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This is getting out of hand! Now there are more than 3 of them!
  • I've always believed that the Star Wars universe needs a faction that is cognizant that the cycle of Jedi / Sith is irrational fanaticism of ideology and the force is ideologically neutral.

    I have always believed the force is always meant not to be balanced via organization, but balanced per person, that the truth is light side and dark side are just concepts and bad conclusions based on centuries of orthodoxy.

  • Anyone notice the PS1 and Dreamcast are designed similarly in a way?
  • Literally untrue I promise, even worse, you're extra wrong because the PSX is actually the name of a Japanese specific set top entertainment box that also played PS2 games and was the introduction of the XMB ( Cross Media Bar ) interface that the PSP and PS3 both used.

    The small PlayStation did have the official designation of PSOne though.

  • Anyone notice the PS1 and Dreamcast are designed similarly in a way?
  • For some perspective, CD trays, like the PS2 and Xbox had, that retracted mechanically were viewed as sleek and futuristic, and that's why slot loaders like the Wii and PS3 gained traction too.

    It was an aesthetic choice, like the move from green LEDs to blue, though that has historic significant as blue LEDs are a relatively recent invention as the were incredibly difficult to figure out, so blue LEDs were seen as futuristic and opulent and used in everything consumer electronics for a while.

  • After you die, your Steam games will be stuck in legal limbo
  • I feel like we both mean the same things here, and I'm using more extreme and evocative language about it, but we're literally on the same page. I know a lot, and I mean a lot about DRM, and it means both of what we say.

    DRM is intended to limit who accesses the content, on what devices, and when. It does it through a number of mechanisms from accounts, to encryption and certs, to digital hashes and stored keys.

    These companies that sell you access don't sell you a copy of the content though, they absolutely only sell access. You have no legal right to the content, no 'right of first sale' rights to resell, you really don't have rights to the content that are guaranteed, they can always, and I mean always legally revoke access to you, even though you paid, for any reason they want and you don't have legal recourse.

  • I never hear people talk about the animals that are likely dying of a heat stroke

    Sorry for the poor title, but even when people talk about climate change, and know it's hotter for them, people don't actually seem to talk about the impact on the rest of the biosphere.

    I can't tell if it's not thought about, or just not discussed as much because it is not 'relevant' to their lives.

    I can barely function outside for a few minutes without being drenched in sweat, and some of it is probably poor health and not being used to it, but I can tell sl with certainty that I can't survive outside in this heat, and I'm living as a result of a trick or technology.

    The animals though? Some of them are straight up fubbernucked. There will be mass animals die offs and people won't even notice.


    Remakes and faithfulness to the original vision

    I think about this from time to time, but most recently it's the Persona 3 remake that's got me thinking about it now.

    The original game was dark, gritty, and I'm really concerned that they're going to downplay that for the more colorful 'mainstream' style in Persona 5.

    I loved Persona 5, but 3 has my favorite aesthetic, my favorite 'feel'. I'm worried they now feel like the dark blue, and 'gun' motifs are more controversial now.

    I'm also highly disappointed that the extra content from FES and portable won't be in it, that feels like half the appeal of a remake for this title.

    I want to like it, but I probably won't.

    gamecollecting SlothMama

    Brought my Vita on vacation and I'm in love again

    I've been a Vita refugee for years, I own two actually. I'm fond of the system, and it makes me miss smaller, actually portable systems.

    The past couple years I've largely migrated to the Switch, and it's a good system, but it always feels so heavy in my hands and arms, it won't fit into my purse, and so much of the library is digital only ( Vita did have this problem at the end though ) that I long for the Vita and PSP.

    I picked up and played some games lately, like the Little Big Planet on the Vita, and wow that game is so good! The levels feel a little long for a portable system, but it succeeds at feeling like a full blown home console game.

    I just picked up a physical copy of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel because I hear a lot of good about these games. I like JRPGs, but haven't really dived into them because it feels like no matter where I start, I'm starting in the wrong place and it feels so overwhelming.

    I go through times where I get obsessed with a specific console again, recently it was the PS3, and before that Sega Saturn.

    What systems are you going back to, or maybe even finally getting to try for the first time?


    With the release of Phantom Liberty, I truly hope this game is remembered fondly

    Maybe I like bad games, or maybe Cyberpunk 2077 was never quite as bad as people say - I'm not sure because I unironically love Forspoken and think it's one of the best games I've ever played.

    I did hate on the game hard at release, and a lot of it was well deserved, trying to play it on PS4 or Xbox One ( I picked it up on both ) was actually awful and unstable, I couldn't progress past the club at the beginning of the Street Kid life path so I eventually hung it up for a while.

    I bought it at launch, and it was a bad launch, reminded me of the launch of No Man's Sky, except visually the game was stunning, and there was a lot more substance, but it was actually broken.

    I ended up giving it a real try at the end of 2021 when I managed to get my hands on an Xbox Series X and it was a drastically different game. This was before the 'next gen' patch, but it had enough fixes and ran butter smooth on the Series X that I ended up getting enthralled.

    Y'all this game is good. I had a great build that was frustratingly nerfed hard at the next gen patch ( RIP Overwatch ) but wow the story and world is so interesting, and I feel like this is this AI revolution story just waiting to be told in the background - it's good shit.

    I haven't played since the next gen patch, so all that will be new to me along with Phantom Liberty so I'm looking forward to a drastically different game than I played a year and a half ago.

    I think CDPR finally did it, or will have did it upon release.

    I can't wait.


    Final Fantasy XVI is good enough to be my new favorite Final Fantasy and I don't know how to feel about that

    I was skeptical, so skeptical, but y'all, it's really actually that good. It both does and doesn't feel like Final Fantasy, the overall story feels very FF, but the way that it's presented feels like a season of Game of Thrones.

    I like the worldbuilding and depth of the lore, the voice acting is incredible, visuals are great, and some of the vistas and set pieces have been incredible.

    Boss battles are this insane spectacle that I just wasn't expecting, it's just non stop flashy and it gets me pumped and full of anxiety, combat system is pretty complex.

    I was not happy about the idea of losing turn based or quasi turn based battles, and I never feel like I have a 'party' ( my happiest was with Jill and Cid ) but it still all works.

    The main villain oozes mystery and is pretty creepy, and the secondary villains have been mostly memorable.

    I love it.