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Nopales Con Soya
  • Thanks yo! Hamid is pretty spot on with the taste I think. Hard to describe. Texture wise they do make a slimy liquid but below it is a tight smooth skin like bell pepper but they feel a bit like a springy pillow that you can crunch

  • Nopales Con Soya

    Meal Prep Sunday This spicy filling will last all week and freezes well. Can eat it with rice and beans, in burritos or tacos, or by itself.

    You will need:

    • 2 limes
    • 2 cup Cactus paddles prepared and cut into cubes
    • 1 can of corn
    • 8oz dry weight of Soya or you can used Butler soy curls
    • Either 4 guajillo chiles or up to a can of chipotle adobo
    • 4 jalapeño or less
    • 2.5 tomatoes Roma sized or small on vine
    • 3/4 onion
    • 2 lg cloves of garlic
    • 1 TSP cumin
    • .5 TSP dried Mexican oregano
    • .25 to .5 cup oil
    • Salt and pepper

    Start by heating your seasoned skillet to high with the jalapeño, tomato cut in half, and onion cut to fit. Roast until slightly blackened stirring occasionally to get some color on all sides. Add the can of chipotle near the end with a cup water and simmer for 3 minutes. Transfer to the blender and add the garlic. If you use guajillo instead add the dried Chile and water directly to blender and puree.

    Place the soya in a large bowl and rehydrate with a ratio of half salsa and half water. I go slow and start with salsa then add water until everything is hydrated and no water is pooled at the bottom. Save the bulk of your salsa for cooking. Add the cumin oregano and black pepper then mix and let sit til squishy with no dry spots.

    In a separate sauce pan, place a small amount of oil and place the nopales, cover with a lid and Cook on medium for 5 to 7 min, until all the cactus dulls slightly in color. Remove the lid, turn the heat to med low and add the juice from one lime with a pinch of salt. stir and Cook uncovered for another 4 or 5 minutes. The texture should be slighty springy while the inside still a tad firm. Remove from heat when done and set aside. If you dont like the gelatin you can rinse lightly with cool water at this point.

    Heat a Dutch oven or a wide pan with high sides on med high, add oil once hot, then add the rest of your salsa. Stir until it emulsifies reduce to medium and cover, cooking for about 3 minutes. Add the soya and Cook for 5 minutes until the bigger chunks just begin tighten a bit. Season to taste. Stir in the drained corn and Cook another few minutes, then add the nopales and juice from the other lime and simmer until everything is incorporated.

    Thats it. Easier than it sounds honestly. I measure with my heart so go with your gut. Oh and open a window or door while you make the salsa..

    Hiker finds pipe feeding China's tallest waterfall
  • Its not like there's a garden hose at the other end lol. That would be more of a scandal but for real I was just at one last weekend and when I hiked to the top there was a road and a gutter system.

  • Hiker finds pipe feeding China's tallest waterfall
  • Ive seen the same thing at waterfalls in state parks. Its probably super common around the world by now.

    Edit: Logging back in to Lemmy like Dang thats a lot of mad neoliberals confusing an inconvenient fact for defense of the CCP.

  • Democracy is not some Ward or Charm Against Authoritarian Rule
  • Well authoritarian can also describe systems of organization and I feel its apt here. The owner at the top dictates decisions. They hold all of the power in the relationship between owner and worker. Contrast it with a worker co-op being a socialist system where each employee has a stake in the company. The author is an anarchist historian and there was a time in recent history where politics and workplaces were intertwined at the height of Union power. The separation of politics in the workplace is relatively new.

  • What is the most unhinged conspiracy theory?
  • The UPS driver for my old office building told me trumps not racist or even appealing to racists , he wants to build the wall because there's an underground supercomputer in Mexico thats going to open a portal to hell and flood the world with demons.

  • Linus Tech Tips (LTT) release investigation results on former accusations
  • No they're not obligated to release anything, and neither is she. In a situation like this its up to the observer to form their own opinions. People will take each parties past and future actions in account as well. It is very believable to me that LTT has a toxic culture based purely on the upload schedule and past conflict with other reviewers and product startups. I think most of the claims were descriptive enough to be believable although some may have been exaggerated and painted by the whistleblowers past experience such as the bait and switch onboarding. My opinion doesn't really matter though, im just going to stop interacting with LTT based on how theyve reacted and conducted themselves over multiple public incidents.

    Generally speaking, the employer has all the power and own the records which would prove the whistleblower right or wrong and it is much more difficult to retain that information as an employee. The power imbalance in the relationship and the role of the company as custodian of records here is what changes the expectation. Power imbalance is what has caused high profile people with money and fame to get away with bad behavior for thousands of years so society is working to address that now. Not going to be perfect at first but its a good start

  • Linus Tech Tips (LTT) release investigation results on former accusations
  • Receipts. The actual data used to come to these conclusions. I have worked with attorneys in corporate law firms in some capacity for almost 20 years and while I am not a lawyer I can confidently say they don't take these engagements to find the truth. They do it to prep for a case and to build a chain of events that show they are acting in good faith increasing their chances filing a motion to dismiss while identifying liability and building a defense. The one point they conceded regarding her claims that they lied in onboarding the attorneys are basically saying if that case gets filed there is a high chance a judge will find it has merit and move it forward. Idk of Canada court system is the same but in America thats corporate lawyer for youd probably pay a settlement or damages on this point.

  • Tips on distro for gaming
  • Ill put my vote in for Garuda Linux. If you're using Intel nvidia it is optimized out if the box. It is built on arch so youd manage it similar to Manjaro. kDE Plasma with Wayland is smooth. I cant get GNOME network displays to work to add my TV as a monitor but otherwise everything has been great.

  • "just got doxxed to within 15 miles by a vision model, from only a single photo of some random trees. the implications for privacy are terrifying. i had no idea we would get here so soon. holy shit"
  • Back in like 2006 or 7 steganography was used in obscure corners of the internet ( like, an early anonymous holdout that got broken up by the feds) to pass around hacking tools. You'd unzip the dangerous kitten photo with winrar and extract a set of hacking tools. One I remember passed around widely was the low orbiting ion cannon the /b used to ddos scientologists.

  • First shot at the USS Voyager


    Still havent unlocked C class but I couldnt wait to try my hand