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Always try sudo
  • Oldman.setHealth("dicktits"); //normalize pls

    Oldman.setHealth("-100±1%"); //make percentage pls

    Oldman.setHealth(0.0); //it is subunitary, but undefined behavior - will it access the 'numeric value' overload, or the 'subunitary numeric value' overload?

    Don't write your own code just yet.

  • The worst pick-up line I've ever gotten
  • I lack reading comprehension up to the point where I may be illiterate: it took me one fucking day to understand your message. You don't want this. Hell, I don't even want this, but I'm stuck with myself. Get out while you still can.

    O hey. Idk if my first message didn't show the right nuance of red on the flag, or maybe it didn't completely send the "turn back now, I'm literally brain dead" idea. So anyway, here's a second message.

  • As an extra, my grandma once called me "devilspawn"
  • Eye contact and doing well in school aren't for my benefit. I don't particularly care if you look me in the eye, but we as a species perceive it as a sign of attentiveness, empathy, trustworthyness - on an unconscious level. Which is different from being wary of left-handed people, since that was mostly to do with believing retarded church rhetoric and making a choice to discriminate based on it, rather than instinctual reading of body language making you not trust someone if they don't look you in the eye. And I don't think I need to explain why doing well in school isn't for others' benefit.

    We all wear a mask in public. Yours may cover different things than mine, but let's not pretend you're the only group of people wearing one.

    But all that is irrelevant. All I said is, it shouldn't be advertised that "my parents beat the ADHD out of me and it somewhat worked to make me fit into society".

  • AI art steals from the poor and has no place in modern society
  • "hooray convenience, fuck your livelihood."

    This is literally how everyone behaved when bank tellers were replaced by ATMs, when coal diggers were replaced by drills, when daily laborers were replaced by tractors, when Morse code operators were replaced by the telephone, when travel agents were replaced by websites, when warehouses and factories started delivering you your Amazon package in 1 day instead of 5 because they replaced humans with machines...

    And now that technology is coming for artists instead of all the other jobs it replaced so far, now you wanna go back to the way things were?

    Get with the times. I don't wish this situation upon anyone, it's devastating to see your profession reduced to a few clicks, but it's silly to say "nah, THIS change is crossing the line". Hundreds of millions of people before you lost their job to new tech. Let me know when you hire a town crier instead of whipping out your phone and searching for the news, and I'll hire you for a painting instead of getting AI to apply some paint-like filters on a photo. Until then, I'm sorry but your job is in the process of being rendered obsolete, like so many others before it.

  • Armed to deter cops
  • Yeah, this definitely is one of the more ludicrous things Christians have done. The crusades and the child molestation I was okay with, the inquisition just sounds like an awesome time for everyone, and shoving your religion down the throat of everyone else is just what you do sometimes when you feel you're right. But making laws against feeding homeless people really makes me wonder if maybe Christians are a bit wrong sometimes.

  • Apply this to tenant applications too
  • why do we punish people

    Hey, listen, I'm all for not punishing people and instead letting the victim take vengeance as they deem appropriate. It doesn't warm my heart that the drunk driver that ran over my grandma got 5 years parole, I'd much rather carve out various parts of the fucker, cook them, make him eat them, and then force him to guess what part he ate. But violence is a state-controlled monopoly, and the state gets pissy when others realize monopolies are destroying the market and bring only downsides to us regular buyers.

    Also, some shithead said at some point "an eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind" without realizing that once we finish the initial "eye for an eye" scenario justice has been met and we don't need to continue ad infinitum, and for some reason a bunch of cretins who want to hold onto their eyes agreed with him and now Hammurabi would shit upon our flawed society and its insane rules.

    As an aside, I was looking into Hammurabi's code of laws while writing this, and the man seems to have been both just and metal as fuck. Here are some snippets I'd prefer to live my life by:

    If a man breaks into a house, they shall kill him and hang him(?) in front of that very breach. (21)[80]

    Like, fuck yeah - fuck around, find out.

