Match 1 was against an Iden Aggresion deck, who was not playing the card Vigilance. I took some early hits I didn't need to thinking he was on event Iden and lost G1 due to that assumption. G2 and G3 went much differently as I answered his threats and went all in on aggressively milling his deck, him not being able to mirror that game plan lead to me winning the match. We were both happy to have just finished our games before time. 2-1

    Match 2 was a true mirror match against another Vader Blue. My opponent was playing really well and I think what gave me the edge was 2 Search Your Feelings in the main 50. Search combined with Restock allows you to shuffle cards that would normally be stuck on the bottom of your deck from Restock and see them faster. Game 3 he was down to no cards in deck and I hade 3 with one being a Vigilance, I had misplayed earlier and he managed to mill my Restocks. I needed to draw the Vigilance in order to mill out his restock after he played it or he was setup to loop me out, 2/3 chances and I hit it ftw. 2-1

    Match 3 Cunning Luke, this deck was a beast and seeing my opponent thread the needle with his lines of play was really impressive. Spark of the Rebellion turn 4 stripping my Vigilance, turn 7 stripping my Superlaser Blast were back breaking. He brought in his entire sideboard against me, the biggest MVP was off aspect Force Throw which just for the discard alone kept me in top deck mode combined with Spark, but he even managed to 2 for 1 me when I had an Inferno chipping him away in space. Force Throw also took out Vader on the flip in game 2 with a discarded Redemption when I had a Vader's Lightsaber in hand that was prepared to take over the board state. Crazy plays, super fun games and he deserved the win. 1-2 Placing second won me back the entry fee so it was a free night out which is nice for a first outing.

    For draft I picked a Chewie, then a Tarkin to try and keep me open for heroic or villainous, and then a Sabine. I ended up focusing in on Blue/Red Heroic, the big cards were 2x Kanan, 2x The Ghost, and a Jedi Lightsaber with a decent amount of various blue/red removal. The Ghost was really able to close out games when paired with Kanan or Sabine leader, I even ran an off aspect Ezra for more potential targets but he ended up being resource fodder as it was really easy to hit Kanan in a 30 card deck. Ended up 2-1 in my matches losing to a Boba Command list that was nuts, he had ECL, Firespray, and a Change of Heart that stole a lightsaber wielding Kanan to seal one game that I had just turned the corner against. Entry fee was $20 and I earned $10 back in store credit, plus pack 1 pick 3 I was passed a Devastator which covers the other $10, so every other card was gravy. Another successful outing!

  • [General Discussion]

    We have a few lurkers and subscribers, what have you all been playing? Whether you've only had the chance to play the starter decks or jamming some jank at your local store share your experience with the game! Or just say hi.

    I updated the sidebar, changing the database link from to I initially liked the layout of the former, but the later has a bit more functionality in the search and is much more popular. SWUDB also is used for for deck building which has also been added to the sidebar. Karabast is a great resource for deck testing and fun. It's basically open beta as there are bugs with some interactions, heavy action economy sometimes glitches and I've seen a unit die with a shield when the shield should have just popped, but the devs seem really engaged and are working on those issues.

    If general discussion actually generates some conversations I'll make a monthly thread and pin it. I don't think pinned threads appear in feeds so for the time being I will hold off on that for visibility.

    Either ya understand why most women pick the 🐻 or you are the 🐻.
  • Nightclubs are a space that preditors are active in and that skews the perception. It's absolutely best practice to hold your drink, that doesn't mean the chances of a random man in the forest who is going to be a threat is high. How many people just don't enjoy nightclubs?

  • Either ya understand why most women pick the 🐻 or you are the 🐻.
  • You're making alot of assumptions about the people disagreeing. My co-parent has been talking about this bear tiktok since it first showed up, how disappointed she has been with friends saying they would pick a bear, how harmful the discussion revolving around it is to young men, how 4th wave feminism leans more to reactionary politics instead of building towards material change. She is a socialist political organizer and every single woman in her party is pretty demoralized by this whole thing as it says alot about the publics political consciousness. If half the population more than half the population judging by the men in this thread agreeing to pick the bear, see strangers as a dangerous other, where does that leave us to join together to make meaningful change in society?

    Having lemmy be my only form of social media this is my first time encountering the bear discussion and I completely understand her frustration now.

  • Either ya understand why most women pick the 🐻 or you are the 🐻.
  • I don't want to get in the weeds here, at least once in the last 12 months is not regularly, that's my point on your misrepentation. Does it happen too much, absolutely, does the study present enough data to say it's happening regularly, no.

    Again when talking about actual threats to women it is not strangers but men already in their circle, yet that is not what the bear discussion revolves around.

    Please answer: Why do you think the actual threat doesn't shape public consciousness the same way perceived threats do?

