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USB-C cables can talk
  • Some internet funeral aesthetics

  • What email client are you guys using?
  • Thunderbird, k-9, and aerc

  • Which distro do you find the most visually appealing?
  • Out of box experience is a personal preference. It always has been. Every person expects something different so I don't really care about it anymore.

  • Which distro do you find the most visually appealing?
  • It's dead now, but Apricity was the first distro I really enjoyed the look of. Now I know better than to care about out of box appearance.

  • Thoughts on this Raspbery Pi Rival? board handled 20 open Chrome tabs, 4K video playback smoothly ,board has Rockchip 8core ARM procesor, 32 GB RAM, Mali G610 GPU,is al competing with top OOPS boards.
  • Lol, changing the country of origin doesn't constitute innovation from a consumer standpoint...

    Now if this was using 5nm or chiplit or any of the other buzzwords of the day it could be marketed as innovative in the modern sense of the word.

    Realistically there is no innovation left for ARM platforms. They all use the same core schematics. They only control data flow and peripheral IP as a manufacturer, unless they feel like building their own core from the spec (nobody really does that anymore as ARM has been desperately trying to standardize everything). The most "innovation" I've seen has come from stubbornness around keeping legacy bus architecture around instead of adopting AXI (even when all the IP they are trying to use already uses AXI and they keep having to make translation hardware).

  • Bill Gates says not to worry about AI's energy draw
  • Fuck it. Gun it at the brick wall. Jerry's rigging up an emergency break as we speak. Don't mind that the last piece to said break may be missing.

    - Man who will probably die before we hit the wall

  • What is your favourite shell to use
  • Bash, just because everything else already uses it. That and bashisms have infected nearly all of my scripts as I clumsily bump into the limitations of POSIX string manipulation.

    I have found some very fun things with sed branching patterns as a result of these limitations though...

  • Learning english
  • That's my first thought, but my brain keeps trying to inject one immediately following "Surely." No idea why.

  • Learning english
  • I feel like there needs to be a comma somewhere in that sentence but I don't know why...

  • This company is the laughing stock of gaming right now
  • Unfortunately this doesn't seem to apply to publishers or developers that don't have a landing page

  • Adobe's Employees Are Just As Upset at the Company As Its Users: Report
  • I was working at a company at one point that got a contract to build something I viewed equivalent to malware. Immediately I brought it up to several higher-ups that this was not something I was willing to do. One of them brought up the argument "If we don't do it someone else will."

    This mentality scares the shit out of me, but it explains a lot of horrible things in the industry.

    Believing in that mentality is worse than the reality of the situation. At least if you say no there's a chance it doesn't happen or it gets passed to someone worse than you. If you say yes then not only are you complicit, you are actively enforcing that gloomy mentality for other engineers. Just say no.

  • Life is hard
  • Well, assuming you meant type specifier, at least not before C99. After that it is required. C23 explicitly states that a type specifier is required for all declarations.

    If you actually meant type qualifier, then no. That was never required.

  • Microsoft Chose Profit Over Security and Left U.S. Government Vulnerable to Russian Hack, Whistleblower Says | ProPublica Investigation
  • Publicly traded corps just saw the letter "p", assumed profit, and announced a 5 year plan to discover the rest of that sentence. Their shareholders are still upset it took them a whole letter before they had a plan...

  • QT Theme management in Sway
  • Depending on the launcher and launch method you may need to set systemd variables. Look at the way 50-systemd-user.conf works

    I use the following fragment to make sure the cursor theme propagates to applications launched with wofi:

  • Anon discovers .NET
  • Microsoft tried to lock a development feature behind a paywall by introducing an artificial dependency on Visual Studio.

    This also happened to occur right around the time there were also licensing and hosting issues around open source libraries. The manipulation of the .NET foundation was the really concerning part. Made it clear that MS still doesn't give a damn about the wider community using their language.

  • Anon discovers .NET
  • A thinly veiled M$ ad, trying to save face after the .NET fiasco of 2021...

  • Comparing Linux gaming distros performance
  • Some of them advertised specific performance improvements.

    I'm not going to rag on them though. Some of them did have performance improvements and basically created the tools and optimized defaults that propagated to standard distros, allowing the gap to close.

  • new preference war just dropped
  • But also, sorting big endian automatically groups elements associated with common functions making search, completions, and snippets easier (if you use them). I'm torn

  • [SOLVED] How do I add autocompletion for my `stfu` command?
  • For people using bash that are thinking "how do I do that":

    The bash-complete package adds the _command function for recursive completion on commands that accept other commands with their own arguments. It's what sudo uses last I checked. You can add complete -F _command stfu to your bashrc to link it to the stfu command.