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What "unique" or single-game-genre games have you enjoyed?
  • My best recommendation for "replaying" the game is to get the mod "Quantum Space Buddies" and play it alongside a friend. I did this and it allowed me to play it vicariously through them, letting them make all of the decisions and just offering up tiny tidbits of assistance where necessary.

    The mod has some bugs, but it's way more full-featured than I was expecting, and it's frequently updated to iron out more bugs

  • Because it takes slightly less mental energy to sit and stress than to do the thing.
  • Does all of this ring true for anybody else without diagnosed ADHD? Because this is exactly how I feel constantly but I also hate to self-diagnose based on internet discussion.

    I feel like ADHD is one of those things where everybody relates to it a bit, so it's hard to know if I should look into getting a diagnosis.