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What the heck is a god dang cloud?
  • Hmm, in my experience Microsoft 365 on Firefox (Linux) works horrendously.

    I'm a Firefox user, but when I need to work on OneDrive or Outlook Web I open Chrome because it works way better. And that's a shame.

  • PSA: Alternatives for the most popular communities
  • You're partially right, but it would be better if users were evenly spread on many instances.

    Imagine if one instance becomes so big and then they de-federate. For normal users, nothing would change, but then we would have created the new R*ddit

  • Beeper Mini is back! Now you can text Apple users via iMessage again Beeper Mini Is Back

    Bug fixes and other improvements We've created an updated version of Beeper Mini that fixes an issue that caused messages not to be sent or received. You can get the update directly from on your phone. We are still doing some final testing before submitting the update to the Google...

    Beeper Mini Is Back

    > We've created an updated version of Beeper Mini that fixes an issue that caused messages not to be sent or received. > We even added in a few new feature improvements: chats now open at the last unread message, and we polished the video player a bit!


    Simple Mobile Tools have a new name: Fossify, an open-source fork Fossify

    A group of simple, open source apps without ads and unnecessary permissions, with customizable colors. A fork of @SimpleMobileTools. - Fossify


    We all saw in the news that Simple Mobile Tools got acquired by ZipoApps and they started filling up the free apps with ads.

    Luckily, being those apps open source, a new fork has been created.

    It's called Fossify. They forked all the apps on GitHub and they have a new maintainer.

    Now we just need to wait for their first official release and then... we need to spread the word and make people switch from the old SMT apps to Fossify!

    28 Avoid the AOP: Array-Oriented Programming

    Arrays are a convenient way of organizing and passing data in PHP applications, but should we do it? In this article, I'll show the cons of abusing the use of associative arrays and a simple alternative for that.

    Avoid the AOP: Array-Oriented Programming

    An interesting article that explains the importance of using DTOs (Data Transfer Objects) instead of plain associative arrays.