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The anti-AI sentiment in the free software communities is concerning.
  • Using "AI" has been beneficial for example to generate image descriptions automatically, which were then used as alternative text on a website. This increased accessibility AND users were able to use full text search on these descriptions to find images faster. Same goes for stuff like classification of images, video and audio. I know of some applications in agriculture where object detection and classification etc. is used to optimize the usage of fertilizer and pesticides reducing costs and reducing environmental impact they cause. There are ofcourse many more examples like these but the point should be clear.

  • Self hoating an LLM for research
  • While this will get you a selfhosted LLM it is not possible to feed data to them like this. As far as I know there are a 2 possibilities:

    1. Take an existing model and use the literature data to fine tune the model. The success of this will depend on how much "a lot" means when it comes to the literature

    2. Create a model yourself using only your literature data

    Both approaches will require some yrogramming knowledge and understanding of how a llm works. Additionally it will require a preparation of the unstructured literature data to a kind of structured data that can be used to train or fine tune the model.

    Im just a CS student so not an expert in this regard ;)

  • Opinion: GNOME vs. macOS user experience
  • I specifically said anecdotlly. Your experience and my experience a not representative of anything. Also that is only a small portion of my comment and was meant more a a sidenote.

    We were also not talking about windowed mode at all here. It was specifically about what happens when you press the green window control button, which as far as I know puts the app in fullscreen on macos and the equivalent on any other OS known to me is to maximize the window.

  • Opinion: GNOME vs. macOS user experience
  • I think he is talking about how the default is full screen instead of maximize window. Full screen meaning the entire screen with no application and system bar visible and maximized window meaning taking the whole space but still showing the application and system bar. Anecdotally I have seen many more mac users doing stuff in a small window than windows or linux users.

  • The printer at work requires a FW upgrade in order to continue communicating telemetry to the mothership
  • I dont think this is limited to printers though... I bought a nice hp convertible laptop for uni. Now the pen tips that came with it are used up and the only way to get new ones is to buy 110 tips for about 100€ (which are very hard to get too) or to buy a new pen for 40€. I tried contacting hp support where I first had to fight through a "chat bot" (basically a fancy way to navigate through their faq) to finally be told that my warranty is voided for 2 months now and if I wanted to contact hp support I might have to pay fees on their hotline ... Printers are worse for sure though but I will never in my life again buy any product made by HP.

    Edit: to be clear 100 tips for over 100€ is insane and you can basically only get them from aliexpress and they are not even sold in the official hp shop.

  • After 1.5 years of learning selfhosting, this is where I'm at
  • Somehow I only had issues with CrowdSec. I used it with Traefik but it would ban me and my family every time they used my selhosted matrix instance. I could not figure out why and it even did that when I tried it on OPNSense without the Traefik bouncer...

  • ich🚍🚅🚍iel
  • Naja also das design ist jetzt farblich nicht großartig gleich. Die Anordnungen der Elemente sowie die Nutzerführung beim ersten Benutzen der App und der Einstellungsumfang sind aber schon ziemlich ähnlich. Es hatte mich lediglich interessiert ob das eine evtl. eine Gabel des anderen ist oder ähnliches.

    Edit: ich meinte natürlich Gabel und nicht fork!

  • 'Solar leafs' outshine panels in UK breakthrough - Energy Live News
  • Experiments reveal PV-leaves generate over 10% extra electricity compared to standard solar panels, which dissipate 70% of solar energy.

    So basically you go from using 30% of solar energy to 33%? Sounds nice but would that really do that much?

  • Think about it
  • I think we have to rephrase the meme here. If I BOUGHT a game on steam I do not own it even though I basically bought my own copy. I dont think rental or paying for a service is the same. They should just not disguise paying for a service as buying a product.

  • Some trouble
  • I dont think I overestimate peoples technical skills. Just a week ago I had to explain to my university lecturer how to mirror screens and the concept of having multiple screens was just as new as using them for the same thing at once. Thing is that the design for a lot of functions is the same in linux and windows. Some examples: Search menu, right click, desktop, files, drag and drop, task bar and its widgets and application shortcuts. Sure there are many differences too but I would argue that using some sort of app store is easier than finding an executable online. What I want to say is: For very basic usage like using a web browser or searching files you will have the same or very simila patterns between OSs.

  • Some trouble
  • Well but that is mostly because windows is installed on evrything. If there was linux pre installed it would not require a lot of technical understanding for basic usage (depending on the distro).