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Non-degradable bio

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  • I don't use any of these. I prefer Cha-Ching.

  • Most important map
  • Wall's Ice Cream. Good Humor in the US.

  • Ergo, you can eat Bologna with classic pancake toppings
  • How about some pancake hot dogs for dessert...

  • Dude really does.

  • An Internet Explorer gravestone in South Korea
  • Pretty bad when your headstone says you're a tool.

  • Hors d'oeuvres
  • Porkenstalk sandals.

  • When diarrhea hits so hard u need to hold on
  • Putting both handles on a single pole promotes bad form.

  • Forest Grump
  • Life is like an AI box of chocolates.

  • Is 0.3 quarts extra too much oil in a car?
  • I wouldn't think it would be a problem. If you're concerned you can siphon some out through the dipstick opening.

  • Butt (unit)
  • It's not the trunk but how much junk you can get in there. A butt load no doubt.

  • Japanese man grows extra-lucky 63-leaf clover
  • This puts a dent in the 56-leaf clover owner's luck.

  • Sunglass holder?
  • Kinda looks like a robot eating Taco Bell.

  • You're right, no human being stacks rocks like this.
  • I'm glad the size of bricks has been reduced. A wheelbarrow is useless here.

  • I Might Have Ordered the Wrong Sandwich
  • Looks like what you received is Greater Than Horse.

  • Billie Jean (Michael Jackson) - Alexandr Misko - Acoustic Fingerstyle

    funny signs SonicBlue03

    Should old acquaintance be forgot?

    Old Lyme Sign


    Maybe not evil...

    ... but unusual for sure. Don't know the building's date of erection.


    Man in the Mirror (Michael Jackson) - Acoustic Fingerstyle - Kent Nishimura


    Heart - Stairway to Heaven (Kennedy Center Honors 2012)