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Underground temple
  • I like this one. At first, without actually showing the map the “true” room layout feels like it would read as a straight line but those corners could hide(or seem to hide) all kinds of stuff! And the hidden tunnel in the back is rad!

  • Iceland issues license for 128 fin whales to be hunted this year
  • Personally I’m excited that we kinda are hitting the reset button. It absolutely isn’t a guarantee but it’s closer than it’s ever been to working.

    Capitalism is the attempt to keep feudalism going and it’s collapsing in on itself. With the speed that technology now moves within a person’s lifetime we can see how the usual tricks just don’t work as well. We’ve also got baseline regulations keeping things like lead out of the air and giving at least some basic human rights to people who historically would be kicked around by even the better societies. Rightwing parties are stronger and meaner because they’re afraid but their bases shrink even with the normally unifying nationalist rhetoric being pushed. Fuck even Israel is finally being told off and Hamas is being treated far closer to rebels than terrorists which, considering all the precedent set, is pretty extra wild!

    We are moving forward. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t people fighting to hold us back but it’s happening anyway and will continue to happen so long as we keep standing up for ourselves.

  • This is a real threat :(
  • Amen to that. And weirdos/evil morons will read your comment and the only solution they’ll see is to take away the hope and not, ya know, pay us more or even give us basic respect.

  • No rules
  • Oddly enough, mid and high density areas aren’t just for big cities. I know that’s not how North America handles things when it comes to medium-sized cities and small towns but absolutely you can create more efficient towns and living situations even away from large city centers.

    The biggest thing that really put it well for me is someone pointing out that frontier towns, or really any town before the car, weren’t spread out just because the population was lower and they had the space. Everything had to be walkable because that’s the only way you could get around; it was human-scaled. There’s no reason we can’t build like that today to create better, stronger cities even when they’re “small”.

    Heck where I grew up if you’re lucky enough to live closer to the actual village and not sequestered away in one of the residential-only suburbs you don’t even need a car for your basic life. For commuting yes because we’re not there yet as a society but you can do a lot of stuff in the village as it and the nearby housing was built before the car. Where I live now in Montréal I can happily say that if you dropped my 15min city/borough onto a patch of land by itself you’d need very few modifications to make it a fully functioning city all on its own. I have never felt like people in my mid-density area “live on top of one another”, either, despite literally having upstairs neighbours.

    My point is that you don’t need to sprawl and make driving a requirement at any scale. You can make a town of 500 people just as close and connected as a city of 1mil people.

  • No rules
  • Not taking a side but still trying to start a fight. Interesting take.

    But sure if you want it: Drivers or not, free parking and the driving incentive it provides are massive drains on the taxpayers. It’s a net-negative. The fuckcars crowd can back everything with historical examples, studies, and all manner of hard evidence and the people that don’t even know how many cylinders their cars have only have embarrassing outrage. Of course they’re annoyed, car-centric infrastructure is actively hurting everyone and not a scrap evidence shows that it’s truly beneficial for literally anyone save for incredibly niche cases that aren’t ever what anyone is talking about. You should be pissed.

  • Tesla Board Freaking Out That Elon's Huge Pay Pkg Could be Rejected
  • Musk doesn’t have a talent in fuckin’ anything. He just normally lied to people at the beginning and hasn’t stopped making the same claims, or dumber ones. The only people who fall for it are complete morons and that just shows even more than ever how far from important decisions the 1% should be.

  • Fun for everyone!
  • I mean yes if they come out saying that Zionism is cool actually then they’ll have a big problem on their hands(and so they would deserve). If they come out saying Zionism is kinda fucked up and genocide is bad then the only people who would be mad are the kinda people who can go fuck themselves and also probably don’t make up a significant amount of their customer base. Any that actually do listen to their music, in the face of any ridicule from others on the right, probably also are at least anti-genocide enough to not stop listening to those artists.

    It’s all hypothetical, of course, but I’d say it’s a safe bet. They probably just want to stay neutral and not catch strays which I sorta get. High profile people don’t need the security risk from all the bomb threats and shit.

  • Fun for everyone!
  • Conservatives aren’t as numerous as they think they are. There are definitely too many of those mouth breathers voting for Trump and shit but corporations have realized that it’s more profitable to drop them for a while now.

    It’s not like Taylor Swift would lose any significant money or fanbase with the loss of the kind of people who whine about her very existance. They already hate her for far less. It’s not like the Bud Light boycott where 90% of the people drinking that stuff kinda just suck.

    So maybe this makes my point, or maybe it makes yours that even losing those ten shitty people isn’t worth it to those artists. I dunno.

  • Fun for everyone!
  • I don’t think they make much money off of the Israeli state. People who commit warcrimes or want to set a precedent for validating genocides sure do, but I’m not sure about these folks. I’m sure their amount of money isolates them from caring too much, but supporting it…?