  • Either ya understand why most women pick the 🐻 or you are the 🐻.
  • Where like 60% of women get harassed regularly

    That's not what the linked study says: In June 2021, the Opinions and Lifestyle Survey (OPN) showed that 28% of women and 16% of men had experienced at least one form of harassment in the previous 12 months. Of adults aged 16 to 34 years, 58% of women had experienced harassment, compared with 24% of men (Figure 4).

    And don't get me wrong, I am not here to justify harassment of anyone, but you're grossly misrepresenting the study right now. Perceptions are absolutely influenced by experience of harassment but the actual threat to a woman is not random men on the street, it's a man that has power over her or within her circle of trust. That could be a boss, a husband or relative.

    However that reality is not what is shaping public perception, I would ask you why do you think that is? It's a very important part of this bear conversation that is completely lost on everyone.

  • Either ya understand why most women pick the 🐻 or you are the 🐻.
  • Those assaults aren't from strangers is the piece of information omitted, it's men in their family or inner circle abusing power or taking advantage of trust. The perception that all men are a threat is seriously damaging our youth and in fact creating a larger issue as it radicalizes them into ideologies that don't value others as a reactionary turn to the way they feel treated.

    This shit is bad and you should feel bad for propagating it.

  • Either ya understand why most women pick the 🐻 or you are the 🐻.
  • This whole conversation is the equivalent to stranger danger of the 80s, it is shocking how far the publics social awareness is. Just like stranger danger it enphasizes fear over rational truth, and encourages isolation over community. The truth of the matter is that some random man isn't a bigger threat to you than a random bear, when looking at statistics and physical threat to women it's domestic violence.

    This bear shit is some whack ass 4th wave feminism that completely lacks any kind of internal self criticism. The public conversation surrounding it provides no purpose than to feed into incel radicalization of young men feeling the strains of alienation under capitalism.

  • U.S. put a hold on an ammunition shipment to Israel
  • Hard to celebrate anything with so much money stolen from the American people and so many Palestinians dead.

    This is shameful and the fact that Trump is worse is no excuse, raise your expectations. There are ongoing protests being violently repressed and all Biden has to say about it is "law and order", wake up.

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    Spark of Rebellion Print Run 2 Update Special Message from Jim Cartwright

    Join VP of Strategy Jim Cartwright for a special message and updates regarding STAR WARS™: Unlimited!More information on the game: https://www.starwarsunlimi...

    Special Message from Jim Cartwright
    • Print Run 1 has sold faster in the first month than was expected in 6 months.
    • Boxes are being sold to prioritize in store events, for prize support and limited formats.
    • The print runs for future expansions has been increased to support the popularity of the game.
    • SoR Print Run 2 won't likely hit stores until Q4 of this year.

    If you are looking to play constructed I would say pick up singles now as prices will most likely keep creeping up until the end of the year for SoR.

    B.A.R.O.N. Draft Guide

    Great overview of draft priorities for both players new to TCGs and veterans.

    [Article] Drafting Common Leaders Drafting Spark of Rebellion's Common Leaders - Fifth Trooper

    This article discusses drafting Spark of Rebellion's eight common leaders and what cards synergize well with what they may want to be doing.

    Drafting Spark of Rebellion's Common Leaders - Fifth Trooper
    WTF Leia?!

    cross-posted from:

    > This card is salt on the wound.

    WTF Leia?!

    This card is salt on the wound.

    [Deck Tech] Iden Pure Control

    This is the deck I am currently most excited about. I jumped on Thrawn Vigilance and am waiting for the last of those cards to arrive but this Iden creature light list plays to my favorite aspect of control, blanking opponents interaction.

    The main wincon is Vigilance and milling them out. All the removal in the deck means you'll be gaining lots of life off Iden each game, and flipping her is less of a priority than something you can plan for the right time.

    It does play some weaker cards like Repair & Restock but they are easy targets for resourcing early and basically free value later in the game.

    This is a great competitive control list that hits aggro and midrange currently dominant in the meta. Don't bring this to a kitchen table, cherish a friend that plays SWU with you.

    Star Wars Unlimited - Review

    cross-posted from:

    > Actual review starts at 18:38. > > For all the great things they have to say about the game their scoring is heavily impacted by being a channel for board games. I agree with pretty much everything they have to say, except the art has really grown on me and I am glad they went in a different direction from previous SW card games. The art feels as fresh as the gameplay. > > And the gameplay is extremely good. FFG has announced that they have 3 additional sets already printed and an additional 6 ready to go. On top of that the tournament support makes organized play a priority for the game which I love as from what I can see WotC has been dropping that ball more and more as Arena has become more of their focus. > > Have you played the game? Are you interested?


    Really stoked about this announcement.

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