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Second meme (hopefully better)
  • I mean, it's probably better they hear about it before it starts happening. Actually, it's definitely better we all hear it before it's starts happening. You know... So we can try to stop it.

  • Jimmy Carter: Grandson says former president is ‘coming to the end’
  • Sorry pal, but I dont see the value in dropping a list of atrocities on a post about an old mans final days. Especially not to prove a point to someone who views the world as so black and white, and who picks fights only to act indignant when they find one.

    I dont agree with the vitriolic comments thrown your way, but if you dont see how you asked for them, then you are as bad at self reflection as the Americans you are so quick to judge.

  • Jimmy Carter: Grandson says former president is ‘coming to the end’
  • I followed up on your assertions, as I was wholly ignorant to them prior. And while I'm not terribly surprised, as it's seemingly almost impossible to be the President and not get involved in our country's sordid history, I am sad to find out Jimmy "sold his peanut farm" Carter's legacy is tied to so many atrocities. It's worth knowing about if we want to improve the world.

    A bit of friendly advice though, attacking people for their ignorance is simply a terrible way to break their illusions. Unless you were just trying to be a dick for its own sake, your tact will accomplish little more than pushing people further down the path you so eloquently deemed "fucking pathetic".

    And to that extent, don't be so quick to throw stones from your glass house. There are no countries that are wholly innocent. We need to push for solidarity, not division, if we aim to change that in the future.

  • Say it louder for the people in the back
  • 100℅ that is who and what the post addressing. And I agree with its intended message. Its also therapeutic to read a strong statement like this, that strongly asserts the damage that can be caused by this (and other stigmatized) mental disorders.

    I just think that given it was posted in a niche ADHD community, its more likely to be seen by people who are questioning if they have it rather than by people who trivialize it. And given that, I feel that its likely to cause folks who have undiagnosed ADHD to wonder if they are just "lazy" or "forgetful" or any of the other self deprecating labels many of us have told ourselves before getting diagnosed. Which is why I felt it would be helpful to post a counter message to that mentality.

  • Say it louder for the people in the back
  • I think the post is saying what it said. People tend to trivialize mental disorders, especially ones like ADHD, and doing so does a disservice to those who genuinely suffer from it and in the worst case scenario can further reinforce the stigma surrounding it. I dont even really disagree with the message the post is trying to make.

    But I do think that many who suffer from undiagnosed mental illnesses often develop feelings of imposter syndrome, especially when comparing their symptoms to someone with a more severe/obvious case. And I believe this is a large part of why folks dont seek help.

    This post wasn't made in a vacuum. It was posted to a niche ADHD community, and while I am sure that many people who are here are tired of ADHD being trivialized by society (especially by way of people who dont have it using it as a "cute" way to excuse related behaviors), I believe that many who find themselves here are in the early stages of acknowledging their battle with ADHD. And I think that a post like this could hinder their path to help. I mean, we are here to be supportive of each other right?

  • Say it louder for the people in the back
  • While I get the point of this post, and don't mean to trivialize anyone's struggles with mental health. I think that this mentality is detrementail to the vast amount of people who suffer from undiagnosed ADHD.

    If you feel like you might have ADHD and are considering getting help, don't let posts like this push you away from getting an actual diagnosis.

  • 'New Vegas is a very, very important game to us,' says mildly exasperated Todd Howard, who will never stop getting grilled about New Vegas
  • I mean, when the only quest available at launch was "FalloutNV has stopped working", and it only had one solution, I'd say 84 is pretty damn good.

    Still, there is something that just feels terrible about Obsidian not getting the bonus considering they made one of the best RPGs of all time in 18 months...

  • Fallout 4's most popular mods are now ones that remove Bethesda's disastrous 'next gen' update
  • It does not. A bit of intense work arounds can kind of make it happen, but many lists just fail.

    Best bet it to use a VM of Windows, (or dual boot or whatever). But if you use Virtualbox, dont try to use a shared folder to make moving the mods easy, it just crashes the whole VM. My lazy work around was to use sftp to move the mods after.

  • Fallout 4's most popular mods are now ones that remove Bethesda's disastrous 'next gen' update
  • Yeah, its a good thing Bethesda games aren't really known for having a vibrant modding community. Otherwise a bunch of headlines saying "new update breaks mods" might turn away a bunch of players who had originally played it on console and would have bought it on PC to try those mods.

    Sarcasm aside, the amount of potential new players who changed their minds due to broken mods are far greater than the amount of new players who wouldn't have gotten it if not for the update. If Bethesda dropped the update even a couple months ago, they could have had the best of both world. It was poorly timed, and definitely cost them sales.

