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Luelinks to Reddit to Lemmy

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CNN's debate was no fair fight
  • Another case of the lesser of two evils. I’m not necessarily hyped on Biden but holy shit he has never looked/sounded this old and feeble

  • Get bill'd
  • Soft little gators

  • I’m a dude and I tried nair once to get rid of some hair

    Never again. I rather dry shave with a rusty machete

  • wait for it
  • They need to get on my level

  • I fucking love it

  • Trump without his fake tan and hair
  • Major Briggs from twin peaks

  • Pi.Alert is dead...💀 Long live NetAlert X 🚀 (network monitoring)
  • This looks exactly like my pi hole dashboard.

    What does net alertx do?

  • Microsoft lays out Windows 10 life support prices
  • This will make me jump to Linux super fast

  • No Man's Sky Orbital Update Trailer
  • Welp back to no mans sky!

  • are small titties better than fake?
  • Any titties are awesome

  • Put the phone down and pet me
  • .5 cats are awesome lol

  • Redgifs won't load anymore.
  • I had something similar happen with memmy. It loaded a blue screen and said something went wrong at the top of the screen.

    I cleared all browser cache and saved passwords from safari and it started working again

  • I'm pretty tall at first base but I'm not that tall
  • The thumbnail for this post is the speaker of the house on Memmy lol

  • Reentry looked so cool!
  • It’s amazing but Elons involvement kinda sours it for me

  • Just got the new update!!

    This thing looks and feels amazing. Thank you for all your hard work!

    I have one tiny issue though. When in landscape and you click an image, the image shows in portrait.

    But if you never fix that I won’t care because this new update is killer!! Thank you so much!!!

    Electricians Steve Anonymous

    my tape is always excited to see me

    Chubb tape Nipple tape Etc

    It’s hot here

    Electricians Steve Anonymous

    i tome the appretice to get more sleep. I didnt mean at lunch and in the van


    How to tell if I have been banned from another instance’s board

    I made some offhand comment and now when I try and view the comment, edit it or find the board through search, I can’t find it.

    I do the same with my wife’s account and it works. Is there no system message saying your banned?

    Electricians Steve Anonymous

    stolen from lemmyshitpost

    He looks just like my apprentice. I sent this to him and he said red going to buy that jacket and fuck shit up. I’m like you got 50% of that correct

    Electricians Steve Anonymous

    My apprentice has too much fun on the jobsite

    I asked him what he was doing and he said fishing. And then sent me this


    Swipe image away function seems intermittent

    Just noticed after this last update that if you look at an image you can no longer swipe it up or down to make it go away. Went to settings to see if it was a issue with how I have Memmy set up and it would seem the gestures area is non existent

    Just fyi


    Let’s get it started! Post your packouts !!

    This was taken about two years ago and the pack has grown since then! I hardly have any room in the truck.

    Let’s get some content for Lemmy!!


    Updated the app for the last time and now it opens and immediately closes :(

    Christian your app will be sorely missed. Deleting my account tonight and going all in on lemmy. It’s been a great run!

    Electricians Steve Anonymous

    Low volt guys welcome here as well?

    I love to lurk and get lots of good ideas and bad ones from you guys


    I’m slowly getting used to it but i feel it’s worth the move

    Christian Lemmy needs Apollo. I am an ultra subscriber and would gladly pay again for an apollo version to browse Lemmy.

    I know there are more than a few that agree with me!