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Shaman Spiff

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16 July 2024
  • Pretty much, though blanks aren't actually bullets, they're rounds or cartridges. The main difference between blanks and regular rounds/cartridges is that blanks don't have bullets (the metal bit which gets shot out of the gun)

    They still have the gunpowder though, so like [email protected] said, they are still dangerous due to the explosion that no longer has to propel a bullet.

  • Still cool though
  • I think it depends on if you hit the ship before the tank/bot has started dropping. If you can hit it while it's still completely on the ship, I think it works. At the very least, I've seen tank corpses stuck in mid-air after the ship goes down.

  • It was revealed to me in a dream: What if every infantry had the funni?
  • The Black Tide series has something similar that they use to clear out zombies. It's carried by helicopter with the shield protecting upwards, and it makes noise and flashes lights to attract the horde. They drop it off in the middle of an area they want to clear, and then pick it up a few weeks later.