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Kamala Harris Launches Presidential Bid: ‘My Intention Is to Earn and Win This Nomination’
  • Yeah, Democrats famously talk all the time about how much worse the election would have gone had it been John Glenn running against Reagan instead of Walter Mondale.

  • Kamala Harris Launches Presidential Bid: ‘My Intention Is to Earn and Win This Nomination’
  • "I go back and forth between thinking Trump is a cynical asshole like Nixon who wouldn't be that bad (and might even prove useful) or that he's America's Hitler" - JD Vance

    He's no different from Ted Cruz. Was against Trump, then later supported him. Both of these guys grew a beard after flipping to be huge Trump supporters too.

  • Kamala Harris Launches Presidential Bid: ‘My Intention Is to Earn and Win This Nomination’
  • I promise that if elected, I will not be Donald Trump.

  • Kamala Harris Launches Presidential Bid: ‘My Intention Is to Earn and Win This Nomination’
  • I wonder if she convicted anyone of falsification of business records? It would be interesting if she mentioned that as one of her past accomplishments while on the stage with someone found guilty of 34 counts of that crime.

  • Joe Biden ends re-election campaign
  • Yeah that's exactly what I was thinking.

    I feel really bad for Biden. There's more that he wants to do. But he's gotten too old to be able to do those things. But he's accepted it, and he should be respected for that.

  • Joe Biden ends re-election campaign
  • They'll do all that no matter what. They already did that to Kamala Harris, in the last election. I'm sure they tried really hard to dig up shit on her but had to resort to making up shit.

    Basically all they fabricated was the same weak-ass birther bullshit they did to Obama (odd how it's only non-white people they use that on, isn't it?) which is now being spread again on Facebook as we speak.

    Intentionally mispronouncing her name, which they re-hashed in the RNC convention. Her name is literally consonent-vowel-consonent-vowel-consonent-vowel, not really hard to say so they just sound like morons when they do that.

    I guess they don't like how she laughs?

    They lost that election. Their base likes the racist dog-whistles, but those are votes they have no matter what. Doing the same bullshit they did before loses them independents.

    Remember how a lot of Republicans voted for Nikki Haley even after she dropped out of the primary? It wasn't a love for Nikki Haley, it was a dislike for Trump that motivated Republicans to vote for Nikki Haley in the primaries. After she dropped out. So there's even Republicans that are open to voting for a woman with a South Asian background that the MAGAs like to intentionally mispronouncing her name.

  • Joe Biden ends re-election campaign
  • How does AOC know what the elites want? Does she spend a lot of time having conversations with the elites about which direction they want politics to go?

  • Joe Biden ends re-election campaign
  • A lot of people just felt like it was time to trade in their Not Trump for a newer model Not Trump. Sure there were other Not Trumps we could've gone with a year ago, but those Not Trumps are no longer on the market. So we're going with the best available Not Trump right now.

    This Not Trump isn't in mint condition (but none of them are), but it has much better mileage and it has more acceleration and a better top speed.

    As is the case with all Not Trumps this one is a better choice than Trump. Obviously.

  • Joe Biden ends re-election campaign
  • The largest democracy takes around two months of campaigning and about six weeks for voting.

    Population scales proportionately for both the number of voters and for number of people working on a campaign and number of people working at polling stations on election day.

    And let's be honest, it's only a small number of states that Presidential campaigns actually focus on because of that whole Electoral College thing.

    It's just the US is accustomed to a long election cycle, that's all. It's not a necessity. It may not actually be a good thing as it allows time for bad actors to construct false narratives. Seems to just favour personality over policy.

  • Joe Biden ends re-election campaign
  • This only indicates the GOP does not want to be running against Kamala Harris.

    This is a good sign.

  • Joe Biden ends re-election campaign
  • That cuts both ways. The GOP also has to pivot from "Biden is too old!" to "Trump is NOT too old" in the few remaining months.

  • Joe Biden ends re-election campaign
  • Giving up power is way more respectable than trying to hold onto power. Something Biden's opponent, now Harris's opponent isn't good at.

    There's a lot of people that are old and don't follow politics all that closely. Biden's story of having to accept that he's gotten too old to do the things he wants to do is a story they can relate to. The guy they can relate to most is endorsing Harris. It's not like he's gone. He can still make speeches about how the GOP wants to cut Social Security and his friend Kamala won't do that.

  • Joe Biden ends re-election campaign
  • It isn't going to sway the MAGAs, but it could be effective on independents and maybe even some of the people that voted for Nikki Haley in the GOP primaries.

    There was a poll that said most people wanted someone other than Biden running. That was the headline, but in the same poll most people also said they didn't want Trump running either. Well the Democrats did what people wanted... will the GOP do the same? Of course they won't.

    This flips the script in ways we haven't even thought of yet.

  • Joe Biden ends re-election campaign
  • Yeah I think Joe Biden is basically the Clement Attlee of US Presidents.

    Who's Clement Attlee? Some random guy that defeated Winston Churchill in the election just after Germany was defeated in WWII. "A modest man that has a great deal to be modest about." Such a nobody that his own party wanted to remove him immediately after he was elected.

    If you want to see his photo you can enter "best prime minister in uk history" into your preferred search engine.

