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Pulling it off
  • Mind sending one? Way I've understood it, a calorie deficit is the major thing you need to lose fat consistently. Obviously don't overdo it, obviously exercise as well, and some things like protein are better than others. At the end of the day though, you work on a deficit and you'll lose fat, have an excess and you won't

  • Pulling it off
  • I can tell you how I responded to someone doing that

    I started walking more, tracking calories, and I'm working towards losing weight. I want to be a healthier, better person

  • How I like my pi
  • My mom disabled the browser on my phone, so I hit the button in an app to view the terms of service when then opened up an in-app browser. When she figured out how to stop that, I manually typed out the url for a google search and downloaded the webpage using shortcuts on an iphone, then hopped around the internet by downloading and viewing the webpages of any links I could find. Surprisingly, it worked on things like YouTube as well

    On the bright side, stuff like that is why I'm far more computer literate than many other people around my age that aren't in college for something IT related

  • Low-hanging fruit 🥱
  • I think he's missing the important part of that 0-100 scale.. It marks fairly decently what isn't safe for people without proper precautions. I've gone out below freezing and while it isn't pleasant by any mean, you aren't super fucked until you get super low. Likewise, get above 100 and it quickly stops becoming safe for humans without frequent breaks and such