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  • Just assume anyone making a post on the internet in English is American, because they have the majority of the publicly discussed issues and post most of the English content.

    You'll be less confused and not lots people off by studying a "well aktchually" in where it's not needed.

  • Be neighborly
  • People move into houses in airport flight paths and then complain about fucking noise, from the international airport that has been operating longer than they've been alive. People are fucking stupid.

  • Neuralink Can Implant Second Person With a Brain Chip, FDA Says
  • Look we all hate Elon and how neuralink is developing their tech that's not in question here.

    People are taking issue with your referring to desperate people with very very poor quality of life due to injuries or medical conditions as "brain dead"

    They aren't "brain dead", dumb or stupid, they are reaching for what looks like the only potential light in their life. A life that is probably impossibly difficult for any of us typically healthy people to imagine.

  • Car free cities should be the future.
  • Go talk to Norway about biking in the winter, they do it plenty with standard bikes. It's not like once it snows roads and paths have a permanent layer of snow and ice on them, we invented this thing called a plow.

    Also like 3 minutes into biking in the cold you aren't cold anymore.

  • Reminder...
  • Your wording was probably a little confusing, I read "jumping on Biden" initially as in "voting / rooting for him", but you likely meant it in the context of them "questioning everything he does". Depending which one is used changes your phrasing from criticizing Biden to supporting him.

  • Reminder...
  • Then how the hell did Trump win in 2016 and nearly win in 2020? He is literally antithetical to everything conservatives say they are, yet they still fucking turned out and voted for him instead of someone else.

  • Conservative Owns the Libs by Paying $4,000 a Month for His Ford F-350
  • Sure, but we are getting to the point where 99% of truck owners do not have needs that your van or a hatchback sedan couldn't handle 90% of the time, all while using less fuel and being safer for everyone else on the roads.

    And when they need to haul 1 ton of dirt they can order it with delivery in a dump truck, because you never need just 1 ton anyway.

    So for the final 2-3 trips a year that actually needs a pickup they can rent for like 200 bucks total.

  • In one of the US’s hottest deserts, utilities push gas rather than solar
  • I would like to point out that this whole "America is so special! We aren't just one group but a bunch of different groups" is fucking stupid. Every country is like that, but y'all are too fucking caught up in American exceptionalism to care or notice.

  • Cycling isn't legitimate transportation...apparently
    1. None of this is about total 100% bans on cars, just making the option of not using a car nicer than using one. Even where car bans exist options still exist for delivery vehicles.

    2. Public transit exists and is often better than driving depending on the disability.

    3. In the current system we leave behind everyone that can't afford to buy and maintain a car, which is a staggeringly large number already.

  • Biden: what would Trump have done if the Capitol riots had been led by Black Americans?
  • Someone needs to beat this into your skull, in the current us voting system not voting for Biden is the same as voting for Trump.

    Which one do you want to win? Neither are great, but Trump will lead to the complete annihilation of Palestinians in Gaza.