  • [Mega thread] - Biden ends bid for presidency
  • You have no idea what genocide actually is.

    What you're seeing is the results of a war.

    A few months ago Kamala Harris met with the families of those that are still being held hostage by Hamas. So has Joe Biden. They might understand what's happening a little better than someone that spends their free time looking at photos of mutilated children on the internet.

    There is some hope that now that Biden isn't seeking re-election he can do more to make a deal happen to get the hostages released which will end the current iteration of this conflict. So you'll have to find another place to find photos of mutilated children that you can pretend to be angry about.

  • [Mega thread] - Biden ends bid for presidency
  • especially since he already committed to another debate.

    It's actually the opposite problem. There's wasn't going to be another debate for Biden to potentially redeem himself. Trump wasn't going to do with another debate with him to give him that chance, why would he? He didn't debate anyone in the primaries, because he didn't need to. He wasn't going to give Biden a chance to prove "it was just a bad night."

    But with Harris as the candidate, Trump has to do another debate or he'll look weak. In the next debate Trump will look like the guy that's too old. Which he is, just didn't look that way next to Biden.

  • [Mega thread] - Biden ends bid for presidency
  • Yeah it will hopefully energize the younger base... "Be a part of history and vote for the first woman President!"

    But they do need to sway some independent votes too.

    But if they go hard on reproductive rights hard they can sway a lot of women voters (and some men too). There are a lot of women that normally vote GOP that may vote for Harris on reproductive rights, even though they will never admit it publicly. Sure Biden would press on that too, but a woman making an argument for her rights may be more effective.

    Also if the GOP starts blowing on their racist dog whistles and show their true selves, they will lose a lot of independents. Of course the GOP could show some discipline HAHAHAA, sorry couldn't finish that sentence. There's already Kamala Birther memes making the rounds on Facebook as we speak.

  • [Mega thread] - Biden ends bid for presidency
  • I hate the anti-Biden bots and bot-curious types as much as you do. But it was Biden's decision and I doubt anything said on social media influenced that decision. There's the debate performance, the polling data, the fact that he is actually old and isn't going to be able to do two rallies per day for the next 100 days while also doing the job of President. Those were the real world factors that likely influenced Biden more than anything on social media.

    I was all in on saying nice things about Biden and trying to downplay the age problem for the next 100 days. Whatever it takes to prevent Trump from getting back into the Whitehouse.

    But Kamala Harris has a slightly better chance than Biden. I think young people value identity politics too much... but we got just over 100 days left so we can talk about that later. For now... hello fellow young people, don't you want to be a part of history and vote for the first woman President of the US? Vote Harris!

    I'll miss the Dark Brandon memes... but now we're pushing coconut memes? Is that what we're doing now?

    Whatever it takes to prevent Trump from getting back into the Whitehouse.

  • [Mega thread] - Biden ends bid for presidency
  • Now that Biden is out, can any Democrat run for election?

    Yes. In theory.

    Or is Kamala it?

    Yes. In reality.

  • [Mega thread] - Biden ends bid for presidency
  • Yeah it's the convention where it's made official that a person is the nominee. If he dropped out after the convention... now that would be a mess. But as it is now, the guy that was the presumptive nominee yesterday is not longer the presumptive nominee.

  • Toronto police increase presence along hospital row after pro-Palestinian protest

    Protest swiftly condemned by all levels of government; organizing group denies hospital targeted

    Toronto police say they are increasing their presence along hospital row after a pro-Palestinian protest downtown on Monday night, including outside Mount Sinai Hospital.

    Toronto Police Service spokesperson Stephanie Sayer told CBC News the increased police presence is to ensure that essential hospital services and emergency routes remain accessible.

    "Interfering with the operations of a hospital is not acceptable," Sayer wrote in an email.

    Police have not said if the hospital's operations were impacted by the protest. The hospital has not responded to CBC News's request for comment.

    "The Toronto Police Service is investigating several incidents that occurred in front of Mount Sinai Hospital and along the demonstration route. As we have said before, officers use their discretion during large crowd demonstrations and even if arrests are not deemed safe to make at the time, investigations will continue and charges can be laid at a later date," Sayer said.


    UN agency probes staff suspected of role in Oct. 7 attacks

    GENEVA, Jan 26 (Reuters) - The United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) said on Friday it had opened an investigation into several employees suspected of involvement in the Oct. 7 attacks in Israel by Hamas and that it had severed ties with those staff members. "The Israeli authorities have provided UNRWA with information about the alleged involvement of several UNRWA employees in the horrific attacks on Israel on October 7," said Philippe Lazzarini, UNRWA Commissioner-General.

    "To protect the agency's ability to deliver humanitarian assistance, I have taken the decision to immediately terminate the contracts of these staff members and launch an investigation in order to establish the truth without delay."

    Lazzarini did not disclose the number of employees allegedly involved in the attacks, nor the nature of their alleged involvement. He said, however, that "any UNRWA employee who was involved in acts of terror" would be held accountable, including through criminal prosecution.


    A Question about bobble heads...

    I'm going to the game tomorrow and I want my Jose Bautista bobblehead!

    Does anyone know how long before the game you have to be at the Skydome before they run out of bobble heads?