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I adopted a very sweet and lovable very old cat.
  • It saddens me that someone can do something like that. A neighbor recently adopted a Carey that was dumped by her +10 years former family because they were going to live abroad. She is adapting herself, but still visibly affected.

    About the pooping, maybe it is just a learning issue. When i rescued my tortie from the streets, she started pooping not randomly but inside (or pretty close if the door was closed) of my bathroom. I just took her to another room alone (she is pretty hyperactive, 3 mins was enough to get her bored). After the second time, she naver did it again, and now happily uses the sandbox.

    Someone told me that cats dont understand reprimands but they surely understand being bored. I dont know if that is true, but it helped me.

    Edit: cat tax. Gusfraba sleeping in the geometrical center of my bed, because she obviously needs all the spaceCattax

  • I adopted a very sweet and lovable very old cat.
  • My siamese started pooping in random places when she was really sick....

    and about the purring, it could mean many things. Another cat of mine was going through a really rough medical condition a few years back and i stayed by her through all the process. She was almost unable to breath, and yet, she purred like never before.

    When did she came to you? Could she be stressed?

  • Ukraine sent special forces to Syria to attack Russians there, revealing a new front to the war: report
  • I guess russian military personnel abroad isn't cannon fodder, because for obvious reasons, they are not as easy to replace as the meat waves in their border. So, maybe russia is being forced to send actual soldiers abroad and leave just the untrained ones in ukraine

  • ‘No one will hold Israel accountable’ as it targets medics in south Lebanon
  • Dont take this personal, but as someone that has nothing to do with the US, reading things like "genocide joe" feel so unbelievably stupid and cringe... like, have you seen anything of american history? You guys feed on war

  • Today, it’s all about Spanglish, the ‘language’ posing a threat to Anglocentrism in the United States
  • Totalmente! Francia? Español raro.. Italiano? Español argentino. Chino? Querrás decir chileno? Inglés es español germánico... y no me hagas empezar con el ruso! Потому что я не гаварю па русски

    *es solo para seguir la joda, nada de esto es serio

  • Hay un canvas (aka, r/place) en lemmy y todavía no hay representación argenta Canvas -- Lemmy's r/Place

    Place pixels with people to create art

    Tiro la bola por si alguno se copa y quieren hacer algo mas grande.. por lo pronto me puse a hacer una banderital argentina al lado de la austriaca en la posición 940,120

    Edit: en 24 hs lo cierran