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just a trans girl who likes to code and play music

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J.D. Vance Spends Weird, Low-Energy Speech Praising Diet Mountain Dew
  • nuh uh According to my extremely conservative coworker, that stuff causes cancer and big soda is trying to kill us. Something like that

  • Updates to Android Navigation
  • I'm pretty sure that's just Firefox for Android, but without some of the proprietary and telemetry stuff So you'll get it around when the stable version of Firefox does

  • Biden Drops Out of Race
  • AOC's birthday is this October, so I believe she would be eligible just in time lol

  • Nvidia GPU partners reportedly cheap out on thermal paste, causing 100C hotspot temperatures — cheap paste allegedly degrades in a few months
  • They stopped selling GPUs because, in essence, NVIDIA is an asshole company. Might be over-simplifying it, but you get the idea

  • The Media Ignores Trump Falling Asleep At His Own Convention
  • btw the cross gesture thing is called the "sign of the cross" in most Christian groups or whatever you call them

  • Autism Sneaks
  • I thought you were gonna say technology connections was advocating for autism speaks, and I was about to have my day ruined

  • weird looking gear
  • This image came from a post on Reddit. The user who posted it (on Reddit) said they're headphones with a 60Hz Helmholtz Resonator. In other words: more bass

  • [Rumor] Valve may be working on official Waydroid (Android app) support for Steam
  • Probably because it's got a better touch interface than desktop note: I've never tried desktop Firefox in a touchscreen device

  • Gender-affirming surgeries are mostly performed on cisgender people: 'Bitter irony'
  • Honestly, that's only because the Bible says it's a thing that should be done (apparently)

  • Trump Joked About Nazi 'Ovens' to His Jewish Employees, Says Former Trump Org VP
  • You have to keep pointing out the bad shit he does, or some people are gonna forget

  • non vegan pizza time
  • Huh, I wonder if sheep used to grow less sool and humans just bred them for a lot of wool. Time to go research!

    Edit: that is exactly what happened. Wild sheep do not grow a lot of wool.

  • Someone escaped the Matrix
  • Look under "Principal Software Development Engineer." It says "2017-present"

  • Everything Apple iOS 18 Will Do, Android Already Does
  • I think Google Pay used to have something similar, until Google axed the whole thing in favor of Google Wallet

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 always online, including campaign, due to "continuous" texture streaming
  • It'd be really funny if it's only streaming the texture for like a small bush and this is just a shitty justification

  • Election commissioner presents evidence that 'Trump caught paying people to attend rally'
  • This is a non-story btw Some random person jumped the gun over a Craigslist ad paying someone to advertise their brand at the rally. If you're gonna criticize Trump and show how pathetic he is, at the very least don't make stuff up

  • rule
  • If Android: Aliucord -based on the Kotlin (old) version Bunny/Pyoncord - The current best (and afaik only maintained) fork of Vendetta. Based on the new versions of discord

    If iOS: Enmity - I know nothing about this

    Also for your consideration: this list of client mods

  • CO2 Gas Chamber Rule
  • I think you're reaching there a bit, because no one said anything about forced veganism. You can eat meat and be against the horrors of (the vast majority of) the meat industry.

    (If I read your reply wrong, let me know and I will delete this)

  • Reader's Block
  • It's not even reading the book, it's getting ready to read the book. Very frustrating

  • *audible sigh*
  • I'm not op, so I'm just guessing here

    I think they meant a sort of "at the first sign of pushback, the companies will ditch LGBT people. Don't mistake their gay logos as actually support"