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Alec Baldwin's manslaughter trial over Rust shooting has been dismissed
  • It’s interesting seeing the law differences, in Canada this would be considered criminal and anyone up to the owner can be held accountable. I think it’s only been used and upheld a few times though.

    Westray bill c45

    Edit, looks like it’s been used more since I checked last.

  • Alec Baldwin's manslaughter trial over Rust shooting has been dismissed
  • Unless they get off on this due process as well, they would also be accountable. As producer he’s responsible for anyone he hires, if he’s not confident, he should verify their work. Thats what being in charge means. You’re responsible, you can’t just pay someone else and say they are, that’s negligence, since if they failed, you failed in your vetting.

  • Alec Baldwin's manslaughter trial over Rust shooting has been dismissed
  • Which has nothing to do with this decision. This what about due process by the police, nothing to do with actual fault.

    As producer he should still hold the final culpability of anyone and anything on site. It would be like letting the owner of a company walk on a technicality, he’s still responsible in the end.

  • My crate garden
  • No hate here, would love to see an update in a week or so myself.

    We all make due with what we have, some people can only grow some herbs on their north facing balconies since they get no direct sun.

  • "Fry" is an ambiguous word in English
  • You sauté to soften and pan fry to crispen would be the difference I guess. So starting from a “soft” or “hard” ingredient, but both require same amount of oil and heat. I’ve never thought of them differently, since they’re the same action.

  • "Fry" is an ambiguous word in English
  • Usually you need to spray or toss the stuff with a small amount of oil first, or stuff has natural oils. The term is usually for using “another oil” so I would say adding oil would be a must instead of its own oils myself.

  • "Fry" is an ambiguous word in English
  • Fry means to cook with oil.

    You have pan frying, deep frying, shallow frying, they all have additional descriptors, and you can usually infer the type from the product. You can always say deep fried chicken, but that’s also assumed when you say “fried chicken” already. If it’s fried different you would maybe say “pan fried chicken” instead.

  • House Parties
  • Nah more the introverts were finally free to turn down social invites from overbearing extroverts. Why do introverts always need to accommodate extroverts, but not the other way? Cant have a night in chilling playing games… cant always be clubbing every weekend… but no… thats boring apparently….

    Covid really made it okay to say no to these people and that’s okay.

  • What a helpful little kid
  • I provided Mariam’s definitions which didn’t include anything related to profit, why would you assume the term is “for profit”? Where have you seen that before? Not for profit business is a phrase everyone should know….

    I’m sorry you got called out for assuming during a “discussion”, now if you want to prove you wanted to have a discussion instead of crying/whining/trolling, please provide where you’ve seen this and we can clear up this confusion.

    Because I’ve explained my point in every comment, yet you’re still arguing this irrelevant detail.

    Is this seriously what you think conversing is?

  • What a helpful little kid
  • You can’t read my mind, yet you picked a definition that doesn’t exist? And tried using it as your argument? That’s not how people have conversations dude.

    I’m sorry you are using your US based logic for a global conversation, not every place it out there to rip you off. I had already explained how they can only bill X amount, so how can you profit from that? Please explain YOUR perspective on this one, please.

  • Sometimes you need to introduce a non-native garden predator to help with the ecosystem. Growmies, meet Titan.

    So turns out they just let you leave with puppies now, was expecting atleast a week process. Not quite done the dog run, but enough he’s got a good amount of space while I get stuff done.


    Large raised beds are doing great...ish!

    Birds like picking their seeds that they throw into it back out, and I think the neighbors cats gotten into it a couple times. Working on some critter guards, but I’ve been spending my time modifying under the deck for a larger dog run for when I get a new dog. The sheds new, still in progress, need probably 8 more yards of rock underneath as well.

    Slowly but surely, this week is a rest week though.


    Day 31, just about half way!

    She’s still growing, but no complaints, was ready this time.


    Damn this auto is ugly.

    Probably a couple more weeks on her still, unless she throws some nanners or something im just gonna let her do its thing.

    Bonus pictures in comment



    Store bought starters, but they’ve been transplanted and these are new blooms since getting established!