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Oregon’s governor signs right-to-repair law that bans “parts pairing”
  • Be careful what you wish for though. Electronics, and software in particular, rapidly drop in reliability as the parts stray from tightly restricted boundaries and become open to anyone. "Hey, this app crashes on my phone now." Repairing a phone too wouldn't be cheap either, you'd have to have someone soldering and resoldering a very fine circuit board. I think most people would just replace it.

  • Google was ordered to identify people who watched certain YouTube videos. Privacy experts say the orders are unconstitutional.
  • For anyone wondering what the videos were:

    In a just-unsealed case from Kentucky reviewed by Forbes, undercover cops sought to identify the individual behind the online moniker “elonmuskwhm,” who they suspect of selling bitcoin for cash, potentially running afoul of money laundering laws and rules around unlicensed money transmitting.

  • Reddit CEO Defends His Absurdly High Pay While Not Paying Mods
  • This is the norm for any big business. The top dogs will be wildly paid even if the company is struggling. They'll get a big fat payday even if they get kicked out (golden parachute). Hell, even the bosses in the NYC Public Library system are pulling in close to a million bucks a year even as they talk about cutting services.

  • XXX
  • Some people are oblivious to signs. A guy may be on the spectrum too. This is why growing up socializing is so important but with the internet we are more isolated from social cues than ever before.

  • Science Always wins
  • Yes

    The problem is religious texts are generally vague and come from cultures hundreds or thousands of years ago. That lets people claim they speak for god or know "the truth" and cherry pick and twist meanings until they get the answer they want. I've listened in on bible studies where they pick over the tiniest word and inflate it into a huge story. They'd make all sorts of assumptions about it "This is what they meant!" I'd be thinking "Really? You got all of that out of one word that can be interpreted a number of ways?"

  • Science Always wins
  • Things like religion give frameworks on how to live and guide moral choices, science is a tool for living. Science won't tell you if the death penalty is right or wrong, if there should be limits to what people can say, etc. Religion won't tell you how old the earth is, why people get sick, etc.