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Linux is still not ready to replace Windows
  • I think you're massively overestimating what normal users are willing to do. Normal users aren't going to install Linux because normal users don't install operating systems. Other things normal users don't do:

    • Install drivers
    • Configure hardware (including printers)
    • Run system recovery
    • Run OS upgrades (unless forced on them)

    When the upgrade from windows 7 to 10 resulted in broken systems/applications, some normal users paid someone to fix it, but most bought a new computer.

    In short, Linux is ready to replace Windows, but only in the cases where it's sold preinstalled on supported hardware. Android, ChromeOS and Steamdecks are good examples of this.

  • California blew it on bail reform. Now Illinois is showing it works.
  • Unlike Canada, where the consensus seems to be that the country is ruined now. Not damaged, or heading in the wrong direction or anything, but actually ruined. The only things that can save us now is banning all gender bathrooms and adopting bitcoin.

  • Incredible Apple M4 benchmarks suggest it is the new single-core performance champ, beating Intel's Core i9-14900KS — results of 3,800+ posted [Geekbench online database]
  • The data is unreliable. If we knew how much of the data was faked we could compensate for it, but we don't. We could discard the outliers, but we don't know if we're discarding valid data, and someone who is deliberately tainting the dataset would submit a bunch of samples that are only a little bit off as well.

    And while some of the numbers must be from trolls, manufacturers (and shady investors) are heavily incentvized to sway the listings.

  • Start learning at 50
  • One nice thing about learning (and teaching) python is that it's a multiparadigm language. Students don't have to learn about indenting until you cover flow control. Classes and OOP can come way, way later.

    I started with C++. Also multiparadigm, but the syntax and compiler errors were brutal, not to mention pointer arithmetic.

    I'm not sure I can think of a language that would be better suited to learning. GDScript seemed kind of nice, and you get to make games.

  • nuanceposting
  • I don't think this is a good example of class struggle, at least not directly. The bear meme is valid in as much as it describes one woman's feelings, but the truth is that in 85-90% of cases, the woman knows her attacker1. The random man is simply not the issue.

    The issue is power disparity. Teacher vs student, employer vs worker, landlord vs tenant. It's difficult to reduce the power difference due to physical strength, but the others are all changeable. More (meaningful) oversight for police, better tenancy boards, and stronger unions are all examples of structures that might make it harder to victimize women.

    Class struggle explains economic, and maybe political power, but those are not the only types of power in play.

    And if I'm wrong? Then we've made a better society for nothing.


  • [Serious] Why do so many people seem to hate veganism?
  • Many people who aren't vegan still choose free range eggs, organic beef, fair trade coffee and chocolate.

    The 500 mile diet is absolutely a moral choice, even if it includes meat.

    Albertans preferentially eating large amounts of Alberta beef is viewed as a virtue there. Veganism is viewed as immoral, unalbertan (amongst some communities).

  • Incredible Apple M4 benchmarks suggest it is the new single-core performance champ, beating Intel's Core i9-14900KS — results of 3,800+ posted [Geekbench online database]
  • Because if you look closer at the data in the Geekbench browser, it's kind of shit. The iPad entries are probably not too far off, but there are a ton of entries that are obvious garbage, like a Pixel 7 Pro with a Ryzen 9 5900X. Also, a lot of system names are VM hypervisors. In a VM, you can control the realtime clock that the Geekbench profiling software sees, so you can just kind of dial whatever performance number you want.

    Geekbench obviously just takes the average, but the average of garbage is still garbage.

  • Average hourly wage in Canada now $34.95: StatCan
  • For a concrete example of what @[email protected] said, if there are 10 workers, and 9 of them are making minimum wage ($17.40 in BC), then the remaining worker would make $192.90/hr. $1772.40/hr if 99/100 make minimum wage.

    Median is definitely the better measure, though no single measure is adequate to answer the question of whether Canadians are better off than they were last year.

  • Shopify CEO says Canada must overcome “go-for-bronze” culture at BetaKit Town Hall
  • It's literally the opposite of taxing innovation. If you reinvest your revenue back into improving the company, you don't pay any tax. If you use the revenue to prop up stock prices instead, expect to pay taxes on the capital gains.

  • [Serious] Why do so many people seem to hate veganism?
  • What "other side"? Vegans? I suppose there are some who are just sort of "cultural vegans" too, where they don't have a moral stance, but are vegan because their friends or family are.

    I'm not sure if maybe you're reading more negativity in my comment than I meant. There's certainly nothing wrong with animal welfare as a moral stance.

  • Either ya understand why most women pick the 🐻 or you are the 🐻.
  • The question is so vague as to be essentially useless. It leaves so much to the reader to imagine that everyone is all over the place drawing different conclusions. How much does the reader know about forests? What kind of forest did they imagine? What kind of bear? When the reader imagines a random man, what pops into their mind? Does he live there, or was he randomly kidnapped and placed in the forest for the purpose of the scenario?

    Further, even if we go with what some other posters are saying, and ignore the bear, it's still kind of useless, except to highlight how careful women feel they have to be around strange men.

  • Either ya understand why most women pick the 🐻 or you are the 🐻.
  • For what it's worth, in Canada the recommendation is to base the response on bear behaviour, taking into account the bear species. Don't challenge or threaten a bear that's protecting its cubs, or guarding a kill. Do challenge a curious bear, and fight back against predatory bears. Some information here:

    Of course, since bears behave like big dumb humans, the advice mostly also applies to meeting people too :)

  • Either ya understand why most women pick the 🐻 or you are the 🐻.
  • bears won’t stalk you, pretend to be friendly to gain your trust with the intention of harming you

    Actually they will (sometimes). I had one young black bear that kept approaching me like a shy dog. It kept looking away and pretending to nibble bushes when I shouted at it. I left before finding out if it wanted to eat me (it probably did, being first thing in the spring). Another time we had a black bear that wasn't too obviously aggressive, but followed one of our crew around for two days. We ended up shooting it because we were in a fly-in camp and couldn't leave.

    Most bears I met walked or ran away, including grizzlies.

    Bears are complicated.

  • About the bear...
  • But she's not telling me, is she? She's telling every man everywhere, forever. I can't do anything with that information, except wonder if she's calling for all men and women to be strictly segregated for women's safety. At which point you've gone so far into nth-wave feminism that you've arrived at Saudi society as as model.