  • Don't Be Afraid To Try The Original Fallouts
  • Far be it from me to speak to the validity of your feelings. But, to me, that seems like a bit of a massive over generalization. Many 3D games look like shit, many look amazing. Many 2D games look like shit, many look amazing.

    I mean, saying a 3D game like Gollum looks better than a 2D game like Hollow Knight, just because it's 3D sounds insane to me.

  • The Original Fallout Games Deserve The Diablo 2: Resurrected Treatment
  • I like Bethesda, and obviously they do have very vocal detractors. Though you might want to pull back on the overly zealous defense of Bethesda, as you are kind of just being the opposite side of the Bethesda hate coin.

    Plus, it's not really fair to say Fallout would have been dead and mostly forgotten if Bethesda hadn't picked it up. It was a popular enough series that Bethesda went into a bidding war to get it. And Troika games, a studio started by Tim Cain, Leonard Boyarsky, and Jason Anderson (the original creators of Fallout), also tried to buy the rights to the series but were outbid. If not but for Bethesda's big wallet, it's very possible we could have seen the rise of a very different Fallout with the original creators at the helm. Which a part of me will always be sad we didn't get to see. Still, I can cry myself to sleep on my copy of New Vegas, so at least we got two fun Bethesda games and one of the greatest RPGs of all time out of Bethesda's purchase.

    Also, if we are going to shit on BoS, then it's only fair to say that Bethesda's handling of the franchise has also gotten worse overtime. It's not like 76 is a shining example of quality. (To be fair, I actually enjoyed both BoS and 76, as I'm a bit of a Fallout shill, but that doesn't mean I can't be objective about the problems of the series.)

  • Don't Be Afraid To Try The Original Fallouts
  • Inspired by the show, I just completed my first run of both. While it took a not insignificant chunk of time to "see past the age" and acclimate to the clunky mechanics, I'm really glad I did. Honestly two of the best RPGs I've ever played.

  • The Original Fallout Games Deserve The Diablo 2: Resurrected Treatment
  • Well, we are in good company there. Got my start in the series at 3 as well and I fucking love the shit out of that game. Groundbreaking or not, it's still a joy to play. Plus, no one did environmental story telling like Bethesda.

  • The Original Fallout Games Deserve The Diablo 2: Resurrected Treatment
  • As a big fan of 3, NV, and 4, I have to ask... What is groundbreaking or revolutionary about any of them?What did any of them bring to the table that hadn't been done before?

    Dont get me wrong, 3 and 4 are enjoyable "comfort blanket" style games with fun maps to explore. And NV is one of the gold standards in interactive narratives. But Bethesda hasn't really broken ground since Oblivion.

  • The Original Fallout Games Deserve The Diablo 2: Resurrected Treatment
  • Anyways, I think people view fallout 1 and 2 with rose tinted glasses, I tried playing them after I became a fan of 3 and nv. And it was a slog playing the old ones, I didn’t get far.

    I also got into the series via FO3, and had a similar experience when I tried to play the first one shortly after completing 3. I couldn't get past the dated gameplay and thought the hype must just be nostalgia. But the recent TV show inspired me to take another swing at the originals (being the only Fallout's I didn't play to death), and I actually am now of the opposite opinion.

    Make no mistake, the game play feels clunky and dated even for '98 standards. And as such playing it can be a bit of a slog, especially the first couple hours. But the world building and quest design are honestly still better than 90% of modern games. I love Bethesda's games, but the stark difference in quality regarding these two aspects can't be overstated.

    After running through both 1 and 2, I can fully see why fans of the originals seem to often feel like Bethesda's entries failed to deliver on what long time fans came to know and love the series for. I will always love the Bethesda games, but it really isn't just rose tinted glasses, there was some magic in the originals.

  • What a TikTok Ban Would Mean for the U.S. Defense of an Open Internet
  • I don’t see anything that they said about TikTok or ByteDance

    Smfh, so then you didn't read what they said, since they specifically said:

    I acknowledge that TikTok is a problem.

    And given that Whataboutism is a tactic to discredit the severity of an accusation by pointing to similar or worse behaviors by others, this not only isn't "textbook Whataboutism", it's not Whataboutism at all. Their point was that the scope of the issue exceeds TikTok, and as such, attempts to solve the issue by focusing on TikTok are either misguided or of suspect intent.

    In no way did they try to make the point that what TikTok does is okay, nor did they claim that TikTok wasn't censoring content. I'd accuse you of trying to strawman their argument, but you just flat made up a different argument and pretended that was theirs instead.

    They are saying the forest is on fire, and you are accusing them of Whataboutism because they aren't focusing on your favorite tree.

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