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  • I think if it’s going on every windows computer windows should have a process in place to prevent what happened from happening. Windows are for profit, they have the money to do it right but they got greedy. A staggered rollout would have prevented most of it and is a very simple thing to require. Also if it’s going on every windows computer or most I wouldn’t consider that a third party anymore even if that’s how they keep liabilities at arms length

  • Thanks Obama!
  • Hope is worth nothing in hindsight. Obama was a shit ass president - still way better than trump. He allowed privacy to be demolished and bombed the shit out of everyone.

  • It feels wrong
  • It was a poor explanation. Double you has 3 syllables so it has nine all up vs 3. So it takes 3 times as long. I don’t think it was about the time but the ease of saying it. World Wide Web is a bit annoying to say

  • Johnson: Replacing Biden on ticket would be 'wrong,' 'unlawful'
  • Johnson is an idiot. This is embarrassing for him and the GOP. Keep up the good work loser. All Biden would have to do is get a doctor to say he’s not medically fit anyway. Which we all know wouldn’t be hard.

  • If time is relative, how can we say the known universe is 13 billion years old. Wouldn’t different parts of the universe been in existence for more or less time? Is this relative to us? Or an average?


    “No you” is actually a valid point in a disagreement

    Not the exact wording but the general premise behind it is a fair counter point in any disagreement. When someone is attempting to gain a higher moral authority, bringing up any hypocrisy is a reasonable thing to do. If pointing out hypocrisy is then dismissed, it is reasonable to assume the other person is not arguing in good faith and therefore should no be taken seriously.


    SLPT: If you’re struggling with the cost of living and want to save on transport costs, try watering down your gas a little to help get some extra miles out of each tank


    It’s honest work, probably


    It’s finger lickin shit


    Live in the moment


    The truth is still out there




    It is.


    Reality Shattered


    I remember, assholes


    Stop saying it