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Lemmy and my Switch to PieFed
  • The Pleroma family of ActivityPub servers are on Elixir and their bottleneck seems to be their awful database schema where everything is JSONB, and even then they're known to be quite lightweight, so I assume with a proper DB schema it'd work quite well...

  • Last Week in Fediverse – ep 74
  • small correction: the post that displays the instance you're on ( won't work with "'regular" iceshrimp. it depends on an extra patch added to the version on to function.

  • Introducing ink.key, a fediverse music collective/net label.
  • After seeing a team of fedi software developers drop their Matrix bridge to their Discord after the total lack of moderation tooling resulted in an extremely transphobic spam wave, I for one am not surprised.

    Another team I'm aware of also dropped Matrix for other reasons, but went for Zulip instead, which is also open, but more collaboration oriented a la Slack rather than community oriented like Discord, which probably would not fit what the group in the OP is looking for.

  • dan rule
  • people in real: hey how's it going

  • Why publishers are preparing to federate their sites - Digiday
  • Lemmy's cross posts are separate posts that just happen to link to the same thing. so only replies to the original post would be sent with the current design.

    that said, i severely doubt Lemmy will gain anything from this. publishers will not be sending out their posts to any communities, and i highly doubt they will expose any fep-1b12 group actors you can subscribe as a community.

    kbin/mbin with it's ability to follow users may work better, assuming people test their federation with software other than mastodon, and accept any of the interoperability bugs as actual bugs instead of ignoring them. (lemmy itself is no stranger to this: the fact that users and communities can share the same username break quite a bit)

  • dan rule

    [alt: safety warning thingy, big red header simply saying "dan"

    on the left is an icon of a person, presumably dan, with a giant "no" in front of it.

    on the right is text edited to say "do not connect no matter how much it asks"]



    [alt: "you wouldn't download a car" edited to say "you woulge"]

    woag quirky ai rule
  • i dont think i have the ai on my google yet + the pic works better if its obviously faked

  • woag quirky ai rule

    [alt: blatantly edited google results page, all the new text is in comic sans.

    search for "soup definition" returning an ai result saying "you can write literally anything on here and people will eat it up and blame it on ai. look im not even using the right font its not like anyone cares"]



    [alt: burning text: "fire extinguisher download"]

    Community Boundaries and the All feed
  • while i don't have any specific opinions about this that other people haven't addressed, i just want to flag up something;

    How this could be enforced? No voting from the All and/or Local feed. Seems easy and straight forward.

    this seems unenforcable. as in, you can't really tell where someone discovered a post from. yeah you can just remove the buttons from those views clientside and it'll probably work for the majority of cases, but alternate clients or modifications to lemmy-ui can simply put the buttons back in (or in cases of unmaintained or differently opinionated clients, just not remove the buttons at all). the backend can't really differentiate which view a vote comes from. federation especially can't differentiate which view a vote comes from.

  • best rule according to AI

    [alt: youtube thumbnail with the caption "this is the best keyboard according to ai"

    all keys are either : or 3. the space bar is meow meow meow meow meow meow]

    The internet is beautiful. kopper [they/them] - live camera streams of chinese cat feeders

    explore and share chinese cat feeders
    hey fix your ruleing website
  • wdw and it's circle is hands down the best fedi has to offer. miss me with that shit

  • Mike Macgirvin recounts the depressing history behind Mastodon's rendering of `article` vs `note`
  • I would absolutely boost this to the microblog-verse if Lemmy federation with Misskey wasn't broken

  • misskey rule
  • this is how it starts. first you open one for your cat as a joke and next thing you know you're going meow meow :3 nyaaa~~ at people online and suddenly social media starts makign sense

  • misskey rule
  • and nyaizes your text so all your "na"s end up "nya"s. western forks like firefish/iceshrimp/sharkey have that separate from the cat ears toggle but honestly why would you disable that?

