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  • Idk I'm not trans and maybe looking too far into the setup but I feel like equating playing girls in video games with being a closet trans is really reductive to what it actually means to be trans

  • Those guys back in 1700s probably had nothing left to lose
  • Sounds like you're just blaming people for not being as smart and enlightened as you because you're so special you knew about an obscure day that almost nobody outside your usual bubble has heard of.

    You could have actually brought awareness to that fact, but you decided to be a petulant clown instead. Bravo.

  • Hunter Biden laptop re-emerges as media embarrassment as it becomes key evidence at gun trial
  • The dipshits in congress have been trying for almost a year and a half to find anything to pin on Biden and have failed spectacularly. The laptop might have incriminating stuff about Hunter, but Joe Biden is famously a different person, and is clean.

    But hey, if you want to be outraged at the blatant corruption displayed by Trumps daughter and son in law as they held official positions in the federal government, something that Hunter never has, then we can at least pretend to care about the idiotic laptop. Oh yeah and also the convicted felon and rapist Donald Trump himself.

    But you won't. So it's fine.