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I Don’t Care My Kid Has Mismatched Socks and You Shouldn’t Either
  • I can wear mismatched socks, but they need to be from the same "set."

    If I buy a pack of six with each pair having different colours, it's fine to mix those. Mixing a cotton sock with a bamboo sock would not be acceptable for me. Full length sock with an ankle sock would also not be acceptable.

  • British cuisine is like...
  • Marmite is notorious for it's loved/hated status. They've done a whole marketing thing around it in the past.

    Marmite Love Hate image

    Even when describing things that have people on either side of the fence we'll say that it's "like marmite."

  • Black and White 2: The Good, The Bad, and The Divine
  • I was absolutely excited for Black and White when I was younger. In school we had to write an article for English class and I chose to write about Black and White's upcoming release. I got a good mark from it and my English teacher was equally intrigued.

    The game came out and I sunk a good amount of hours into it. Was it the best game? No of course not, but it gave me great memories. I don't think I'll ever go back and play it again as it won't live up to the nostalgia, but it would be interesting if someone attempted to tackle this kind of genre again.

  • Dawntrail Unmarked Spoiler Thread
  • Overall I enjoyed Dawntrail. Graphics update has been good, dungeon boss fights are more challenging, and the zones look great. The story was -ok-. Pacing was outright bad, especially in the final zone. Wuk Lamat was marmite, and I liked her and was happy for the story to not focus on the WoL for once.

  • I don't park on the road with the plebs
  • I saw this post yesterday, and then today on my way to the train station cars were queueing at a traffic light with 2 lanes. One lane cars couldn't get into because another cars poor positioning, but a range rover just mounted the curb and bombed it around loads of cars. I guess that counts as off-road.

  • A cool guide for red flags during job interviews.
  • Always ask in an interview "What do you like about working here?"

    You can usually gauge from they're body language if it's an awkward working environment. Not so easy when interviews are done online sadly.

  • Regarding Congestion During Dawntrail's Launch
  • None of this is surprising, they know it's coming and they've tried to put some measures in place to manage it. It will be frustrating when there are long queue times and errors causing us to queue again, but I feel they are taking reasonable measures rather than just hoping for the best.

  • What are you playing this week? June 17 2024 Edition
  • Trying to get things lined up for the Dawntrail expansion for Final Fantasy XIV next week. When first announced I wasn't very excited, but as it gets closer I'm looking forward to it more and more.

    Also dispensing libertea in Helldivers 2

  • Labour Party Manifesto 2024
  • "Labour will also remove the discriminatory age bands, so all adults are entitled to the same minimum wage, delivering a pay rise to hundreds of thousands of workers across the UK."

    I like this change, shame it wasn't in place when I was younger!

    My concern with this is that for a lot of young people retail is their first job, and so I suspect retail is predominantly young workers. What kind of impact would this have on the economy? E.g. if Morrisons hires lots of younger people and they now need to increase all their pays, I'm guessing they'll need to cut staff numbers or increase prices? Of course they are going to avoid cutting into their profits. Now times this by however many retailers there are. I can only guess there is the hope that people will buy more.

  • General Election 2024 Manifestos?

    I know this is probably a long shot but does anyone know of a non-biased source of all party Manifestos?

    I remember some time ago there was a site where people could answer questions on subjects that were important to them and based on those which party is recommended.


    Fantasia changes in Dawntrail! FF14’s beloved Fantasia is getting a huge upgrade in Dawntrail

    The FF14 Dawntrail expansion will bring a big upgrade to the Phial of Fantasia, making it easier to change your character in the MMORPG.

    FF14’s beloved Fantasia is getting a huge upgrade in Dawntrail

    tl;dr Fantasia will give a 60-minute window for you to go back into the editor to keep making changes


    Dawntrail Job Actions


    Dawntrail gear sets FFXIV 7.0 Dawntrail

    Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more from users.

    Looks like someone managed to pull the gear sets from the benchmark. Loving the extra detail to all the gear, even if some look a little boring.


    Dawntrail release date announced!

    28th June 2024 for early access, 2nd of July for release!


    Mech factories halted!


    Zoom orders workers back to the office Zoom orders workers back to the office - BBC News

    The company says staff living near offices should work in person at least twice a week.

    Zoom orders workers back to the office - BBC News

    A company that achieved success due to people having to WFH are now forcing staff back in to the office