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Is this season just not hitting for anyone else?
  • Haven't seen Boom yet but maybe that's because the season isn't hitting for me.

    I enjoyed the 60th and the Christmas specials, but the first 2 episodes of this season were just fine. They weren't terrible like the Chibnal era but they also weren't as good as RTD's first era.

    I've not had much to do this weekend so it's not like I couldn't watch the episode, in fact I felt like watching Doctor Who earlier and I instead watched some S1 even though Boom is still to be watched.

    I really hope the season gets better as the show has so much potential for more great stories, they just need to be made by the right people

  • [WCT Translation] Arc 8, Chapter 65
  • What a great chapter, Al knowing Echidna and calling her "teacher", then the fight scene at the end with Al using Ol Shamak, man it was good. And now Subaru is here, I'm looking forward to seeing this scene continue

  • What is the point of Xbox?
  • To be honest, as a huge Halo fan, I was surprised when seeing those studios closed that 343 wasn't one of them. The studio is just cursed, even a leadership change isn't going to save them.

    Either make Halo games from all the studios under Microsoft or start a new one with people who are actual fans of the franchise

  • [WCT Translation] Arc 8, Chapter 64
  • A fitting end for Rowan, shame he never reached the heavenly sword but he had it coming.

    Al is obviously not happy to see "Echidna", I wonder why that is, hopefully one of the next few chapters continues this part and we don't have to wait loads of chapters for it to continue

  • S3E05 discussion
  • Honestly I thought it was buffering when Eris was staring at Kazuma, that was comedy gold. Plenty of moments in this episode had me laughing. Especially the body swap it was so good. I was expecting the main content of next week's episode to be in this one but I'm glad it'll be in its own as it's another part which will be amazing if they adapt it well, and after how good the season has been thus far I'm sure they'll deliver

  • [WCT Translation] Arc 8, Chapter 63
  • I'm loving Eugard and Iris/Yorna, can't get enough of it.

    So the curse of thorns has been passed on? Sounds like it might've gone to Groovy but maybe Halibel has it.

  • [Official] Switch 2 will be announced this fiscal year + June direct confirmed
  • Seems kind of strange to announce this way I wonder if they're expecting a big leak to come out so they're getting ahead of it? Otherwise, why not just mention at the end of that June direct that you'll talk more about this in the coming months

  • George Lucas before CGI.
  • Revenge of the Fifth

  • Tales of the Empire - S02E04, E05, E06 - "Barriss" - Discussion
  • I've wanted to see Barriss become an inquisitor for a long time and I'm glad she acted like she did since she technically wasn't fully wrong for her actions in the clone wars, she just went about it in the worst way.

    Episode 2 really showed how she was a good Jedi, but for what the Jedi were supposed to be, not soldiers which is why she did what she did.

    I do wish we got something more with Vader given that she was the one who basically triggered Ahsoka into leaving the order in the first place which surely helped with his fall to the dark side.

    Also I really hope she died at the end, we've had too many people surviving lightsaber wounds in recent years, bacta can't heal everything.

  • Tales of the Empire - S02E01, E02, E03 - "Morgan" - Discussion
  • Episodes were fine I suppose, but I feel as though there could have been a better character to focus on instead of Morgan.

    Thrawn is meant to be the next big villain for the Star Wars universe after the Ahsoka series and he wasn't exactly great in that so why not give us 3 episodes showing why he should be a threat

  • Bad Batch Series Finale (Spoilers)
  • Overall I think it was a very good series. Season 1 was decent, season 2 got really good in the back half and season 3 was very good throughout.

    After season 2 did explore more of the "clones after the war" plotline I was hoping for a resolution this season but it is "The Bad Batch" not season 8 of clone wars. I do hope they finish that story though, seems like a single season special could do it but not sure they'd want to do that.

    I do like that the brainwashed clones were just regular clones, not like resurrected Tech or someone else we knew. Not everybody needs to be a known character.

    Was quite surprised to see the whole batch survive, definitely thought Crosshair would’ve done some self sacrifice to save Omega but a happy ending for once is nice.

    Glad Rampart went out like that, we didn't need another redemption arc for an Imperial. And Hemlok got what he deserved.

    Overall I think it wrapped up the series nicely, there are a few unanswered questions but hopefully they will be addressed in other upcoming media.

  • S3E04 discussion
  • where the king

    Just so you know that's not the King, he's just the Lord of Axel.

    Another great episode, I totally thought they were going to cut the mirror scene but glad it stayed. Can't wait for next week's episode though, if they adapt it properly it'll definitely be the highlight episode of the season

  • [WCT Translation] Arc 8, Chapter 62
  • Eugard isn't undead anymore??? Did not see that coming

  • Nintendo Switch 2 Will Be A "Conservative Hardware Evolution"; To Feature Full Backward Compatibility, 1080p Screen
  • Full backward compatibility is definitely great to see, if it didn't have it I probably wouldn't pick it up for a few years

  • S3E03 discussion
  • Very good episode, wish we'd gotten more of Kazuma hanging around the castle, bothering Claire and Rain and playing with Iris but what we got was nice.

    Now to go after the noble thief, I wonder who they could be...

  • [WCT Translation] Arc 8, Chapter 61
  • Wow Palladio sucks, wanting to erase all of the stories about Iris and the King of thorns after we just got that great side story, I hate this guy.

    And "Echidna"/Witch of Greed showing up at the end to take down the fortress uh oh, wonder how this will play out

  • The Exchange | Halo Infinite CU32
  • 1 step forward, 2 steps backwards. The classic 343 move.

    I barely play the game anymore, it's fairly obvious that they aren't putting the effort into Infinite anymore and are focused on the next game so you'd think that whilst Infinite still is the current game they would actually make good systems to keep the players, who are still playing, playing

  • Community Livestream Summary | Halo Infinite CU32
  • The best part would be if you could do it to teammates too so it can be used against you or for your benefit like running the flag back to base.

    Or you know, to troll your friends

  • Community Livestream Summary | Halo Infinite CU32
  • Shock weapons should've done some kind of overcharge thing, like forcing a warthog to go at max speed for a few seconds. Keep the plasma pistol as it is and given them a new ability. Hopefully if Halo 7 has shock weapons they'll have a more unique ability like that but we're a good while away from that

  • Community Livestream Summary | Halo Infinite CU32
  • Can't believe it took over 2 years for the plasma pistol to gain the ability to emp vehicles again, that's been a thing in every halo game since 3

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