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A long term plan
  • I only really like myself and how I behave when I'm drunk, I'm much more outgoing and confident, not to mention it just makes me feel good. I feel like if I had less self control, I could very easily become addicted, but as it is I don't drink that often, and when I do drink I don't drink much.

  • The Last of Us 2 Reportedly Set for PC
  • I mean, I don't think they're any slower to release new games than anyone else. I also don't think the next Spider-Man or whatever is going to come out any slower because of ports either, since I think a different studio handles most of the porting work, I don't know about remasters, though. Like this year, they're releasing 5 new games, and they usually release at least 3 a year. Could they release more? Maybe, but games take longer to make than ever before.