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The current state of auto insurance: shit that belongs on a shady Kickstarter from 2013
  • Not sure if this is a joke. For years my phone was the only one paired with the Bluetooth on my wife’s car as I like to play music when I drive it but she couldn’t be bothered to mess with it and listens to the radio. That doesn’t mean that I am usually the driver in the car though as she usually drives it. It was paired for the few times she wasn’t in the car and I had to use it.

  • Anyone here on a 2nd hand EV? What has the buying/ ownership experience been like so far?
  • 2019 LR AWD here. I’ve had a similar experience. Had a side camera go out under warranty. Had front control arm go out not under warranty. I also had a 12 volt battery go out not under warranty which was pretty trivial to have fixed and didn’t seriously affect operations. My main battery degradation has been noticeably more though. Currently my top range is 272 miles, down from EPA rating of 310 (so I’m at 88%).

    The wipers are a nuisance. My biggest gripe is that the software seems buggy even after all of these years. Every time there is a software update my backup and/or side cameras will stop working for a few days then come back. I also will frequently lose access to FSD/autopilot/cruise control (!) for a whole day. It just will give some generic error out of nowhere. It self corrects after I leave it on the charger overnight but until I do it just is gone. Happened once on a cross country roadtrip and I wanted to scream.

  • What do you use the back buttons for?
  • I use the back buttons in Deep Rock Galactic to mirror the A B X Y functions. This allows me to jump for instance without taking my right thumb off of the stick. I have found this is super useful as I can be steering my POV while jumping. Took a minute to get used to but now I absolutely love it.

    Rock and Stone, miners!

  • Alex Jones cries after agreeing to liquidate assets to pay Sandy Hook families | CNN
  • TW: I am going discuss some of the specifics of Sandy Hook.

    Just conjecture on my part but it probably was because Sandy Hook was a little unique in that there were twenty victims between the ages of 6 and 7 and the shooter was 20 years old. Many American school shootings involve a teenage or young adult perpetrator targeting victims that are of similar or slightly younger age. I suspect that makes it easier for some sociopaths to dismiss these incidents as potentially retribution for bullying or interpersonal drama.

    This incident was unique in that it was just a grown man murdering little children. There is absolutely no way to blame the victims in any way, shape, or form. There is nothing a 6 year-old could possibly have done to cause this. Not only that but it holds the ignominious distinction as the deadlist shooting at an elementary school.

    So I suspect they targeted this incident in particular because they feared it was going to serve as a powerful catalyst that would sway public opinion in the debate on gun control. By trying to convince people that it was not real they hoped to decrease the impact it might have had.

  • Has someone came into where your work and you thought "Oh wow, glad you came here"
  • +1 for this. My allergies aren’t as bad as you have described but I moved to an area with wildfires (smoke!) and bought a couple of HEPA filters that also have activated charcoal and I absolutely can tell a big difference with them in allergy season.

  • Guys is this real?
  • “Always” is a very definitive statement. But let me tell you that there is a lot more energy transferred into the tissues around the bullet trajectory. Watch YouTube videos of bullets going through ballistic gel to see what I mean. They don’t just punch holes in people they also have a huge cone of severely damaged tissue surrounding the hole. Also they can break into fragments going different directions and if they hit a bone can even bounce around doing more damage. You just aren’t likely to have that as much with an arrow because there is less energy and the shaft will stop it from richocheting in a different trajectory.

    Also the arrow may help slow blood loss while still in place whereas a bullet is not going to do that.

    About the only thing that a bullet has going for it over an arrow is that depending on where it is you might be able to stop the bleeding (via surgery for example) but don’t necessarily need to dig all of the bullet fragments out. I’ve seen quite a few patients who have bullet fragments retained in their body. No way you can leave part of an arrow though.

  • Ah the memories
  • Me too. It’s important to remember them though as there is so much propaganda everywhere (“they were just tourists!”). We all saw it happen and it’s not unlikely that they will try this sort of thing again. Stay angry my friend.

  • “No Schoolers”: How Illinois’ Hands-Off Approach to Homeschooling Leaves Children at Risk
  • “We need a one size fits all solution!” screams the person who hasn’t discovered yet that people’s needs can be wildly different.

    I agree that the situation with private/religious/home schooling does need reform but to say it should not be allowed at all is a bridge too far.

    I tried to place my gifted child in public schools and they were like “Sorry but they have to go in the grade that matches their age” despite the fact that they had mastered most content from 2nd grade by the time they were 1st grade age. So my options were let my child academically languish for a few years while they didn’t learn a work ethic because they already know everything - or put them in private / home school to keep them growing academically.

  • What is a quote that captures something you've learnt through living your life?
  • Not sure why you were downvoted. In some instances I think this may absolutely be a factor and the generational perpetuation of such an environment is hard to overstate. My spouse and I refer to it as “One Hundred Years of Solitude” after the amazing novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. If you haven’t read it, it follows this family in Columbia through multiple generations showing how self-destructive behaviors can be passed through generations in a self-perpetuating way. That’s an aside to say that I agree that yes I suspect that for some folks this is a part of the story.

  • Why is Riding a Bicycle in the City Turning Into a Culture War
  • I am not sure if this works with Chrome on iOS but there is an app called Hush (yellow icon with face having tape over mouth) that works with Safari to get rid of popups. I’ve not had it very long but I tried it on this article and had no pop ups.

  • Help! No monsters are spawning if I have 3 players in world.

    I have a 3 player vanilla survival realm and everything has been working fine for 100-200 hours of gameplay until this past weekend. We noticed that monsters suddenly weren’t spawning when all three players are in the game. If one player leaves, monsters immediately begin spawning. It doesn’t matter which player leaves the game.

    Things I’ve tried:

    • Set game to peaceful for some time (force all hostile mobs to despawn) then back to normal difficulty.
    • Player 1 was playing on PC and tried switching to Xbox X.
    • Player 3 has a child account: age was set to 21+.
    • Tried eliminating many non-hostile mobs in case we were near the limit.
    • Tried downloading the game to my Xbox and hosting locally. Still no mobs even though Realms wasn’t involved.

    We are playing Bedrock edition 1.20.51. This is my son’s first time playing survival and he is super invested in our world. We are all frustrated that one person has to log out for the others to fight monsters. Please help!