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anxiety rules
  • I live in northern Canada and kinda have to do the opposite to keep my job. When I talk about my wife I call her my wife and I use gendered language mostly. These guys are old school and I once heard them talk about someone who applied to work there, but they went and saw on Facebook that a year ago he had long hair and had it died blue and looked like a girl. They didn't even give him an interview just because of that, and they spent a good minute laughing amongst eachother about how much of a pussy that guy must have been.

  • The tradition these men have
  • No it kinda is a balancing act. At least with my two sons, and I've done it with both many times. Around 6 months they start being able to balance if you hold them by their buts. They wobble back and forth and find stability. This is just the advanced version of that where you press them up above your head while they balance. It's easy and they are never really unsafe, if they wobble you just drop your hand and bring your other hand up and catch their bum with two hands. It's awesome.

  • Anon is anti drugs
  • I agree with everything except for when you say that you'll feel like a winner while you loose everything. You actually know just how fucked up everything is and you feel like a fucking loser piece of shit but you can't stop. You don't feel like a winner. You feel like you're losing everything and it's extremely painful and you feel like you can't do anything to stop it. The drugs barely make it any better eventually and then you've even lost that.

  • Duncan Trussell is the fucking best

    That's it.


    Any Ontario Climbers Here?

    I'm living in North Bay currently and have been climbing for more than 10 years now. There isn't a gym in North Bay which sucks because I come from Hamilton where Gravity climbing gym is located and that place was my second home. I met my wife there and we moved up here to North Bay. To satisfy the craving we've started making our own outdoor bouldering spots! there is literally tonnes of them up here. go on a hike almost anywhere and you can find some potential spots. We found a super sweet one today and knocked down a dead tree to make it safer and i got a first ascent barefoot on a super crimpy v6 (im calling it a v6). Any other Ontario climbers here? or more specifically northern Ontario? would love to hear from some of you! and just to make more discussion do any of you climb barefoot?