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I'm sick and tired of the Capitalist religion and all their fanatic believers. The Western right-wing population are the most propagandized and harmful people on Earth.

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The anti-AI sentiment in the free software communities is concerning.
  • I agree. However, I think it is related to Capitalism and all the sociopathic corporations out there. It's almost impossible to think that anything good will come from the Blue Church controlling even more tech. Capitalism have always used any opportunity to enslave/extort people - that continues with AI under their control.

    However, I was also disappointed when I found out how negative 'my' crowd were. I wanted to create an open source lowend AGI to secure poor people a descent life without being attacked by Capitalism every day/hour/second, create abundance, communities, production and and in general help build a social sub society in the midst of the insane blue church and their propagandized believers.

    It is perfectly doable to fight the Capitalist religion with homegrown AI based on what we know and have today. But nobody can do it alone, and if there's no-one willing to fight the f*ckers with AI, then it takes time..

    I definitely intend to build a revolution-AGI to kill off the Capitalist religion and save exploited poor people. No matter what happens, there will be at least one AGI that are trained on revolution, anti-capitalism and building something much better than this effing blue nightmare. The worlds first aggressive 'Commie-bot' ha! 😍

  • How System Requests Work and How to Add Your Own SysReq
  • Amazing. I've been 'staring' at the sys rq key for 20 years with Linux and many years before with Win/Dos, and never really knew how it worked, for what, or if it was still used for anything - even then.

    Apparently (from light search) sysreq was mostly used in the old days to halt current job and enter a systems menu.

    Anyway, thanks for fixing a long-standing knowledge gap :-)

  • If two identical radios are side by side and tuned to the same frequency, will they both pick up the signal at 100%, or will they wrestle for the same radio waves?
  • A laymans opinion on the challenge: Waves lose energy, and the exact placement of antennas will matter. I don't know what the mechanism is called, but we don't place wind turbines right next to each other. That is afaik because each turbine takes some of the energy out of a larger chunk of the wind-wave in an 'bubble' around it, so we place them with optimal distance according to efficiency of that mechanism. If I'm right the effect will probably be minimal. Anyway, just a stab at an interesting thought..

  • Made a screensaver for my e-reader, thought you guys might like it as well
  • I'm old. Once upon a time 'screen savers' were used for ..saving screens, I swear it's the truth :-) I would've bet money on screensavers disappearing when CRT monitors did, but that certainly did not happen. It exploded. I kind of expect that someone by now have created a screensaver ..plugin for another screensaver..

    Not picking on you, just feeling old suddenly. I tried searching for 2024 all-time insane screensavers but only found this 13yo one from vsauce:

    ..but I'm curios what have happened in 13 years, so if any lurkers know better search-fu, please add..

    Sharing is caring <3

  • Orientalism: Desert Level Music vs Actual Middle-Eastern Music

    I thought of this rare little sub when watching this. It's difficult to evaluate how much Yank (and western) culture have contaminated our expectation and knowledge of other cultures. This video explores some of that..

    And, ..going slightly OT on my own post, when trying to search for African music, the result contains mostly African 'beyonce-like' music. I have to add 'root' or similar to find something that actually sounds 'original', local and non-yank. A bit sad.

    Leaked Google Search API documentation
  • 'Similarly, during democratic elections, Google employed whitelists for sites that should be shown (or demoted) for election-related information'

    I'm sure they only use that little 'non-fascistic' feature for home use and not all over the world, yeah.

    China, Russia, Iran etc seem to know what they are doing, and why. All people in the western world need to apply a Chinese firewall and block these US state/profit controlled corporations.

  • The ugly truth behind ChatGPT: AI is guzzling resources at planet-eating rates
  • Just to add: Even if we can replace the energy from diminishing fossils with nuclear etc, there are still a huge forest/mountain of essential technology and products that are reliant on fossils, and they won't be replaced by anything. I can recommend Nate Hagens on YT for more on the 'energy blindness' issue, and what it means for our civilization to lose the last.

  • How Much Do Countries Spend on Education, USD per student, PPP (purchasing power parity) converted
  • Yeah, data can be beautiful - but is ugly if presented misleadingly. Only very little can be concluded from this 'graph' (without sources btw), but it is presented as if the inner west are the great core of enlightenment, spiraling out to the 'dumber' nations. The level of knowledge excellence is obviously related to the amount of dollu spent - which is nonsense. My equally valid opinion is that Western liberal/Capitalist education is exceedingly inefficient, and only optimized for wage-slavery. Notice how all the super 'edumecated' citizens from the west have been so easily propagandized to think that Russia is the bad guy. ..China is the bad guy ..socialism is bad ..communism evil ..Capitalism GREAT! We are the best!! ..and so on and so on with similar infantile propaganda from the Capitalist elite. The average intellects in these 'educated' western nations is Embarrassing, and misinformation from constant propaganda doesn't help much i'm afraid..

  • Is Stremio a honeypot?
  • Hmm. I just heard about Khoj from worldofai on YT

    From the readme:

    Khoj is an application that creates always-available, personal AI agents for you to extend your capabilities.

    You can share your notes and documents to extend your digital brain.
    Your AI agents have access to the internet, allowing you to incorporate realtime information.
    Khoj is accessible on Desktop, Emacs, Obsidian, Web and Whatsapp.
    You can share pdf, markdown, org-mode, notion files and github repositories.
    You'll get fast, accurate semantic search on top of your docs.
    Your agents can create deeply personal images and understand your speech.
    Khoj is open-source, self-hostable. Always.
  • Is Stremio a honeypot?
  • I read a comment somewhere that Stremio uploads like a normal client. Just a comment oc, but it should be easy to check for a network savvy reader. It may be that the plugin does it, dunno.

  • Self hoating an LLM for research
  • You need more than a llm to do that. You need a Cognitive Architecture around the model that include RAG to store/retrieve the data. I would start with an agent network (CA) that already includes the workflow you ask for. Unfortunately I don't have a name ready for you, but take a look here:

  • What is your average token usage (inference) pr day with your particular workflow ?

    I am planning my first ai-lab setup, and was wondering how many tokens different AI-workflows/agent network eat up on an average day. For instance talking to an AI all day, have devlin running 24/7 or whatever local agent workflow is running.

    Oc model inference speed and type of workflow influences most of these networks, so perhaps it's easier to define number of token pr project/result ?

    So I were curious about what typical AI-workflow lemmies here run, and how many tokens that roughly implies on average, or on a project level scale ? Atmo I don't even dare to guess.



    Turning off overprotective security ?

    Hi all.

    For a long long time I've been very happy with Signal, but have lately become rather annoyed that:

    1. it too often bugs me about about an update and forces me to do an update before I can write to my single/only recipient, and
    2. it too often bugs me about my pin code, even tho I never asked for such an annoying level of security.

    These security measures are completely overkill for my/normal use, unnecessary, annoying and very aggressive. I'm an adult, and unless there's a super dangerous zeroday attack/vulnerability, I don't need constant forced updates, I don't want to retype a pin code for any reason or interval, and I certainly don't need to be told how I should run my system, when to upgrade or have software on my system that 'randomly' gets locked down for whatever reason.

    Does anyone know how I can turn it off (Linux, Android) ? Is there another client fork that don't force me to follow their idea of what security level is necessary ?

    Thanks, and apols for negativity..