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We are a failed species
  • The terrible thing about these isn't the fake orange juice combined with rot gut vodka, it's that (at least in my area) they want twelve freaking dollars for this shit. That's three bucks a can!

    You could literally buy an entire jug of not-orange juice as well as a 750 ml bottle of vodka for less.

  • Who is a fictional character that is loved you find either overrated or you don't get the appeal ?
  • Sephiroth. His look is basically the most generic bishy anime character you can make, his entire backstory can be boiled down to "mommy issues" and his motivations are the standard villain "destroy world/become god". He's just so bland.

  • where are you gardening?
  • High altitude northern California. It's snow and ice during the winter, high and dry desert during the summer and alternates during the spring and fall. This May it went from 80 degree weather to freezing at night in the space of two days and then back again in the same span. Also, my yard is subsoil fill, I've been gardening for years and my garden bed soil is only just getting to marginal.

  • TIL most cultures and peoples all over the world have historically had trouble recognizing the color blue
  • There's been research that language shapes how we perceive the world around us. Because there was no word for "blue" there was no concept of blue, the color still existed but their brains just lumped it into "green". Sight works by the visual centers brain taking data from the eyes, throwing most of it out, then building a model which is what the rest of the brain gets to actually "see". That's why optical illusions work.

    A commonly cited source for language shaping our perception of color is Jules Davidoff's studies on the Himba tribe. The Himba have no word for blue, and they struggled to pick out the blue square from this color wheel. However, they do have many distinctions for shades of green so when given this color wheel they could easily pick out the square that's a different shade of green (and yes I opened it in MSpaint to check and one of the green squares is a different shade.)

  • The Ten Commandments must be displayed in Louisiana classrooms under requirement signed into law
  • Bunch of uneducated goons.

    Oh, they know they're lying, they just want to lie so much they bury the truth re-write the past (which is kinda ironic if you think about it, given that whole eight commandment). It's kinda the same way the "Lost Cause of the Confederacy" is embedded into American mythology despite being a after-the-fact whitewashing of history.

  • ‘Make Europe Great Again’: Hungary’s new motto for EU presidency has a familiar ring to it
  • Yeah... but Trump has pretty effectively run it's respectability into the ground.

  • 80% of Americans say grocery costs have notably increased since the pandemic started, survey finds
  • I view "reporting on the obvious" as being in the same vein as "a scientific report proving the obvious." Sure we all know it's true, but now there's actually documentation you can point too.

  • McOver! McDonald’s ends AI program for drive-thrus but says it could return in future
  • "McDonalds discovers that text-to-speech hooked to a LLM is not magic like they were promised."

    I mean that's what I'm assuming they were using. The term "AI" has become so trivialized it's hard to tell from the article what their "AI" solution actually was.

  • Missouri woman's murder conviction tossed after 43 years. Her lawyers say a police officer did it
  • Ha, you think they'll be that generous? They'll probably charge her for 43 years of room and board.

  • Honey what’s wrong, you barely touched your Philly Cheesesteak Cheesecake
  • My thought is some sort of rosemary heavy crust with whole wheat bread crumbs instead of graham crackers, a garlic and onion flavored (and sugar free) cheese cake and then standard Philly cheese steak filling for the topping. Add in a dollop of cheese wiz on the top and some sort of balsamic/worcestershire reduction drizzled onto the top.

  • Honey what’s wrong, you barely touched your Philly Cheesesteak Cheesecake
  • That... could work?

    I mean, it'd be a real challenge. But some sort of savory cheesecake, with a savory crust, topped with cheese steak fillings and I could see it being... okay-ish. I don't think it would gain mainstream appeal, but I could see it being some sort of local delicacy that all the locals say is delicious but also a acquired taste.

  • Maker of Jeep and Dodge plans to kill chrome on cars, citing risks to those who make it
  • At least at one major auto maker, environmental and serious health concerns are outweighing its aesthetic appeal.

