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Conservatives/Shills I made delete their accounts in shame by beating them in arguments : 2

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Start ups when that VC funding kicks in

    deadname the pricks, you're already doing it for google. it's facebook

  • Labour Party Manifesto 2024
  • privacy and human rights? rights of humans on the internet? what does it have regarding that?

  • Firefox Browser Blocks Anti-Censorship Add-Ons at Russia’s Request
  • Are these only “just” pulled from the online catalog, or the browser itself blocks installation too from file?

    The Intercept verified that all four add-ons are blocked in Russia. If the webpage for the add-on is accessed from a Russian IP address, the Mozilla add-on page displays a message: “The page you tried to access is not available in your region.” If the add-on is accessed with an IP address outside of Russia, the add-on page loads successfully.

  • Anon likes Valve
  • No, it's new ideas and authentic expression.

  • Honk rule
  • what is this, Gamzee's car?

  • 👉🕳️👈
  • It actually reminds me more of the

    What if we were to kiss inside the box of the anti-customer printer

    haha jk... unless?

  • Anon discovers .NET
  • liking something by regurgitating marketing blurbs.

  • Roman stadium in Bolu, Turkiye, birthplace of Emperor Hadrian's lover, Antinous
  • yeah sure :) I don't particularly care about it when it comes from foreigners, as long as you guys don't call it "asia minor" or something :D

    The Antioch/Antakya thing got to me because I knew Antioch as a seperate location to Antakya because of how it was referred to in the west (The holy hand grenade of Antioch, etc), it feels like some stupid attempt to make historical sites in turkey seem irrelevant compared to places like Athens or Rome that keep their historic names.

  • Roman stadium in Bolu, Turkiye, birthplace of Emperor Hadrian's lover, Antinous
  • I mean Bolu, some places with historic significance in turkey get referred to by ancient names instead of the modern names, like Antioch (Antakya)

    Türkiye is actually some BS the dictator pushed, I still use Turkey when speaking English.

  • Roman stadium in Bolu, Turkiye, birthplace of Emperor Hadrian's lover, Antinous
  • Thank for posting the modern name

    Edit: Bolu instead of Boludoninium or whatever the ancient term was.

  • Why isn't jerking off more valorized as an easy dopamine hit that's also literally good for you?
  • So you're making shit up, gotcha

    EDIT : "Google it lol" isn't a citation. It's right up there with "it came to me in a dream"

  • Why isn't jerking off more valorized as an easy dopamine hit that's also literally good for you?
  • if you run through all your dopamine on easy hits your going to end up having motivational

    That sounds very scientific, do you have some sources like peer reviewed and reproducable studies from credible universities?

  • First Look at Season 12 of Futurama
  • I know , one of the first eps from return seasons intro billboard

  • First Look at Season 12 of Futurama
  • I wish it would! It's basically decreasing the quality of its own obituary at this point

  • United Airlines passengers to see targeted ads on seat-back screens
  • This is fucking hilarious. Do you know that sometimes, people go elsewhere for economic opportunities? Then they bring their children after they get settled in?

    Sometimes they go back, and leave the children there.

    Do you think those kids should be stranded?

  • Is there any significance to people using emojis that match their skin tone?
  • cishet male, I use yellow for face emojis and yellow gender neutral people for physical language standins.

    I want to represent the mood, not myself.

  • Slugdge - Crop Killer Crop Killer, by Slugdge

    from the album Esoteric Malacology

    Crop Killer, by Slugdge

    Is this how you want to live your lives?

    inside the vultures circle

    can you feel the talons in your neck?

    Only the strong survive you say?

    Just pray that prey you don't become

    You've got no time for safety nets

    There are no alpha wolves

    Only those struggling to survive the state of nature

    Domestic animals lost without the trappings of their civilization

    You like to play armchair eugenicist, militant pessimist

    An ivory tower that's built upon

    the product of a million labors

    Regression to the mean, repression of the weak

    fraudulent pyramid scheme of human hierarchy

    Do you ever wonder why you've been deprived

    the wealth of nations?

    do you feel the trickle down your leg?

    Preoccupied with war against your own and your own home

    How is it you're not already dead?

    Another failed experiment

    Evidence suggests you will not pass the last great filter

    The soldiers won't defend the hive

    when the Queen neglects to satisfy the builders

    You like to play the devil's advocate, passive and impotent

    brood over fallen empires

    That were built upon the bones of millions

    Narrow minded sanctimonious

    self-serving sophistry

    Greed governing holiness?

    Not in the version I have seen.

    You will not see the stars

    doomed to the tides

    access denied, fated to die


    Electric Wizard - Dopethrone - Happy 420, stoners.

    One day, may you too sit upon the Dopethrone.


    Dune Blunt Rotation - Rise of the Muad'Doob

    worth it for the Bong Jabbar breaking

    Connect A Song Skullgrid

    Behold the Arctops : You Will Be Reincarnated As An Imperial Attack Spaceturtle

    Not of this world -> space turtles are in space, thus not on earth, which is this world.

    Connect A Song Skullgrid

    Fantômas - 04/20/05 Wednesday

    Connection : 20th of the month.

    Bear with me.

    According to this :

    Today was a good day took place on the 20th of Jan, 1992. 4/20 weds is for the 20th of april 2005, because Fantomas decided to make a calendar album. Both songs are based on the 20th of their respective months.


    Dissing car brands is console wars for boomers

    Things like "Fiat stands for "Fix It Again Tony"" etc.


    Can anyone remember the episode/film from this idea snippet

    The Doctor and another time traveler (the master?) were talking to each other about who went back in time earlier and set up or undid traps for the other one, over several iterations

    things like : Well I went back in time further before you set up that trap and undid it and placed my own

    I knew you'd do that so I went even futher.... etc etc


    People who post content because it makes you angry : why do you help it spread?

    Stuff like memes from people you think are wrong politically, cartoons you don't find funny, etc etc. Why help the things you hate spread?


    Congrats, once again the atheism board has turned into the anti-theism board

    Bravo, it took you guys , what , 1 month before instead of creating a community for secularism, rights of atheists, support for new atheists etc etc you've turned it into another pile of anti-theistic jokes and nothing else of value.