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Candidate Karen Trump is pissed...
  • Obviously the Biden crime family /s

  • Sleep is good for the body though...
  • I think excessive sleeping also cause weight gain

  • AT&T says criminals stole phone records of ‘nearly all’ customers in new data breach
  • It’s not clear for what reason AT&T was storing customer data in Snowflake, and the spokesperson would not say.

    AT&T has a very long history of spying for the government. It's one of the reasons it took so long to break up their monopoly.

  • Is there a series showing how we got rocks to think?

    I believe it was this video by Veritasium that I was thinking of that explains how we got switches to think. Modern computers use the same principles. Just instead of physical switches, they use semiconductor switches. Which is were the rocks come into play. Semiconductors, in supper brief nut shell, are on the verge of conducting and need a little nudge of voltage to start conducting. Hence the semi part.

  • Harris Sharpens Her Attacks on Trump
  • Ya and if you get elected, you'll let the Republicans do it anyway

  • It’s our democracy, America! A second Trump presidency would be nothing like the first
  • Well thankfully we don't have an institution that can override the popular vote and put Trump in power

  • AOC files articles of impeachment against Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito
  • I'm sure the Democrats will put a stop to this. Since Supreme Leader Biden has no issues with the way the Supreme Court is acting

  • 'Nuff Said
  • Don't think the Electoral Collage is going to be siding with the popular vote this time

  • Fight or flight
  • Depression/Anxiety are not well understood. It's not uncommon or odd to be resistant to treatment. Also treatment is about managing the symptoms. Sadly there is no cure

  • Fight or flight
  • My primary care provider is perfectly happy with refilling my meds I have been on for years. I'm only seeing this psychiatrist cause I'm looking to apply for disability and want to have a continuity of care. I have only seen him once, so we will see how things go a second time in a few months. But, yes, we are not off to good start.

  • Fight or flight
  • Just had a psychiatrist insinuate that you have to worry about something specific to have anxiety 🤦.

  • Americans say they need to earn $186K to live comfortably — but is it enough?
  • But my housing prices in Bum Fuck Nowhere are fine, so that must mean it's true every where else. /s

  • The Biden administration is inching closer to a heat standard for workers — if the election doesn't doom it
  • No he just saying that to get elected. Once he does, this will be dropped. Only way people are going to avoid being murdered by heat stroke is by refusing to work

  • Dallas could become largest Texas city to decriminalize marijuana
  • I'm sure the Texas government will block it. Party of small government

  • Anon goes to the doctor
  • Yes this is satire but unfortunately people like this do exist. As for the why, they are seeking validation

  • Russian satellite breaks up in space, forces ISS astronauts to shelter
  • We are so going to get Kessler syndrome. I hate humans

  • Having trouble uploading images

    When I go to upload images, I get an error saying:

    SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data

    Tried on both mobile and desktop chrome and firefox