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Server build for Family
  • ZFS vdev expansion is a thing that will probably be added to the next ZFS release.

    Ofc it is not released yet, so i would not recommend designing a system for it for the near future.

  • Server build for Family
  • I am aware of vdev expansion since i am following it closely but not heard about docker support, thanks for that new, i will read into it. Would be actually a game changer for a project i am planning.

  • Server build for Family
  • Then just go with debian+docker. As raid software i would recommend ZFS, its a filesystem that does both and also integrity on file level. (and lots more)

    I personally would only buy new ones. No matter the brand just the best TB/€ you can get.

    For MB basically every Chipset gives you 4 SATA ports. You could consider picking one that Supports unbuffered ECC memory but that is not a must. If you want to Hardware Transcode in Jellyfin, then Intel is probably your best since the dGPU with Quicksync is pretty good and well supported, otherwise i would go AMD.

    For 4 drives you can use most ATX cases have no recommendations here.

  • Server build for Family
    • Truenas Scale - Comercial NAS OS. I bit of work to get started, but very stable once going.
    • Unraid - Enthusiast focused NAS OS. Not as stable as Truenas, but easier to get started and a lot of community support.

    Since OP wants to use Docker i would not recommend either. Trunas scale does not support it usefully and the implementation in Unraid is also weird. Also the main benefit of unraid is the mixing of drives, OP wants to raid.

  • Some windows help please
  • Why not just clone the old ssd to the new one?

    No need to reinstall tbh.

    Also just download the windows iso from microsoft directly. If you do not want to pay for Windows you can always just use

  • How Long Should Hardware/Software Support Last?
  • I do not think that can be determined in the tech space with 'age' alone. Popularity, usability and performance are much more important factors.

    It was already brought up in another comment, the gtx 1000th gen, is a nice example. The gtx 1080 is after 8 years still a valid GPU to use in gaming and the 1050 a nice little efficient cheap video encode engine which supports almost all modern widespread codecs and settings (except AV1).

  • Anyone else get an email from Portainer?
  • Yes i am aware,i commented on another post. The problem is that interacting with those directly messes things up. I want a panel that allows me to use cli and gui at the same time without breaking things.

  • Anyone else get an email from Portainer?
  • Oh yeah, sorry i know. Was too lazy to type it out. They number the created compose files in numbered directories instead of naming it after the stack.

    The problem is, that they do not support at all the direct modification of those files and the abstraction of numbering them instead of giving them real names is annoying when you want to start them via cli.

  • Anyone else get an email from Portainer?
  • I used portainer only as fancy docker dashboard and to start stop services. It was buggy and even with the git implementation really frustrating to use. Also that they do not store the compose files is simply not ok.

    Dockge fully replaced portainer for my needs.

  • Is it safe to automatically pull and update docker containers?
  • I recommend, reading the release changelogs actively. For most services you can just put the github release page in an RSS reader to get a notification when a new release hits, so you can quickly look for any breaking changes, also this will give you info about new features.

    I have been using watchtower for a few years. No problems with auto updates so far, but keep your backup handy.