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Trans teacher files human rights complaint after Libs of TikTok doxxes them
  • With that logic, parents should be informed about the teacher's religion too! Wouldn't want some strict <insert random religion with ineffective methods regarding unwanted pregnancies> teaching sex ed!

    After the nazi's made good use of the registration system in the Netherlands, it became illegal to ask certain questions regarding background, sexuality and religion. Not on a professional level such as by recruiters. Only exceptions are medical situations. This level of privacy should be implemented everywhere.

  • Women on instagram
  • It's impressive really. I thought men compartmentalized better, but here we see yet another internet stranger incapable of seperating something into "women choosing to" and "women choosing not to."

  • I have a stupid does one date if you don't like new people and don't want sex?
  • Perhaps it's good to start with finding out why you dislike people so easily, or why spending time with other's is so dissatisfying.

    If you can, perhaps consider talking to a therapist about it. They understand how people work, and can help you figure out why you struggle with connecting.

    As for orientation, things just work differently when you're aroace. I'd say focus on the first part.

  • Is There Such Thing As Religious Trauma? Psych2Go Explained - YouTube
  • It is meant to be insidious. It is meant to incite fear and oppress. Imagine if it instead encouraged and supported? Religion doesn't do this. The community might... if you fit the picture. But not the faith itself.

  • Children is bugs
  • They buzz around too. Sometimes in swarms. They can be adorable and fuzzy, as well as annoying and gross. They can be vampires and drain your energy. They can be essential to our life/enviroment too.