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JD Vance roadblocked dozens of US diplomats as he obsessed over views on gay rights
  • “The publics of many of our allies, and those countries we seek to build stronger relationships with, have traditional Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or Hindu moral values,” reads one section of the questionnaire, which was obtained by The Washington Post. “If confirmed, how would you explain to them what the United States’ promoting ‘human rights for LGBTQ people’ would look like in their country?”

    Talk about concern trolling.

  • Traveling this summer? Maybe don’t let the airport scan your face.
  • It’s discussed in the article. We can’t really be sure if they do, but they already store the measurements of your face along with other bits of metadata. They could reconstruct your face with it even without the photo. It’s a deceptive claim, because even if they throw away the camera video they still have your face for all intents and purposes.

  • 'Zionist-free zone': Israelis are increasingly unwanted at global tourism sites
  • That’s because Israel got what they wished for when they adopted Herzl’s idea.

    Herzl said that Jews will never be accepted as truly American or truly French etc. so they need their own country and form their own distinct nation. Well they got it and found out that form of nationalism is outdated and exposes them to these accusations. Israel claims to speak for all Jews, and thus people draw the false conclusion that Jews worldwide collectively support all Israeli policies even the rightwing and criminal ones. The existence of Israel only worsened the accusations that Jews are a fifth column or secretly more loyal to Israel over their own countries.

    It’s actually kinda sad because diaspora Jews are more likely to oppose Netanyahu, and this discrimination is being wielded by Netanyahu to claim they won’t be safe anywhere unless they immigrate to Israel.

  • Joe Biden suddenly cancels speech, tests positive for COVID
  • They know the media is on them and they have to behave and say “politically correct” things.

    Make no mistake, the RNC and DNC are carefully managed events. RNC tries to show as racially diverse a crowd as possible for the cameras and DNC tries to be a welcoming big tent, both to encourage undecided voters to come join the bandwagon.

  • bUt BoTh SiDeS dA sAmE
  • You’re getting downvoted but you’re right. Biden resisted 4+ years of pressure to support changes to the Supreme Court. During the 2020 debates he said he wasn’t in favor of them. Now that his campaign is falling behind, suddenly he’s announcing he’s in favor of term limits for Supreme Court justices even though that would likely require a constitutional amendment.

    Biden has a longstanding tendency to be a stubborn old man. He supported the Hyde Amendment for decades but only when he was losing the primary badly in 2020 did he suddenly announce he no longer supported it. This is another last-minute promise to try and save his campaign. Biden defended credit card companies for decades (being a Delaware senator), suddenly seeing him flip and support tenants over corporations seems a bit out of his normal routine.

  • "I was shot in the head, just like Lincoln."
  • The world’s biggest victim will now claim to be the worlds biggest crime victim.

    He’s already talking about how it felt to get shot and how he felt the bullet, when it appears he got hit with broken glass instead.

  • CNN's debate was no fair fight
  • It’s more like Reddit is a bunch of edgy teenagers who already skew in favor of liberal ideas far beyond that of the regular voting public. It’s why atheism is wildly popular on Reddit as well as issues like abortion or trans rights, when the American public is far more evenly split.

    Yes there’s some campaigning going on on Reddit as well but it’s dwarfed by the left wing base already on the site. The swell in anti-Biden posts make this split all the more obvious.

  • CNN's debate was no fair fight
  • We all know Trump doesn’t actually want to serve his country. During a Hannity interview Trump couldn’t name a single thing he wanted to enact in his second term. It’s all about keeping himself out of prison and helping heal his wounded ego for losing in 2020.

  • First Presidential Debate Megapost!
  • I'm not too worried about the dyed-in-the-wool Democrat from California upset that we change from Biden

    Californians don’t matter here. Voters in swing states like Pennsylvania do. Ohioans are less likely to vote for Gavin Newsom over Biden. If you magically think that Newsom can ramp up a presidential campaign from scratch and beat Biden’s name recognition and win Wisconsin in only 6 months, you’re being insanely optimistic.

