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This shit is getting ridiculous
  • Long before wages create affordability, they have to out pace inflation. It's going to take a long period of wages slightly beating inflation for the public to be happy.

    Or we could have another recession to make prices drop, but wages would lose ground to inflation when it returns.

  • We shouldn't have to work 40 hours a week to afford a basic life. We do because our currency is constantly losing value. This is by design.
  • You're not working against inflation, you're working against the 7 billion other people who want your food, shelter and luxuries.

    The problem isn't the value of your currency, it's your lack of bargaining power in the face of competition and entrenched interests.

  • ‘Racial resentment’ a factor in violence of 6 January 2021, study says
  • Kinda sad really, but traveling up the east coast this year and we can see it in the towns we visit. The social gatherings are more segregated than usual, and they weren't integrated to begin with. Folks all looking at each other with a side eye, especially along the black/white divide.

    There's too many shit stirrers in this stew.

  • What would the Left’s thought(s) be, in this day & age, if a current US Politician were found guilty of literal treason?
  • For the most part, the left would absolutely have someone executed for treason. The left is loyal to ideals, not people. It wouldn't matter if it were Biden or Trump.

    The authoririan left, who might have a problem if it were 'their guy' don't have any loyalty to Biden, because he's not a communist or populist leader.

  • Is it theoretically possible for Windows 11 to delete pirated content on your PC?
  • I doubt they'll use screen shots to implement anything like piracy controls. It's too messy and inaccurate, and there are easy and accurate ways to check for file signatures. Every virus scanner already does it.

    If they're going to institute license controls that's how it would work. Any signature of unlicensed software would get locked out by file heuristics.