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Meowing Thing
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Canvas Ended. Who is this?
  • Especially the Israeli (transported to another world) genre relies heavily on that to quickly explain what you can expect.

    Are Israeli anime like isekai, but with Jewish undertones and/or mythology?

  • Son, we need to have a serious talk!
  • The issue with your example is that black men are not in a position of power in society, while men (as a whole) are the dominant gender in society.

    This makes making fun of men punching up, questioning their power, while making fun of black men in specific would be just racist.

  • 'Marketing's dead, and I can back this s**t up': Baldur's Gate 3 publishing director says players 'just want to be spoken to, and they don't want to be bamboozled'
  • The main difference I think has to do with how this is done. Marketing is much more aggressive. Think like Google ads where products appear in unrelated queries. Much more sensationalism and less information. While the article says gamers want to read actual reviews, comment on the game while being developed, etc.

  • What are actual good movie trailers that get you hooked without spoiling everything?

    Kind of in response to an earlier post in here about trailers that spoil everything, I think it is easier nowadays to count how many didn't spoil everything.