    Look, I despise Biden since he ignored all his advisors and set a disastrous Gaza policy, and want anyone but him. He was one of the worst candidates of 2020 but since he was “the most electable” we were told to shut up and fall in line. His electability has faltered. But it’s almost July, the window of time to replace him and win already closed. I’m not going to keep arguing, we’ll agree to disagree.

  • First Presidential Debate Megapost!
  • a President who is predicted by polling to lose to Donald Trump.

    Biden’s numbers are baked in.

    No, we have a president who is ahead in some polls and behind in others, 6 months before an election (which is generally unreliable since the polls fluctuate wildly this early). Pollsters and political scientists unanimously report polling in June is not reliable this soon before Labor Day. Look back and you’ll see HIllary, Romney, and Dukakis all ahead at this point in previous elections. The reason we are having this conversation is because people got skittish about the Debate, but we don’t even have accurate post-debate survey data at this time. The snap surveys by CNN and others showed a muddle of some people claiming Biden won anyway and others not. More data will come in next week.

    And don’t forget the counterfactual; if you replace Biden despite winning the primaries in a landslide, you will anger many voters. Millions of people voted for Biden and this was not close; they rejected Dean Phillips and alternatives. People voted for Harris as a known backup; skipping her and having Newsom take over will cause a storm and backlash of a size we can’t quantify yet. There simply isn’t any data on Democratic voters that show any Biden remorse; you’re operating on the vibes from social media and some pundits.

    In truth, we really haven’t been through this already.

    Correct, and replacing Biden is a huge risk. It could cost the election the same way John McCain took a gamble on Sarah Palin and lost.

  • First Presidential Debate Megapost!
  • We already have Newsom vs Biden and Newsom vs Trump polls. And the pundits talked endlessly in 2020 about the shortcomings of each candidate and why they’d struggle against Trump. We’ve been through this already.

    If Biden steps down then of course whoever gets nominated will get a bump of course, but like we discussed collectively in 2020, they’d have their own separate hurdles. Bernie Sanders would energize many voters but his socialism talk would turn many voters off. Pete Buttigieg struggled to connect with voters of color. Warren had some political flubs and Trump launched many attacks on her etc. while there’s concern many Americans still won’t vote for a woman for president, and so on. The point I’m making is that you may find yourself in a situation in October where you WISH Biden was running again with his high poll numbers and solid national record that other candidates lack.

  • First Presidential Debate Megapost!
  • Show me one with higher poll numbers than Biden. When they were head to head in 2020 each polled lower than Biden against Trump.

    I don’t want to defend Biden. He should go. He is a corrupt old man with a ton of baggage and his Palestine policy was atrocious. But I don’t see any of those people beating Trump based on the data we have.

  • First Presidential Debate Megapost!
  • We all know that Biden is a liability. BUT WHO WILL REPLACE HIM? I don’t like the man but who else in the party can take his role? Nobody credibly challenged him during the primary. Harris doesn’t poll as well as Biden and does worse. We’re stuck with him because nobody stepped up all year or last year, and everyone who wants him to step down thinks some magic TBD savior can show up out of nowhere and magically do better. Heck, Dean Phillips tried to run for president on the exact same issues and promised identical policies just in a younger person and he lost the race badly.

    We’re stuck with Biden, and likely will lose.

  • First Presidential Debate Megapost!
  • The problem is that the debate doesn’t really change much… except for low information and undecided voters. They don’t know what Trump is spewing and whether it’s a lie or not. When he makes up wild claims that Biden is unanimously declared worst president in history, they don’t know that’s a lie, or that Trump is lying about capping the price of insulin or the existence of 9 month elective abortions, etc. Trump’s confident lies actually win over a lot of undecided people who don’t do any research into the topic.

  • New German citizens required to affirm Israel's right to exist
  • No. Germany can recognize Jewish lives and the worldwide Jewish community without needing to play into the hands of a rightwing apartheid state and getting involved smack in the middle of their political dispute. This isn’t hard; it’s like being able to say Black Lives Matter without having to support and endorse the controversial policies of Louis Farrakhan.

