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Sasha Sasha

Yes, that Sasha 🍉

Non-binary 🏳️‍⚧️⬛🟪⬜🟨🏳️‍⚧️ They/them

Anarchist/your local idiot with a guitar

If you're an Aussie

If you eat food

And if you live on Earth

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What do you do with photos of your old self?
  • Nope, and I don't think I ever will lol

  • What do you do with photos of your old self?
  • Yeah it wasn't really intended as a transition timeline in my case. My mum made a similar book of my older brother's life (childhood to adulthood) and just kinda also made mine about coming out...

  • What is your niche knowledge?
  • Nah, I never even started a PhD mostly due to financial circumstances. But I've since realised I kinda hated academia because of untreated ADHD lol. I may go back to it one day after I've got treatment sorted but I really doubt it, I found my passion in music instead.

    I'll try and ELI5 haha. Think of a black hole like a battery, stuff falls in to charge it and then it discharges by tickling empty space into creating particles. The problem is that the particles it creates seem to be random, which means it acts like a big delete button for the stuff that fell inside. Due to quantum stuff, this shouldn't be possible, so some process could exist to encode the information about the original stuff onto the particles that leave the black hole. Importantly this doesn't actually mean the particles that leave have to be the same as what fell in, you just need to able to look at them and then reconstruct it. Kinda like if you scrambled a book in a way which makes it look random, but is actually a secret code that still has the whole story contained inside.

    My research was to look for that information being written on the particles leaving the black hole, basically by comparing how space and time outside the black hole changes over time and seeing what it does to the tickling.

  • What do you do with photos of your old self?
  • I was given a curated book full of them, it was well intentioned and I do appreciate the effort my mum put into it, but making the title "Deadname to Sasha" fucking stings lol

    It's frankly next to impossible for me to look through, lots of dysphoric photos and the photos of me young just make me resentful of having gone through first puberty, my body is so damaged...

    It just sits there, but I'll probably never let anyone look at it including myself

  • What is your niche knowledge?
  • A really painful type of coordinate transformation I once had to develop to try and shed some insight on Hawking radiation near black holes.

    Unfortunately the results were fucking ugly and I gave up trying to understand them, largely due to the fact that except under very specific circumstances they're basically impossible to calculate (you get something similar to divide by zero errors).

    Nice case:

    Not nice case:

    There was a ton more related stuff I could have spent a PhD working on, but life didn't really allow it (and frankly I'm okay with that, I'm actually doing enjoyable stuff for the first time in my life instead of fighting my brain).

  • Update
  • Agreed, I think decisions about this community should be in the hands of the community and fully transparent, not random and unexplained.

  • Update
  • This is what gives me no confidence, there was feedback none of it was addressed and they didn't even interact with anyone offering it. Imo that's no way to run a community...

  • This is no longer a safe space
  • This whole thing has been very draining...

    If LOC.wav sees this, I hope you're taking some time for yourself, this has to have been absurdly stressful.

  • The state of libertyhub
  • Oh yeah, sure thing! I'm not on matrix but I'll get onto it soon, expect to hear from me in a day or two :)

  • Important news regarding the future of this community
  • Can't really disagree with you on anything, I decided to give Grail the benefit of the doubt but reading through Their medium article declaring conscripts evil people who deserve to be slaughtered made me lose any faith in Their being genuinely interested in reasonable discussion. But that article is a whole nuanced conversation I really can't be bothered having, I think it's just highly indicative of Their frankly awful attitude.

    I know there's some discussion around the capitalised pronouns thing and I honestly don't think there's a problem in using them, I don't have to agree that divine genders exist to respect it, I am a gender anarchist too after all, be what you want.

  • The state of libertyhub
  • Honestly considering it, but unfortunately I don't have the time to mod a community on Lemmy.

    If anyone sees this and wants to, I have the OG sidebar saved.

    Edit: If anyone does, I'm open to helping to moderate it but I can't take the lead on this one.

  • The state of libertyhub
  • Preparing to just unsub tbh, I don't see this going well

  • Anarchism 101: Organisation – Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group
  • Oh wow, I didn't know these guys were still active. Amazing!

    Edit: Oh just realised I probably know some of them lol, we share a space as a federation with their reading group.

  • Important news regarding the future of this community
  • Agreed, there weren't really any calls for this within the community. Seems to be purely a decision by the new mod with no real explanation given.

  • Important news regarding the future of this community
  • "Rules will be loosened"

    Literally took away all the good things about this community without addressing anyone's concerns. Can't say any of this looks remotely good, it literally just looks like you had the chance to take over and decided what was best for everyone else...


    For posterity I think it's a pretty big deal that these parts were removed:

    These guidelines are meant to allow open discussion and prevent the constant trolling of leftists and post-leftists that happens in places like reddit and Facebook.

    The main reason I started this is because I know it’s hard to have a discussion in non-leftist spaces without constantly having to stop and explain fundamental ideas, so I hope this will give a space and a voice to anyone who’s felt frustrated like me.

  • Important news regarding the future of this community
  • This doesn't seem like a great move without first alllowing community discussion over the specifics, I think plenty of great points have been made about why the rules are good the way they are so I won't repeat them.

    Declaring changes as a first move frankly feels off.

  • evergreen meme
  • 🥳

  • evergreen meme
  • Fellow ADHDer here, I'm an anarchist so it might not be the kind of thing you're looking for but I've found the Audible Anarchist podcast to be really good. Relatively short (10-20 minute) essay readings, I like them when I'm doing chores and need the stimulation.

  • If a creature like this would exist, would it...
  • There's basically no way to answer these questions using real physics I'm afraid.

    It definitely can't close it's mouth faster than the speed of light. Yes it would have a strong gravitational pull, almost definitely so strong that it would just collapse into a black hole and not be able to exist. If it weren't that dense, then it would basically just be a big diffuse gas cloud that couldn't do much anyway, it would basically have to be a proto galaxy to not collapse into one.

    If it's using magic to exist, then anything is on the table.

  • If a creature like this would exist, would it...
  • That's not entirely accurate, the force it applies to close it's mouth would probably travel at or close to the speed of sound along its jaw, but it could reach the speed of light by applying that force if you ignore a number of problems. One of which is that it will turn into a black hole at that scale, it's much too dense.

    On your second point, it's hard to make any of those into galaxy killers. Supermassive black holes exist at the centre of virtually every galaxy and don't do a ton, and even quasars only have limited killing range as there are limits to how collimated a beam of radiation can be. White holes are more complicated and I don't have enough space in a single comment to go into the nuances, but they're about as harmless as black holes really.

    The only thing I can think of that would destroy all life in a galaxy would also destroy the universe, and that's to trigger a false vacuum decay, but that might not be possible anyway.

  • Eupho Rule

    I was in an antique store and I found the anime section



    Bought a mandolin today and I can't put it down, I can't wait to write tons of pretty songs :3


    Lyrics Rule

    Big Thief - Mary


    Invasion Day Rule

    From the Narrm invasion day rally, we had an enormous turnout


    Adrianne Lenker Rule

    Go listen to Big Thief!


    Too many pickles rule