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Stone Mason, Canadian ExPat living in the UK, Hobbyist musician.

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This crew is unbeatable
  • I second this demand!

  • Happy anniversary
  • To be fair, that image is blurry enough that I absolutely believed it was in fact anal

  • Atari Buys Intellivision Brand, Ending ‘Longest-Running Console War in History’ [wasn't actually still running, but ok]
  • It wasn't an active war anymore, and Atari isn't Atari anymore. Idk about Intellivision, but I'm sure they've changed hands loads and diluted their brand too. Nothing burger "war" tastes of nothing

  • Supreme Court sides with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, spurning a conservative attack
  • Even a broken clock is right twice a day....

    With Clarence Thomas it's once every few decades.

  • Asus just apologized for its outrageous repair costs and RMA process
  • Pffffffffffff....believe it when people start reporting not being fucked and fleeced

  • UK government responds to Stop Killing Games campaign
  • I've been telling everyone I know to sign, even those without any interest in video games, as stronger consumer protections are always good 👍

  • Shoppers Drug Mart Recruiting Volunteers to Staff Stores
  • As mentioned by @JohnnyCanuck

    So, the owner of this specific store posted it. As much as I hate how Loblaws has been capitalizing on peoples’ needs, this isn’t Loblaws, it’s the owner of one store.

    Do you know that for sure? I found this from seven months ago, if it's the same manager, he seems to be getting away with it:

    Pharmacy Assistant vs Volunteer

    I've applied to about 15 SDM branches across Toronto for the past month until today. My applications were mixed. Even if I applied online, I also visit the branch to personally drop my resume. There was this one branch who told me that it's nearly impossible to get inside SDM as a pharmacy assistant without Canadian pharmacy experience. I was a licensed pharmacist in my home country and I practiced clinical pharmacy for over 2 years.

    According to him, the best way to get in the system and their records will be as a volunteer. He was kinda of disappointed with how the system works, claiming that SDM encourages volunteerism to save a lot on training costs. Is it true that being a volunteer will help me out once there is a vacancy or an opening for a pharmacy assistant slot? Can I use it on my future applications as well?

  • I am a former immigration minister. Unsustainable population increases won't solve Canada's underlying issues - The Hub
  • Everyone that I know who moves to Vancouver from abroad and moved back cited Cost of Living as one of the main factors.

    When I moved from Vancouver to London(UK) a few years ago I was shocked at how cheap food and basically everything else was, even after exchange rate things like milk and veg were 2-5× cheaper in the UK. The only thing that was markedly more expensive was energy and natural gas.

  • Biden quadruples tariffs on Chinese electric cars
  • weren't kidding

  • Poke Check
  • Šilovs won the mad dash to the puck, [btw]!

    Oh, thank fuck!

    I recall watching a few games at 4am when I lived in the UK. It was hard to know whether to stay up or sleep and set an alarm....

    Yeah, my alarm for work is not even an option 😭 the only exceptions I make are on my birthday(late Feb, and it's been 6 years since there wasn't a game literally on my birthday) and if we make it fairly far for the cup....

  • Poke Check
  • Ffs. In a way I'm glad I live in the UK and can't justify watching the game live....

  • I'll have whatever he's having
  • That'th kinda metht up

  • The Send Off
  • Some dudes launching a boat presumably from a beach.

  • my snap just got deleted!! 😢 [OC] [f]
  • Not all heros wear capes!

  • Punk rock band Trophy Eyes fan left paralyzed after singer jumped on her at concert
  • I had a fan trip over her own feet and land on top of my head at a punk show over a decade ago. Folded me in half backwards. Pinched my sciatic and messed my lower back up really bad. 10+ years of pain, and I definitely got lucky that I didn't end up worse off....

  • Vita Piracy - Discussion of all things related to piracy on the PS Vita Sturgist

    I've messed myself up cheating in Trails in the Sky: FC Evolution

    I don't have a pre-cheat save, and I'm stuck in Ruan because I have turned in one of a stack of key items, but since I still have a load of them I can't progress. Also can't hand the item back more than once. Looking like I'll have to either find a save that's around the same area as I am, or start from scratch......

    If anyone has any idea how to delete items from your inventory.....for the love of f**k please clue me in....


    How do I setup 2FA on lemmy?

    The title says it all

    Project: Gorgon Sturgist


    The PG sub was one of the ones I've been missing, glad you guys are here!