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Google Is Paying Reddit $60 Million for Fucksmith to Tell Its Users to Eat Glue
  • I want an AI that writes me a relevant poem in every thread.

  • Probably the worst thing I ever tried.
  • Can confirm, these are absolute trash. Every flavour.

  • [1952] Federal Thunderbolt 1000 air raid siren
  • I've had the opportunity to hear a dual tone Thunderbolt 1003 and it literally rumbles the ground and rattles your chest when the horn turns to face you. They are very, very loud. Yet, they still don't perform as well as the current rotational sirens on the market, which are typically 129-133 decibels at 100 feet.

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    [1952] Federal Thunderbolt 1000 air raid siren

    The Thunderbolt was one of the more unique designs for an outdoor warning siren. Instead of using a large chopper (the part that makes the noise in mechanical sirens) the Thunderbolt uses a small chopper through which pressurized air is fed from a Roots blower at the base of the siren. Because the feed of air is constant from the blower, the siren would not lose volume as it raised and lowered in pitch, unlike conventional sirens. Despite having a chopper diameter of only a few inches across, the Thunderbolt was more powerful than most sirens of its era at ~127 decibels @ 100 feet. The only siren that could beat it in 1952 was the Chrysler Air Raid Siren, which was powered by a Hemi V8 engine.

    Thunderbolts were produced by Federal Enterprises (later Federal Sign & Signal and then Federal Signal Corporation) from 1952 to 1990. Federal's main competition, Alerting Communicators of America, famously created their own Roots-blown siren called the Hurricane 130 to compete with the Thunderbolt with questionable results. The design, while high-performing, was also maintenance intensive as the rotation mechanism and blower had belts that needed to be replaced on occasion. It would be succeeded by Federal's 2001 siren, which is sold today as the 2001-130.

    Video of a Thunderbolt 1000

    Self-Driving Tesla Nearly Hits Oncoming Train, Raises New Concern On Car's Safety
  • The locomotive had long passed in the video of the incident, it just kept driving towards the train until it swerved and nearly took out a crossing signal. Funny as that would be, I doubt the ditch lights were the cause.

  • Jerry Seinfeld is interrupted onstage by pro-Palestinian protesters — again
  • Wait, Jerry has fans? With humour like his, that's a real surprise.

  • Outrage as new Aussie car tax ignores 'dangerous' mega-utes
  • You can tell which ones aren't used for anything. Bed is spotless and unused, tires are clean, and the heaviest load it carries is its obese driver and his similarly obese family. We call them pavement princesses.

  • Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, known for brutal crackdowns against political opposition, dies at 63
  • Foggy weather in a questionably maintained helicopter in a mountainous region. They didn't stand a chance.

  • Iran's president, foreign minister and others found dead at helicopter crash site, state media says
  • If someone wants to cosplay as store merchandise, that's none of my business!

  • Helicopter carrying Iran's President Raisi crashes, search under way
  • Their helicopters are also generally old and with scarce replacement parts due to sanctions. Mechanical failure could easily be the case if not the terrain.

  • Ukraine bombs the port where Russia's Black Sea fleet moved to after Crimea got too risky for its warships, reports say
  • I have a feeling Russia will be gaining a few more submarines in the near future. Slava Ukraine!

  • What's the best wax-on-wax-off-style advice you've heard that you can attest as being helpful in certain situations?
  • Reminds me of a verse from Social Distortion's "I Was Wrong":

    "And I think about my loves, well I've had a few

    Well, I'm sorry that I hurt them, did I hurt you too?

    I took what I wanted, put my heart on the shelf

    But how can you love when you don't love yourself?"

  • Trump Demands Biden Take a Drug Test Before Debating and Claims the President Was ‘High as a Kite’ During the State of the Union
  • "Fake news! The test is fake news! It was all a conspiracy by the Democrats, the worst conspiracy I have ever saw!"

  • Ye Olde Book O' Faces
  • I was just there for the games it had back then. I remember when Farmville was called Farm Town, and I was addicted to it as a kid lol

  • "Actually, sweatie, mass unrest is caused by the CIA, not discontent with Dear Leader!"
  • I have a feeling there are a bunch of Hexbears or .mls mass downvoting. Seems targeted at PugJesus in particular as I've seen similar happen to them in other threads.

  • Platforms wonder why piracy is spiking
  • Won't somebody please think about the shareholders?

  • Retro Ads, Promos, Fliers, Etc. ArxCyberwolf
    [Early 1920s] William Box Denver Quadruplex electric siren

    The "Denver Quadruplex" was a very early example of an electric siren, first invented and sold in 1914. The company who built these, the Denver CO-bssed William A. Box Iron Works Company , is generally credited for inventing the first practical electric outdoor warning siren, the Denver Type A, a few years earlier. Surprisingly, several of these remain in service today despite being 90-110 years old. These were originally meant for use in mines, but later found popular use as fire sirens. While manufacturered by William A. Box, the sirens were typically sold through vendors such as Hendrie & Bolthoff.

    Retro Ads, Promos, Fliers, Etc. ArxCyberwolf
    [1957] Peterbilt 451 truck ad

    A friend of mine posted this to a Discord server I'm in and thought it was interesting. It's for the Peterbilt 451, a very unique and short-lived truck design that appears to have only been sold to a few companies and is now extinct. It appears to have combined a box truck with a semi truck.

    Retro Ads, Promos, Fliers, Etc. ArxCyberwolf
    [1952] BNCO Mobil Directo Air Raid Siren

    This is a 1952 ad for the engine-driven BN52 model Mobil Directo air raid siren, which used a 25HP Wisconsin air-cooled engine to drive both the chopper (the noisemaker) and two belt-driven pulleys to spin the siren around. Later BN44E models would switch the engine to an electric motor. It was one of the first rotational sirens, and would later redeveloped into the "Allertor" and "Penetrator" electric sirens.

    Snowpix ArxCyberwolf

    I'm just your average Canadian wolf. I'm a siren enthusiast and railfan as my main hobbies. I run the Civil Defense Sirens Wiki, and am working on restoring a few vintage sirens (such as a FS&S Model L and a rare Sterling Siren MOD. F) as well as a 1970s Safetran mechanical crossing bell.

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