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Have you ever clicked on an ad *on purpose?*
  • Yes. Sometimes I click the ads of companies I hate so they have to spend more money not selling me something.

    It probably means I will see more of their ads, but I usually opt out of personalized ads so maybe not so much?

  • Selfhosting Spaghetti_Hitchens

    Troubles with new KBin instance

    Yesterday I followed the docker guide for setting up a new KBin instance. Some parts of it are working, but it seems like it's not federating properly.

    What does work:

    • I can create new local magazines and threads. They show up in my feed.
    • I can search for magazines/communities on other instances and they are added to my magazines list (well about 90% anyway)
    • I can (un)subscribe to those communities

    What does not work:

    • If I visit those magazines from my instance, there is no content. Visiting the community on it's home instance shows new content since I subscribed to it on mine.
    • Searching for my user from something like Mastodon yields no results; however, I can search for and find my account.
    • I cannot access my newly created magazine from the instance
    • (This is probably unrelated) Since I made my admin accout using the kbin:user:create command, I cannot create any other users with it.

    Any ideas on where I can look to resolve this?

    This reported issue sounds a lot like my situation:

    /kbin meta Spaghetti_Hitchens

    Can't see content from other instances or create new users.

    I recently stood up a kbin instance using the Docker guide for testing purposes. I can see the KBin UI, log in with my admin user, create magazines and threads.

    1. After creating my admin user using the sudo docker-compose exec php bin/console kbin:user:create command, I cannot seem to create any other users using that method. Additionally, I tried registering as a new user through the site and I neither receive a confirmation email, nor can my admin account "approve" the user.

    2. I can search for magazines/communities on other instances (i.e. [email protected]) and about 90% of them will be added to my federated magazines listing. However there is zero content on them if I visit them from my instance; I can see on the host instances that newer content has been added.

    Any ideas on either of these items?