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Spotify CEO Daniel Ek surprised by how much laying off 1,500 employees negatively affected the streaming giant’s operations
  • Of course this is true. But I don't think corporations die that way. More likely they will keep going with this culture, firing more/getting fewer employees, their product will get shittier and shitter, and more competition will fill the gaps, until they fight with one for the monopoly.

    All this somewhere near the unsuspecting pirates 😅

  • Spotify CEO Daniel Ek surprised by how much laying off 1,500 employees negatively affected the streaming giant’s operations
  • Oh, I wasn't aware of that.

    For the last couple of years I've been "flirting" with Spotify. It would offer me 3 months of premium for the price of one, I would take it and cancel immediately so I don't forget.

    Then lived the happy pirate life for six months or so, and Spotify would come in with the offer. Last time the price was higher but I said what the hell..

    Now with this post I was about to uninstall, but I read some comments about services that transfer your playlists, so first things first :))

  • Enshittification Continues: Discord to begin showing advertisements on it's free platform
  • In the past month I noticed ads inside Viber desktop (it's used a lot here, instead of WhatsApp)

    Later I got a call from a friend that his windows defender picked up a trojan in Viber files.. Next day I got it too.

    I shit you not, they let out an update with malware, on a popular chat app. I uninstalled and got the next update, with blind trust, I can't migrate atm...

  • How many other businesses would we be fine with operating like this?
  • I had this discussion recently and my friend pointed out that this also happens with utility workers on in-house visits, I guess cause of the demand there is on their work. At least where I live.

    But I can't take it with doctors man. Also it's the only business where you can pay to get insulted or diminished, yet not diagnosed, repeatedly from different specialists (true story)

  • My daughter lost her social studies essay because LibreOffice doesn't have autosave on automatically.
  • Thank you, I was losing my mind reading some comments like that. I had my pc crush 2 times while writing my thesis. I completely freaked out the first time, but word showed me a couple of auto saved versions! Phew! And I don't use one drive.

  • reddit immigrant question

    Hello there, happy to be here and leaving reddit. Trying to figure out and fediverse through jerboa and I have a question. In the comments I see some comments with a red, green or light blue line on the left side. I haven't figured out its meaning from any pattern yet, and google didn't help. Can someone explain it to me? Thanks, and I hope I'm making my first post correctly!