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The Dark Souls experience
  • That may play a part but I think it's more so everyone plays more patient and cautiously in the first encounter and that is kind of the style of play that Dark Souls requires. The second time around we get more impatient and aggressive and get punished hard for it.

  • Reddit embracing all out enshittification
  • I remember seeing threads like "What was the best purchase that you made for under 100" or some variation every once in a while. I'm sure those got corpo eyes real interested if they weren't advertising in them already.

  • The man can't help himself
  • If you want to use urine as a fertilizer it should be diluted and spread out.

    But anyway, a quick Google search says urine ranges from 4 to 8 pH. Unless you're peeing in the same spot every day I highly doubt it would be much of a problem.