    Suuurree they are. Hasn't chromium getting more expensive over the past couple years? I'm guessing this sudden concern about the environment and the health of the workers will save them quite a bit of money in the long term.

    Still, credit where credit is due, at least this cost cutting measure that actually has positive benefits for once.

  • 30 years in prison for a bong with water in it. Vs what for Trump?
  • IIRC it's because they classified the bong water as the controlled substance. As such it's treated as if she were smuggling a half pound or so of meth rather then bong water that tested positive for methamphetamine.

  • Tesla in self-drive mode slams into police car in Orange County
  • IMHO it's the flashing lights. I really think they overload the self driving software somehow and it starts ignoring changes in driving conditions (like say an emergency vehicle parked in the road).

  • Joey Chestnut Barred From Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest Due to Vegan Sponsor Beef
  • My only problems with Impossible products is they're usually quite a bit saltier than actual meat and of course that it's usually more expensive then meat products. If they fixed both of those problems I'd be okay with replacing a good percentage of my meat consumption with them.

  • Tesla chair says Elon Musk needs $46 billion pay plan to stay motivated
  • I can see! Man could you imagine spending a full twenty hours a week socializing with your peers, traveling, or (*gasp*) even exercising!? Why, I'd barely be able to hold it together for my daily hour long "Business meal"!

    God knows I'd never be able to soldier through like Musk, constantly promising things like "Mars colony in two years" every year (among other things)while still having the time to spend hours posting "!!" "Concerning" or "XD XD XD" until 3 am on Twitter. Why I probably wouldn't even have the time to signal boost white supremacists and post dog whistles about we need more babies to stave off "the great replacement".

  • Tesla chair says Elon Musk needs $46 billion pay plan to stay motivated
  • Well, so do I. I'd be so god damned motivated for 46 billion.

  • Morgue worker tried to steal sex doll from dead man's home for ‘evidentiary purposes'
  • “It appears that something had rubbed her inner thighs. She was also sticky to the touch with gloves on.”

    Would not touch even with gloves.

  • Tesco's Laser-Etched Avocados to Save on Packaging Waste - Core77
  • Eh... I dunno. You'd be comparing the power consumption of the laser etching machine to the energy cost of shipping oil to make the plastic to make the label, shipping the raw plastic to a facility to actually print the labels, making the adhesive, then (probably) shipping the labels and adhesive to the packing plant and then adding in the power of the machinery to that actually sticks the label on.

    I have no real numbers here but I could see zapping a avocado with a laser being the more energy efficient one.

  • Tesco's Laser-Etched Avocados to Save on Packaging Waste - Core77
  • Death to non-compostable produce stickers.

    God I hate those. They constantly end up in the compost despite my best efforts. God only knows how many of them are part of the soil in my garden now.

  • So there's a new homebrew app for Streetpasses over the internet. A new way to experience StreetPass

    NetPass: A new way to experience StreetPass Scan QR code to download! Releases: Source Code: Discord: Introducing NetPass: In the current state of the world, the 3DS...

    A new way to experience StreetPass

    Since there is no thread about this on Lemmy, I figured I may as well make one in case someone hadn't heard about it.

    Anyway, a new app called Netpass has been released that allows Streetpass over the internet. The app is still kinda rough, a few games like Tomodachi Life have a minor bugs, but for the most part it works almost exactly like if you conventionally streetpassed someone.


    What's up with all the $99 games with a 95+% discount on Steam?

    So I was browsing looking at the various games on sale when I noticed there were a bunch of games (usually from the publisher Hede, but there's quite a few others) listed as having a discount in the high nineties, yet still costing in the neighborhood of 30-50 dollars. Even odder when I go to the game's Steam, it's not listed as being on sale and costs the... "normal" price of $99.99.

    I'm just wondering A) What the scam is here, B) How a is getting $99.99 dollar game as costing 30-ish dollars when it's 97% off but at the same time it's apparently not actually on sale?