  • misskey rule
  • misskey cat mode my beloved <3

  • Is centralization worth fighting against?
  • I mean, there's only so much you can do when your upstream is developed exclusively in Japanese (to the point the code comments are also in Japanese) with a focus on adding Reversi and a Suika Game clone into the software instead of refactoring so the same piece of code isn't duplicated in 10 different files split across the frontend and the backend and refuses to implement editing because they find it too hard when both major fork families (Firefish/Iceshrimp and Sharkey) have it and it works fine enough (alt text edits don't federate, but that's comparatively rare)

  • Is centralization worth fighting against?
  • I’m also very curious to see how (if at all) you migrate an existing server with all its existing ActivityPub keys and subscriptions to a new piece of software, on the same domain, without unfixably breaking its federation with every other instance. My guess is that they will switch to a different beehaw.(whatever) domain but I’m curious if there’s a good solution I’m not aware of.

    If the software you're migrating to is built to allow that to happen, it's absolutely possible. In the microblogging side of the fedi migrating between software isn't uncommon, though in nearly all cases they're forks from the same "family tree" so things work out mostly due to that, (Misskey is infamous for having a LOT of forks with most being capable of migrating to most, Mastodon can migrate to/from it's forks Glitch-soc/Chuckya/Hometown, and Pleroma and Akkoma can migrate between each other...).

    There are software being built from-scratch to be migratable from other software (aside from Sublinks, Iceshrimp.NET comes to mind as a total rewrite of Iceshrimp, which started out as a fork of Firefish and therefore is in the Misskey family tree, but found the existing codebase to be un-salvagable) but it's definitely a rare case.

  • What are some features you would like to see in a Mastodon app?
  • Look into opening an account on an Iceshrimp instance like, or an Akkoma instance like Their APIs are an extension on top of the Mastodon APIs (and both support Markdown and should expose them to apps). Sharkey also has some Mastodon API compatibility but it's quite broken and might require some odd workarounds to get stuff working.

    That said, for rich text, parsing the HTML will be more than enough for nearly all cases.

  • Hel lo tim
  • epic megapost

  • What are some features you would like to see in a Mastodon app?
  • (vanilla) mastodon does not have markdown, and content from other instances (marked up or not) get transmitted as HTML over the wire (and the mastodon API serves sanitized HTML to apps).

    mastodon forks like glitch, and clones of the mastodon API like those on pleroma/akkoma and iceshrimp do serve the markdown source AFAIK, but unless OP's looking to... idk, support MFM (which, on a non-web app would be difficult) I don't really see the point in that.

  • lebron "rule" jame

    [alt: "lebron james reportedly forgot to align his floor vertices" in the style of a clickbait instagram post. on the left is lebron james, crying, on the right is a screenshot from pannenkoek's recent invisible walls video]

    New restaurant concept
  • OP edited them out after posting for whatever reason

  • rizzkey rule

    [id: the sharkey mascot but with the deal with it glasses, a giant blunt, you know i had to do it to them hands and lightning mcqueen crocs poorly edited on top]



    [alt: a video of a cat licking someone's thumb. he pauses for a brief moment to contemplate, before continuing licking as usual.

    there is a caption overlaid that says "bro was so close to forming a thought"]


    most communities should implement an explicit "no US politics" rule

    1. US people have the unique trait of not shutting the fuck up about their politics online
    2. getting rid of US politics will also get rid of most non-US politics due to all political conversation eventually ending up US politics conversations due to the above point
      • it would also be a nice indicator to those who are willing to read the room
    3. singling out US politics instead of a blanket "no politics" rule cleverly avoids the problem of "but what is/everything is political" debates that are just waiting to take over from the politics debates themselves
    4. election year or something idk I'm not from there

    obviously this does not apply to communities whose explicit purpose is to talk politics

    the internet is losing places for creatures to be silly little meow meows :3 in peace, and we need to do something, literally anything, about it


    fish rule

    trying to see if I can hotlink from my misskey drive and have lemmy clients handle it properly



    [description: it's the "thanks for sorting by the top of all time" image but edited to say "thanks for sorting by tim"]


    don't mind me just banking 162 rules for future visits

    a fair few repeats from my history, and a few taken from here so the "real" number's somewhere around 150 but still this should last me some time


    fresh rule template hot off the presses

    [description: cropped part from the thumbnail from tom scott's latest video..

    it's white text on a red background that reads "please stop emailing me about this" with an arrow pointing towards the bottom right.

    the background is transparent as it's intended to be overlaid on top of other stuff]