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LBC doing its bit to help the economically inactive back into work Five days of big names: LBC announces guest host week

LBC announces week of guest presenters - Emily Thornberry, Suella Braverman, Jonathan Ashworth, James Heappey and Alicia Kearns lead Britain’s conversation from Monday, July 22.

Five days of big names: LBC announces guest host week

Seriously, did they just go down the Westminster Jobcentre?

France and the UK have shown us the way forward
  • Even worse than that, the far right, as represented by Reform, did better than they have previously done and could yet cause us more problems come the next general election. It's possible that the centrist government that's just been elected will manage effectively enough to kill a lot of the sense of grievance that is currently being harnessed by Reform and directed against immigrants but it's equally possible that another global recession could tank that entire programme.

    Still and all I appreciate you coming in here to talk with me about how your thinking has changed. I agree that the French very much did what you say they did. I don't know if there are still people alive who remember the Vichy government but it could be that amongst the traditionally conservative people in their seventies and eighties there's still a horror about what the Nazis wrought.

  • The Tories have lost. Now which voters should they chase?

    The Conservatives are debating their future - but the path back to victory is not straightforward.

    The Tories have lost. Now which voters should they chase?

    This gave me a big belly laugh:

    >Another Conservative said: “The answer is we need to find a way to appeal to voters we lost to all parties. I don’t know how you do that on policy, but Keir Starmer showed you can do it by looking competent and serious. But I don’t know if any of the candidates we have at the moment can do that.”

    France and the UK have shown us the way forward
  • It's pure maths. The Tory votes plus the Reform votes is a bigger sum than the Labour vote. Listen. I have to live here with these fucks so I don't like it any more than you do. But without the collapse in the Tory vote it wouldn't have mattered what Keir Starmer or Ed Davey did.

  • France and the UK have shown us the way forward
  • That's not what happened. The right wing vote got split by dummies wanting to vote for a party further to the right than their normal brand and the centre voted for the party that was still in the centre. I mean it was a good result in that the Normal Dummy Party got kicked out but if you look at the history they have been in control for most of the past two centuries because the electorate of this country are mainly right-leaning dummies.

  • What scientific discoveries greatly weakened religion and the case of God ?
  • Letter from Charles Darwin to Asa Gray (22nd May 1860)

    With respect to the theological view of the question; this is always painful to me.— I am bewildered.— I had no intention to write atheistically. But I own that I cannot see, as plainly as others do, & as I shd wish to do, evidence of design & beneficence on all sides of us. There seems to me too much misery in the world. I cannot persuade myself that a beneficent & omnipotent God would have designedly created the Ichneumonidæ with the express intention of their feeding within the living bodies of caterpillars, or that a cat should play with mice.


  • Minister rejects Blair's call for ID cards to control migration
  • Blair needs to stop sticking his oar in and give the new government time and space to crack on with fixing the mess left by the Tories. I’m sure ministers have better things to do than shoot down his bad ideas. be dragged off to prison for war crimes.

    Tomatyo, Tomahto.

  • Gotta stand close sir to protect the public!
  • I know damn well. Someone who knew police told me that when they do these type of stunts they invite the press and local councillors and hand out beer and then they all stand around waiting for the wind to "unpredictably" blow all the smoke all over the audience. Everyone winds up wrecked. Your tax at work in the great war against drugs.

  • Why is the term 'Paki' considered an insult?
  • The correct demonym is Pakistani. Throughout the 1960s, 70s and 80s the terms 'Paki' and 'Stani' were exclusively used by racists and racist organisations such as the National Front and British Movement.

  • Are Body Temperature and Depression Linked? Science Says, Yes.
  • Well, I agree that everybody is different in certain ways but one of the main lessons of being in group was the revelation that broadly speaking we all want the same things and a lot of the mis-aimed strategies we'd adopted was stopping us from getting that stuff. A lot of people came through that community throughout the course of a year and while some of the stories were absolutely horrific, the problems were much the same, person to person.

    Yes, the therapy was less effective for some than others and drugs absolutely should be available as a first-aid but I think that people should be moved on to other therapy as soon as they can use it.

    I'm particularly hopeful about the results we are now seeing from psychedelic research into treatment resistant depression as I think that there are people for whom talk therapy won't work but if you look at recent research into SSRIs it seems that some are barely improving on the placebo effect.

    So yes I'm in favour of multiple approaches but it seems that SSRIs are outcompeting other treatments because the decisions are being made on the basis of cost and that means that those other treatments simply will not exist in the future.

  • Old Sarum in Wiltshire

    The original settlement of Salisbury was known as Old Sarum. The population and cathedral city had moved in the 14th century to New Sarum, at the foot of the Old Sarum hill.


    Intelligent aliens exist and have made contact.

    Turns out they're capitalists too...


    The gods are all real and answer all of our prayers.

    To them it's hilarious that all of our suffering was caused by someone else praying for it.

    1 Antoinette Sandbach: Ex-MP asks to be removed from slavery research

    Antoinette Sandbach, a descendent of a slave owner, argues she has a right to privacy.

    Antoinette Sandbach: Ex-MP asks to be removed from slavery research

    A former Conservative MP has asked to be removed from an award-winning academic's research presented in a TEDx Talk that connects her to a slave-owning ancestor