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memes that won't make sense in a year
  • no, but imo this is just a better way to do it

  • ruleitical cumpiss
  • sudden and premeditated are not antonyms, the can be perspectives on the same action from different participants

  • How much ketchup on Kraft Mac and Cheese (KD) is too much? Like, I understand half a bottle is a lot, but how much do you use?
  • uhhhh halfa bottle??? hoping u have a tiny ass bottle cuz anything more than like 2 tablespoons is an insane amount of a plate of Mac and cheese

    also no ketchup on box Mac, we aren't serial killers

  • 7 Days to Die is finally leaving early access, but console players will have to buy the 1.0 version again
  • not it's a telltale games bankruptcy shithole as they had the console port and all their code is lost to time

    so basically a whole new game has to be created and the dev do not have the ability to push an update to the store listings

  • Movie industry demands US law requiring ISPs to block piracy websites
  • they're absolutely gonna make a list of ipv4 addresses that were used at one point and the the whole internet will get blocked

  • Could you please fuckıng not, Urban Dictionary?
  • but that would be your keyboards permission not the app

  • is there any drawback to having too many partitions?
  • partitions are used for organizing, the downside is that more partitions make each one smaller

    I end up running 1 btrfs partition sagred between all my installed Linux distros on one system

    lvm is also awesome for resizing and moving partitions

    my desktop right now has nvme0n1p1 as my efi partition and p2 as a lvm pv

    inside that lvm I put everything else as it's very easy to resize and move them (I also have p2 encrypted with luks2)

  • We heard you like toggles so we put a toggle in your toggle.
  • my phone does single tap to toggle and tap on the down arrow or longpress for settings page

  • Software to do morph animation with a series of weight loss progress pictures.
  • imagemagic can do morph animations tho I don't know how good it would be for this specific use case as it just fades between the images

    convert -morph 20 start.png end.png out.gif

    will make a 20 fram animation

  • That's why we need two ssds for dual boot
  • I have two ssds for raid1 boot,it's very nice

    just wish my bios would stop making phantom uefi boot entries every boot

  • It just... works
  • and then you'll get dropped by every insurance provider regardless

  • A private company did something illegal and that's the final straw now I'm pro-conservative
  • the source link being that Nazi Twitter account makes it seem like there's some shenanigans going on

  • Does mucus have calories?
  • I wish I could

    post nasal drip is awful

  • AMD calls time on the 60Hz gaming monitor era
  • I've have a monitor that locks to 33-92hz when free sync is enabled (144hz otherwise) it's way more useful at lower fps values that higher ones

  • Imperial units people, Do you sometimes get confused about time units as well?
  • no

    only time is with some like a microwave where you type in multiple units for the same input
    ie 90 is equivalent to 130

  • KDE with good Samba: is it possible?
  • I've not really used samba in dolphin as I find it more reliable to just have systemd handle automounting all filesystems as it allows other programs to access the locations

    I've not noticed any performance issues using it this way, tho I only use a few shares on my local network

  • /run/user/1000: What to do with it?
  • /run contains all sorts of virtual stuff, it doesn't persist over a reboot,

    I would advise against deleting anything in it as those files are used by programs running as whether user has the ID of 1000 (most likely you)

    it contains things such as sockets and lock files so that programs can interact with each other

  • If you ever feel stupid, just remember... people like this do exist
  • sorry I don't have iOS 8 wave on my android

  • [Q] Estimate laptop power consumption (/sys/class/powercap/*/energy_uj)
  • ah I misunderstood, thought you talking about underload, not idle power use

  • [Q] Estimate laptop power consumption (/sys/class/powercap/*/energy_uj)
  • all the laptops I've ever had have been able to reliability pull the full power (like within 30 watts) of their power adapter rating so that's a good estimate

  • Traefik tutorials?

    I'm migrating my server to a new server and wanna try something new. I've been using nginx to reverse proxy my stuff and I recently heard about traefik being able to read labels off docker containers. I've been googling around but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the access to the dashboard without having insecure mode on.


    Account login page doesn't autofill

    I think the login page text boxes are tagged wrong or something as they don't show up as autofillable with Gboard and bitwarden,

    also the password field isn't a password field

    edit: only seems to not work immediately after adding an instance for some reason, if I back out to the main page it then works