  • Islam SulaymanF Gaza struggles to bury and grieve the dead in accordance with Islamic traditions

    The Israeli military’s deadly bombardment and ground assault on the Palestinian enclave has piled up not just bodies, but also indignities.

    Gaza struggles to bury and grieve the dead in accordance with Islamic traditions
    0 U.S. committee demands reasons for lack of Xinjiang sanctions

    The U.S. must fully implement sanctions on China for its Xinjiang policies, a U.S. congressional committee told the State Department, demanding reasons why Washington had yet to put restrictions on some officials linked to abuses in the Chinese region.

    U.S. committee demands reasons for lack of Xinjiang sanctions
    Islam SulaymanF

    A New York mosque becomes a sanctuary for neglected migrant A New York mosque becomes a sanctuary for neglected migrants

    Migrants taking dangerous routes to the US find authorities closing the door on them, but a Muslim community center is trying to change that

    A New York mosque becomes a sanctuary for neglected migrants
    Leopards Ate My Face SulaymanF

    Firefighters who backed DeSantis takeover of Disney’s property upset that they lost firefighter perks A pastor invited to DeSantis' Disney board meeting quoted the Bible telling people not to 'resist authority' as it strips workers' park perks

    Retirees and employees at Disney World are losing their perks under the new district board, which says benefits like park passes are unethical.

    A pastor invited to DeSantis' Disney board meeting quoted the Bible telling people not to 'resist authority' as it strips workers' park perks

    Trump’s Truth Social may be days away from liquidation

    When former president Donald Trump’s media start-up announced in October 2021 that it planned to merge with a Miami-based company called Digital World Acquisition, the deal was an instant stock-market hit.

    With the $300 million Digital World had already raised from investors, Trump Media & Technology Group, creator of the pro-Trump social network Truth Social, pledged then that the merger would create a tech titan worth $875 million at the start and, depending on the stock’s performance, up to $1.7 billion later.

    All they needed was for the merger to close — a process that Digital World, in a July 2021 preliminary prospectus, estimated would happen within 12 to 18 months.

“Everyone asks me why doesn’t someone stand up to Big Tech? Well, we will be soon!” Trump said in a Trump Media statement that month.

    Now, almost two years later, the deal faces what could be a catastrophic threat. With the merger stalled for months, Digital World is fast approaching a Sept. 8 deadline for the merger to close and has scheduled a shareholder meeting for Tuesday in hopes of getting enough votes to extend the deadline another year.

    If the vote fails, Digital World will be required by law to liquidate and return $300 million to its shareholders, leaving Trump’s company with nothing from the transaction.

    For Digital World, it would signal the ultimate financial fall from grace for a special purpose acquisition company, or SPAC, that turned its proximity to the former president into what was once one of the stock market’s hottest trades. Its share price, which peaked in its first hours at $175, has since fallen to about $14.

    Digital World’s efforts to merge with Trump Media have been troubled almost from the start, beset by allegations that it began its conversations with the former president’s company before they were permitted under SPAC rules.

    Then, in the past year, its issues became more pronounced: Its chief executive was terminated by the board, a former board member was arrested on charges of insider trading, and the company agreed to pay an $18 million settlement to resolve charges that it had misled investors and given false information to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

    The merger has “been pretty much unprecedented in terms of all of the glitches,” said Jay Ritter, a University of Florida finance professor who studies stock markets. “The deal does seem to be running out of time. You can’t just keep getting extensions forever.”

    85 Passengers were stuck on plane for 7 hours with no air conditioning, no food or water provided, woman says

    In a TikTok that has since gone viral, a critical care nurse is heard telling a United Airlines worker about the experience she and hundreds of other passengers just went through.

    Passengers were stuck on plane for 7 hours with no air conditioning, no food or water provided, woman says
    Islam SulaymanF


    In the name of God, the most compassionate, the most merciful,

    Welcome everyone to the Islam community on Lemmy!

    Some of you may be joining us from Reddit or from various other locations throughout the Fediverse. We hope to make this a forum where we can discuss Islam, and make this an educational community and place to socialize in a halal way. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of the moderators. We ask that you please treat one another with respect, even if you disagree with one another on this forum.