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Lithium-free sodium batteries exit the lab and enter US production
  • Perhaps a bad example because most people undermine them, but China has still decided to move forward with 4 different nuclear facilities this year despite having an ABUNDANCE of solar manufacturing. If they found that decision worthwhile I would think the opposite, assuming most of the reasoning is current battery tech can't sustain dark periods at a massive scale, but I'm not an expert.

    Also just saw you mentioned nuclear costs in another comment, I suggest you look at South Korea and China's cost per facility compared to the US, they're able to build and maintain facilities at about half the US does.

  • ByteDance prefers TikTok shutdown in US if legal options fail, sources say
  • The article talks about why they'd prefer to shut down if you take their word it. Essentially the US is such a tiny portion of ByteDances revenue, it would be more optimal to shut down then to risk the sale of their algorithm. Assuming they're using relatively similar algorithms on Douyin, and they don't want whoever they sell to to turn around and sell to their Chinese competition, which is where the real money is being made for ByteDance.

  • Hundreds of WA students walk off campuses to protest U.S. aid to Israel
  • I really hope they're calling for divestments. I love the sentiment of "We demand a free Palestine" but unfortunately won't accomplish much as realistically that's unattainable from their current situation.

    Protesting for university and highschool divestments from Israel/those involved is a much better use of their power in a way that can make long-term strides towards a truly freev Palestine / non terroristic Israel.

  • Desert Solarpunk is Real
  • Haven't read the books, but isn't Paul/Leto II taking the golden path ironically an implied long-term hope for humanity? >!Since it's understood humanity will die out otherwise.!<

  • Senate passes bill forcing TikTok’s parent company to sell or face ban, sends to Biden for signature. Biden expected to sign on Wed.
  • Are US kids’ already dwindling attention spans going to be saved from exposure to the TikTok algorithm? Yes.

    You're pinning the blame on tiktok when this also applies to YouTube (shorts and not), Instagram (Reels), Twitter. If we wanted an actual solution here we would implement actual children screen time laws, ironically similar to the under 18 gaming laws that have been implemented in China.

    Tiktok is the only platform I've seen legitimate progressive movement on various issues and discussions centering on what that means and takes, in a way that actually fosters a great democratic progressive movement in the US.

    From all I've read on this issue, not a single person has provided me with any insight into what or who this benefits that does not also apply to every other social media other than an entirely fabricated myth that they're controlling the algorithms to spread anti US sentiment. Anti-US sentiment definitely exists, but it exists as a discussion around what the US is currently doing. I.e. funding Israel, and as a counterargument to that I am also fed state department interviews on my FYP.

  • How bad is it if I slack off on accessories?
  • Personally I've worked out for years doing primarily the big 4, and have gotten good results. Occasionally id do assistance work but not usually. The only thing that's noticeable are my arms and back are a little lacking in definition imo, but not severely. Id say you should be fine, especially if you plan to pick it up more accessory work later on.

    I also lift on the heavier side of my %ORM for strength though.

  • U.S. likely to enact a law soon that could ban TikTok nationwide, President Joe Biden vowed to sign it into law
  • Platforms such as TikTok operate on "pushing" content the algorithm wants instead of users "pulling" content they want to see

    This is just outright wrong, like hilariously wrong and if you used the platform for more than 10 minutes you'd see that. Tiktok is the ONLY social media that feeds me content I want to see as accurately and often as I want. It will even adjust the videos I see within the same 30 minute session to feed me more of what I'm favoring within that 30 minute session.

    There is not any other single social media that does this.

  • Average height of each team per month this season

    A bit messy but still interesting for sure. The warriors being the lowest doesn't surprise me at all.



    Otto Porter Jr. has announced his retirement

    "For the past 11 years, I had the chance to live my lifelong dream of playing in the NBA. That dream was capped by winning an NBA Championship! Unfortunately, my body is not allowing me to play at the level that I expect of myself, and I have therefore decided to retire.”