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The abs that shook the pillars of civilization
  • To be clear, I’m saying gender identity isn’t [entirely] a social construct

    Then I’m with you 100%.

    Sorry for going straight to pedantic bitch over semantics, but sometimes it’s injected as a wedge issue by bad faith actors with local clout, and then burying the lede is a mistake.

    Coherency on the gender constructionism thing is a phalanx for everyone in the space (protecting mostly trans folk now, others later) because the potential contradiction in the gender [identity/expression] distinction and the resulting confusion (quickly seen here) is continually weaponized by phobes in an old but still popular have-it-both-ways narrative about wokism.

    Thanks for coming back to reply to everyone.

    ETA clarity and context

  • The abs that shook the pillars of civilization
  • I’m gonna guess you get push-back on this, depending on how you’ve phrased it before, because saying gender is not a construct is a strong/radical statement in the context of theory.

    I imagine your point is that, for an individual, gender is not some arbitrary choice. It is very real. I agree. That is consistent with the idea of finding oneself on a dynamic gender spectra that is collectively defined; i.e., a social construct.

    The people who try to deny an individual’s gender, who they are, by using social construct as a synonym for “not real,” do not understand the term and, more importantly, will always find some other reason to do so until they learn to be better people. That is, the term itself is not to blame.

  • The abs that shook the pillars of civilization
  • Those people should probably read more. While a social construct does not have an absolute origin, that something is a social construct has never implied that it’s “fake.”

    Especially at the level of the individual, where the gender “construct” becomes a monolith and internal and external perceptions belong to one person, it contains the entire definition for that individual at a point in time. So for the individual at a point in time, the construct is not only real, it’s literally all there is.

  • The abs that shook the pillars of civilization
  • Yeah this is a favorite pet theory of mine as well, partly because I like imagining guys like Andrew Tate protesting being labeled “trans alpha” or whatever, but also because it’s just a fact that many cis people experience a form of gender dysphoria and commonly seek hormone therapy for it at early ages.

    I’ve found that comparison usually clicks with uninitiated cis people immediately, even when they’ve only heard othering and alarmist narratives up to that point.

  • Apple: Your data is never stored or made accessible to Apple
  • Corps gonna corp, but I’ve tested this with all the systems and network analysis tools at my disposal, and the on-device and e2e guarantees appear to hold, for now.

    But people are right to be suspicious, because it’s rare. The engineering challenges of mobile inference compared to data center hardware, the expense of developing models without free data from users, and the lack of future data brokerage side-hustle options are why it’s rare. So anyone who can should audit these claims periodically, particularly with respect to data collection.

  • Viral Zoom Court Driver Finally Gets His Learner’s Permit
  • What is the breaker box in your analogy? Breaking legs?

    lol I meant a [circuit] breaker box (aka power/ac panel, breaker panel, distribution board, etc)

    So how do you suspend a license that the guy didn’t have?

    It’s just a minor legal misnomer. If a defendant happens to not have a driver’s license in the first place, suspension could be more accurately termed “prevention.” Logistically speaking, the state probably just generates a stub file/account with a valid license number then just adds the suspension to that empty driving record.

  • question for fellow bi/pan people
  • I think the romantic element is linked to desire for intimacy of some kind or other, and is there to some degree in every friendship, but when that becomes a “romantic attraction” usually varies and honestly is defined in hindsight more often than not.

    So, not knowing is normal. If someone is pressing you to decide, they can definitely wait.

  • Checking and charging HVAC: Plausible DIY?
  • Sure thing! Yeah the type I cert is an easy choice, same as 609 MVAC. If you’re considering the trade, you might choose universal (I, II, III) to save time. Exam is longer, closed book, and proctored, but not hard.

    Among skilled trades, HVAC is notoriously demanding physically (especially residential, where you’ll spend a lot of time in attics and crawl spaces in hot weather) but consensus on hvac forums is that pay’s good and you’ll never be out of a job as long as you take care of your body.

  • Checking and charging HVAC: Plausible DIY?
  • You’ll need to pickup 608 type I certification to legally buy most refrigerants. It’s inexpensive, the exam is open book, and takes an afternoon to complete.

    The “textbook” used is actually a useful reference if you’re just starting out. The material familiarizes you with common terminology, regulations technicians must follow, and the procedural basics for typical jobs, but the emphasis overall is how to handle refrigerants safely and avoid venting them into the atmosphere.

  • What is a quote that captures something you've learnt through living your life?
  • I’ve heard this truism my whole life, and glibly repeated it myself at least a few times. But we must acknowledge that it expresses a morally defeatist attitude that poisons the person who actually lives by it.

    Instead you can reconcile kindness by being more observant. Some “good deeds” aren’t actually that good, since their extended effects amount to an unkindness to yourself or those you love.

    For example, let’s say someone asks you to donate to a just cause, or loan them some money in a difficult time. If doing so means your family goes hungry or can’t afford clothes, it might not be such a good deed after all.

    More subtle examples involve your time, such as helping someone by staying late at work, or spending hours listening to someone who really should get professional help instead.

    Ultimately, it’s not true that “no good deed goes unpunished,” but even if it were, it doesn’t matter, because helping people is its own reward.