    If a man accuses another man and charges him with homicide, but cannot bring proof against him, his accuser shall be killed. (1)

    More of the same, yes please.

    If a man has a debt lodged against him, and the storm-god Adad devastates his field or a flood sweeps away the crops, or there is no grain grown in the field due to insufficient water—in that year he will not repay grain to his creditor; he shall suspend performance of his contract [literally "wet his clay tablet"] and he will not give interest payments for that year

    Pay your insurance premium? No thanks, I don't need it, it's included in THE FUCKING LAW.

    If a builder constructs a house for a man but does not make it conform to specifications so that a wall then buckles, that builder shall make that wall sound using his own silver. (233)[85]

    Great. Fuck civil court where the builder's army of lawyers can bully my $5/h law student cause that's all I can afford while also rebuilding my house

    If an ox gores to death a man while it is passing through the streets, that case has no basis for a claim. (250)

    Fair. Why the fuck are you next to the goddamn ox, dipshit?

    If a slave should declare to his master, "You are not my master", he [the master] shall bring charge and proof against him that he is indeed his slave, and his master shall cut off his ear.

    Yeah maybe some of them need some work, but fuck if most aren't perfectly reasonable.

  • Rapper BG ordered to have all future songs approved by US government
  • So all government officials then? Unless your government has never declared war on another country and only participated in defensive wars for their lands, ofc.

    You know, I could actually get behind that somewhat. Until your country gets taken over by fascists/communists and violent opposition is not only desired but should be encouraged via revolutionary anthems.

    Let's reach another compromise: lemmy users whose opinions I deem retarded should spend their free time reincarnating.

  • meme
  • It's not only a problem when democrats do it. It's a problem when democrats begin doing it as well.

    Look man, I'm not from your country, but it's clear this is the same thing that's been happening now all throughout Europe. Where there are usually more than two choices, so we can't even claim lack of choice as the reason. Let me try to explain.

    Old parties have been around the block so many times, everyone knows how morally corrupt they are. "Lesser of two evils" is not something younger voters want to go for. They want a party that represents them, and none of the old ones want to represent them. They just want the power, but not to speak the will of the voters. And while some are obviously bad choices (like your Republicans), the leftist voters are especially mad at those parties that have been masquerading as socialist or left-leaning. Because they promised and didn't deliver. Just like your Democrats.

    So now all throughout Europe there are newly established far-right parties getting a bunch of votes, on the basis of "nobody else is keeping their word, or representing me as a voter, so I might as well try these new guys". Trump won his first election on that platform, and he'll win the second election on the same grounds.

    But this isn't a problem with the voters. For example, Germany now has this exact situation. Who do you think most voted for the new far-right party? The eastern part of Germany. The poorest part, with the fewest job opportunities, with the lowest incomes, the highest frequence in homelessness, the least educated etc. And who's to fucking blame for an entire class of people being disenfranchised over several decades? The voters?

    Nah, man. The only ones who made this bed are the parties who created today's environment. Usually we sleep in it, but every now and then people get tired of getting fucked, and they force a change, even if it may be a bad one. And sometimes, that is enough - the knowledge that even if you lose, at least the people who have been actively hurting you also don't get to win. They lose as well, they sleep in the same bed as you for a change. At least this one fucking time.

    I won't deny that it's a destructive mentality and that it may lead to long-term negative effects that are hard to undo. But this has moved past a reasonable situation for some. Desperation kicks in, and the need for revenge is strong. When you work 2-3 jobs to feed your kids, when you can't sleep at night because you don't know if tomorrow you're gonna be evicted while you're at work, when you can't afford basic necessities... Fuck it, man. You get it. Sometimes you just desperately want things to change and you don't care if the world burns in the process, because your world has been burning for god knows how many years, and nobody seemed to care so far. And at that point, you're especially pissed at those who pretended they cared.