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PlayStation Reversing Course On Helldivers 2 Is Both Smart And A Sign Of How Inept It Is
  • Yeah they both make a bunch of really anti consumer choices constantly, I never got the diehards who go hard for the console. Exclusive games I can at least understand, but is an Xbox really that functionality different from a PlayStation?

    I was a Nintendo kid in the 99s, then had a PS2 followed by a 360, I really only got a PS4 cause the opportunity for a deal came up, and I only got a PS5 cause I already had a PS4.

    Admittedly that's probably where most of the fan clubbing comes from, generationally upgrading until you're to use to the system to change.

  • What's something you believed to be true but recently learned is actually false?
  • Why do people who are also on the internet always feel like trying to say the other person doesn't go outside is a valid argument it's just as likely you're a basement dwelling virgin who hasn't seen the sun in months as it is he is.

  • Crashing upon login

    When trying to sign into my account the app crashes, I've tried clearing the cache and checking for updates.